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Bachelorette Party Location Ideas


One of the first decisions a Maid or Matron of Honor or person who is planning the bachelorette party must make about the "Last Night Out" is the location. Do you want it local or are you planning a weekend trip with the girls? We have a great checklist to use here. Regardless of what destination you choose, the most important thing is to have fun with the Bachelorette. Below, we have listed the most popular places for a last night out and where to get the most comprehensive information to make your decision.

Travel Tips - If you are traveling for your last night out, check out our great organizational ideas to make sure you don't forget anything.
Safety Guide - Having a good time is what its all about. Check out our ideas on how to have a great and safe time!
International Party - If you are traveling or live outside the domestic US, we have some great ideas and companies for you to check out.
Bachelorette Pot-Luck Party - How to save money while having a great time with all the girls as the girls show their true cooking talents!


Bachelorette Party Ideas by State - Click on your state to see some great planning ideas

California Ideas – Lots and lots of great things to do and places to go.

Massachusetts - This New England state is a beautiful location to party in!

Texas Ideas – The Lone Star state has it all.

New York Ideas – Take a bite out of the Big Apple for your last night out.

Illinois Ideas – Check out all the excitement you can have in the windy city.

Florida Ideas – Go visit this sunny state with lots of gators and oranges.

Las Vegas Nevada - What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Need we say more!

New Jersey Ideas – Bachelorettes, start your fists pumping.

Bachelorette Party Limos

Limo's & Transportation - Visit our top choices for your limo needs in any state. Free quotes! Our Top Limo Services:





Check out our bachelorette party limo directory.

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Bachelorette Party Supplies... Destination: LAS VEGAS!
Heading to Las Vegas or some other great destination, well make sure and don't forget to pick up all the amazing discount Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Supplies, Favors, Gifts, Games and so much.  Get crazy gifts and supplies to dress up not only the Bride to Be but all the girls at the event.  There is everything from penis straws, to sippers, tiars, boas, sashes, then tons of more risque favors and supplies to satisfy any type of Las Vegas Bachelorette Party.   When you dress up the Bachelorette in Las Vegas, you are bound to get attention and most definitely some free drinks!!



Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or New Orleans

Las Vegas - Las Vegas is the most visited destination for planning a bachelorette party. Make sure to visit our Las Vegas Section where you can find more information as listed below.

Airlines - Find the best Las Vegas travel flights to save some money.

Shows - There are tons of shows this season for you to choose from.

Bars - Get down and funky with a wide selection of great bars.

Hotels - Look for the best deals at some of the nicest hotels you and the girls can stay at.

Nightclubs - Las Vegas nightlife is hopping and always perfect for any last night outer.

Hunks - Choose from a wide variety of male dancers to make the party memorable.

Limos - Ride like rock stars with the longest and wildest bachelorette party limos.

Dining - Go for burgers and greasy food or get all dolled up and go for a fine dine.

Tours - Get rough and tough with the girls and have an adventure in Vegas.

New Orleans - Another great place to go for entertainment is New Orleans where you can celebrate mardi-gras all year long!

Atlantic City - Atlantic City is another favorite location. Many bachelorette parties from the East who want to gamble and stay at amazing hotels go to Atlantic City for their bachelorette party.

Make sure to plan ahead if going to these cities and ask for discounted volume rates. Look online for deals as there are a lot of them right now with how crazy the economy is.

Road Trip

There is nothing like a road trip with the girls. Just pile in and will be on your way to the destination of your choice. Check out our Bachelorette Road Tunes and novelty snacks for entertainment.

Do a diva road trip where you visit all the reminiscent places of the bride-to-be and each of you - where you had your favorite memories. Rent a limo or have a sober driver and go to each place to state your memory while you make new ones with the girls!

Learning How To Exotic Dance

A new craze that many bachelorette party divas are enjoying is hiring an instructor or going to a studio to learn the art of stripping or pole dancing. Check out our national directory for an instructor near you by clicking here!

Nature Lover

Camping is another way to enjoy your last night out. Whether you choose to rough it in tents or enjoy cabin craziness, you are sure to have an awesome time! Top Camping sites such as or

Health Retreat or Gym

If you like the outdoors, go on a hike or do yoga with the girls. Whether local or away, this is an excellent day bachelorette party idea during the day. Bring tasty energy foods that are healthy to add to your exercise and experience.

To save money, many bachelorettes are renting out their local gym or rec rooms where they can place up decorations bring in some bachelorette party games while also serving yummy drinks and stripper poles. An exciting and memorable time at less cost as compared to traveling far away, even though both are fun!

Dance Lessons

A new craze that many Diva's are enjoying is hiring an instructor or going to a studio to learn the art of stripping or pole dancing. Check out our national directory for an instructor near you by clicking here!

Around Town

Take the girls on a trip around town; go and treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, massage, and shopping…almost heaven! Visit our Entertainment section to get more ideas on what you can do!

Treat Yourself To A Spa /Resort

If you and the girls feel more like getting pampered, there are many resorts and spas throughout the US that are great places to relax! If having your bachelorette party in Las Vegas there are many great spa's to choose from. Other great spas can be found below:

Top Spa/Resort Ideas:
Las Vegas Spas
Awesome Caribbean Weddings

Resorts Online
Spa Index

Sail Away

Take a little weekend cruise with the bachelorettes. What's better than the ocean, sun, great food and your favorite friends around you. Websites like can help you plan the right last night out for you! Decide where you want to go and what is reasonable and enjoy the party boat. Make sure you give enough time for the girls to plan and save. You can also get great rates in this economy for big parties.

Slumber Party City

If you are planning on having something local, one great idea is to have the girls stay over at your house or a friend's house for a slumber party. Put in the top Bachelorette Music and Video selections and play party games with the girls. It is always memorable to embarrass the Bachelorette with novelty items, decorations, or even lingerie!


Whether you enjoy the beach, mountains, or desert, you can always rent a condo or stay at a hotel. Some of the most visited spots for Bachelorette parties consist of: Palm Springs,
Las Vegas, Martha's Vineyard, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Atlantic City.

Musicals and Plays

Whether you are in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Florida or any main city, a great idea is to go see a musical or play with the girls and enjoy pampering yourself to some great entertainment. Go to our Musicals and Plays section where you can find the best in bachelorette party oriented plays.