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Bachelorette Party Games - Page 5

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We are impressed that you are taking time and care for your friend’s bachelorette party to get the very best in entertainment. Since you have taken the time to get to this page, a great game idea is to make sure and diversify the games where you have some you don’t need any materials like game 94 in how well everyone knows the bachelorette, while other games may have materials like the bachelorette piñata. We hope you do find what you are looking for in our free selection below:

80) Bachelorette Bead Queen - (Materials: mardi gras beads - Have all the bachelorettes start out with 10 beads around their neck for the evening and make some rules such as "no one can address the bride to be by her real name and must call her Divalicious", "before drinking at any point in the night, you must say 'Viva Fabio'" or any other crazy idea you come up with. The bachelorette who hears the party rule not being followed takes one of the rule breaker's beads. A really fun game to see who has the most beads at the end of the evening. There is nothing said about making guys do crazy things for sacrificing some of your beads of the evening!

81) Never Again - (Materials: paper, pens) - A really fun game where you have all the bachelorettes write down something they will never do again after they got married (or what they will potentially stop doing after they get married). Things like, dancing naked in the mirror, singing to Justin Beiber at the top of your lungs, etc. Collect everyone's anonymous paper and read them out loud to guess who wrote each of them! A fun and easy bachelorette party game.

82) Do You Know the Bachelorettes - Similar to the game above, have the maid of honor write down something that no one knows about all the party goers, prior to the last night out. Find out who sang opera in college, who has made out with Vince Vaughan , who joined the mile high club when they were 21 and who wanted to be an exotic dancer when they were younger. A lot of fun and a great ice breaker game for the beginning of the evening. See who can guess the most right.

83) Men are Putty In Our Hands Game - It is amazing how men cater to women so easily, especially when out for the evening no a last night out! Place a bunch of realistic dares to do with guys such as - Kiss the head of a bald man, have a guy give you his underwear or part of his clothing, have a guy buy you a shot. Mix all of the dares and have each girl go out and conduct one of them to see how many can get the job done. Play a lightening round for those that are successful. An easy and fun bachelorette party game to play.

84) Hunk Order: Desert Island - A really fun and easy bachelorette party game is to get some magazines and go on the internet to cut out some of the cute celebrities you know the bride-to-be has been gaga over. At the last night out, have each girl first rank the order the bride-to-be will choose her men in who would be most likely a favorite to enter her dessert island dream (that is - of course - if she wasn't marrying her significant other!) A lot of fun to play at any time during the festivities.

85) Bachelorette Pong - (Materials: you can find this game here) - If you enjoy drinking games, this really funny beer pong game is just the thing as it comes with a blow up willie and boobies that have holes for cups. Fill the cups up with your favorite last night out liquids and throw the ping pong balls (included) into the cups which can either lead to bachelorette dares (included) or make your friend drink away! Lots of fun and can be played anywhere!

86) Bachelorette Piñata - There is nothing like the traditional game of being blindfolded and hitting a cardboard hot pink willie filled with great candy. We carry this piñata which makes a great bachelorette party game, although you can also make your own and fill it up with your favorite goodies!

87) Find the Bachelorette - Dress all the girls in bachelorette party supplies and go to a group of guys to ask them to find the bride-to-be. Have each guy as a girl one question without the obvious "are you the bachelorette?" The guys who guess wrong have to do a dare or buy a girl a shot. When a guy gets it right, the girl has to either answer a truth question or do a dare by the guys. A lot of fun to play at a bar our when out of town.

88) Bachelorette Pick Up Straws - (Materials: bachelorette party straws) - This easy game only takes straws dropped on the table (on top of each other). Have each girl remove a straw without disrupting the others. Anyone making the others fall has to do a shot! A fun and easy game to play anywhere and a creative way to use your bachelorette straws!

89) Sand Play - During the warmer months it is great to have a beach day with the girls and participate in a sand sculpture contest of who can make the best willie. Of course, just make sure there is not any youngsters or anyone who would be offended around so sit in a remote area and have your own bachelorette party - beach style!

90) Bachelorette Party Game Quiz - (Materials: Paper, pens) - Make a game show atmosphere no matter where you are and ask questions about brides, grooms, weddings, fashion and dresses. Go on the internet and look up some information prior to the bachelorette party with questions like "How many weddings are there in a year?", "How much does the typical bride spend?", etc?" It is an fun game to play anywhere with you and your friends and you can play for points, on teams or for drinks!

91) Best concoctions - (Materials: Alcohol, mixers and fruit blends) - A fun time with the girls is many times based around responsible drinking. A fun bachelorette party game is to get a bunch of mixers and to have a little science lab time concocting different mixes of drinks. Have the bride-to-be taste each one and see which one wins first, second and third place. Add garnishes like umbrellas and pineapple slices to make it festive. An easy game to play at home or away.

92) Drink or Dare - This bachelorette party game is simple as all it takes is a card deck. The rules are like war where you deal the deck to all the girls. Each girl throws out a card and the largest card wins. That girl can ask one person to drink. If a face card appears (Jack, King, Queen) the bachelorette who draws that card needs to either answer a question from the bride-to-be or do a dare. A really entertaining game that can be played anywhere.

93) Tie the Cherry - The great and simple game of getting a cherry stem from a bar and seeing which girl can tie the cherry stem first. Playing it at a bar will attract a lot of attention. Make it interesting and have the one who ties it first be able to dare one of the bachelorettes to do something wild. Have some fun with this simple bachelorette party game.

94) How Well Do You Know Your Bachelorettes - Have everyone write down one of the most embarrassing moments that the bride-to-be either knows or does not know. Read them out loud and see if the bachelorette can guess who did what. A fun game to play in your bachelorette party limousine or at a home or away party.

95) Shooters and Shots - This is an easy bachelorette party game to play anywhere. Get a list of funny drink and shot names (some of which you can find on our drinks page. Have the bachelorettes guess if the name of the liquid is a drink or shot (i.e., Alabama Slammer is a shot while Tequila Sunrise is a drink). For any girl getting it wrong, it is their turn to consume the shot or drink mentioned (if they are non-drinkers - make a virgin version of the drink). A lot of fun to play with the girls at a restaurant, bar or out on the town. Just make sure not to drink and drive and review our safety page.

96) Foreign Bachelorettes - Let's see how well all of your bachelorettes can do an accent. Choose a country (i.e., France, Soviet Union, Sweden, Italy) and have all the girls speak with accents and tell guys (in their accents) that they are from that country and here for a last nigh out. It is even better if you have one bachelorette who can speak the language and speak in her native tongue to the others. You can even get bachelorette name tags with culturally sounding names (i.e., Natasha, Nadia, etc for Russian names) and wear them out. The bachelorette party game comes in where the first girl to blow their cover and have a guy not believe them has to then do a dare or drink a shot. This is a fun game to play when out of town, at a bar or restaurant. Have some fun with it!

97) Name that Celebrity Character - Have all the bachelorettes choose a TV celebrity name that they will be for the night and have them live that name. Some of our favorites are Tutti from Facts of Life, Nell Harper from Gimme a Break, Julie McCoy from Love Boat, Janet Wood from Threes Company, Peggy Bundy from Married with Children, Laverne De Fazio or Shirley Feeney from Lavern and Shirley. Each girl has to use the name of the TV character and not call the bachelorettes by their real name for the evening or they have to either drink a shot or do a dare! Another easy bachelorette party game to play anywhere.

98) Food For Thought (Materials: candy, fruit, toothpicks) - Have a bunch of food and candy and see who can make the best edible willie. Time the girls to create their willie masterpieces and give them 5 or 10 minutes to see what they come up with. You can use toothpicks (or toothpricks that you can purchase from our site) to attach pieces together. Give a bachelorette party favor to the winner for the best in show.

99) Bachelorette Word/Phrase of the Day - Have all the girls at the beginning of the last night out need to start off their talking with a word or phrase (or end with a word or phrase). Anyone not following this has to do a shot or dare. A really easy bachelorette party game to play anywhere you go and only do it for a short period of time at the party so it doesn't get old or boring.

100) Wedding Delight - (Materials: paper, pens, preplanning) - Have the bachelorette party planner meet with the bride-to-be earlier than the last night out and ask the bride about her wedding such as; what color are the flowers?, is it indoor or outdoor?, how many guests do you plan on having? How many bridesmaids/groomsmen will be there?, what is the color of the bridesmaid dresses?, what time does the wedding start at?, etc. Answer the questions in a key and see how many girls during the last night out can answer the questions correctly. A fun game to get the girls and bride-to-be excited about the big day.