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Bachelorette Party Pole Dance LessonsA Bachelorette Party combined with Pole Dancing and/or Exotic Dance Class lesson is a relative new phenomenon, only becoming popular in maybe the last 10-15 years. We have gathered up some important information about how to host these parties, and also some fun facts & history about pole dance & exotic dance. Both have now become bachelorette party favorites along with the others like spa days, male strippers and male strip clubs, bars & clubs, and so many more. Whether you decide to add a pole dancing class party or an exotic dance lesson to your next Girls Night Out celebration, they both make amazing ways for all to participate in the big night out and learn a trick or two, and definitely don’t forget to check out our great selection of Discount Bachelorette Party Supplies & Favors to help accent the big Last Night Out

We think that adding one of either a Pole Dance lesson or Exotic Dance class to the mix of the bachelorette party is just a fabulous way to break up the ‘typical’ and have fun learning a new thing, or for some brushing up and learning even more, while teaching others the Art!

There are some things to plan and prepare for when deciding on hosting a Pole Dance Bachelorette Party or Exotic Dance class, and we thought we could give you some quick pointers on do’s and don’ts


Bachelorette Party Pole Dance ClassesHistory of Pole Dance:

According to Wikipedia, Pole Dance is not a new exercise and sport, its origins are traced back, way back to an Indian sport called Mallakhamb, from India, and they have some recorded history going back to 1135 AD. Now, it is said that the word defined and broken down comes from 'malla' translating to wrestler & 'khamba' meaning pole. It was originally used as exercise for endurance for wrestlers, which used a wooden pole (now that is not an invitation for some nasty injuries, can you imagine a few drinks then sliding around on a wood pole, splinters!!) wider (diameter) than of the poles used today, and the claim is that over the years close to 30 different types of poles were tested, and to this day they claim that 16 different type are still recognized. The claim is that the ‘sport’ was not really regularly practiced until the 18th century. (Where the first pole dance bachelorette party was recorded -Not Really!!) The sport of Mallakhamba, later moved away from being used as training and became more of a performance.

Now another belief is that it got its origins in Africa, with the soon to be wives would perform a dance ritual, in as they would dance around and on a wooden pole for the delight of her soon to be husband and others to watch her re-inact moves that might be assciated with intercourse and other sensual acts. (Now that sounds more like it, but there are no YouTube videos, so we are not quite sure of its truth)

Another belief that is written about in various places in the Chinese picked up or invented their own use of the poles, used by Circus style performers and not so much what we would even consider today to be associated with it, they used poles to perform acts, though many times utilizing multiple poles where the performers were not so much pole dancing but using them to do incredible aerial acts - while wearing all kinds of bachelor and bachelorette party supplies and favors!  (well, all is true except for the bachelorette party supplies).

So, lets skip forward a couple hundred years to the pole dancing at bachelorette parties, well, wait,  we need to make a few quick stops before that!!

So, really the recreation of what we would more consider to be the actual origins of the more modern day Pole Dancing appears that it skipped way forward and we pick it up in the early 1900’s. The information we have read shows that, just around the time of the Great Depression, traveling side shows and vaudeville style acts where becoming a staple around the country. This appears to be some of the earliest recorded start of pole dancing, but it appears it was almost more of an accident rather than by design. These traveling circus style shows had to be mobile moving from city to city, so they had to make it easy to set up. So, as we think of today, they used tents to perform under, and in doing so, had to use poles to hold up the tents for the acts to performing. The pole(s) set up in the tents were always a problem, having to work around them for performing, but that otherwise ‘problem’, became – not so much. Some bright person saw that ‘lemon’ and decided to make ‘lemonade’ and started utilizing that pole, which we and, we definitely know, most men are very happy about!!

The act soon began to catch on, and for good reason, and was eventually over the years combined with a more burlesque style dance with costumes, and then later – not so much with the costumes or at least by the end of the act!! The claim is that the earliest record of pole dancing, at least in the way we know it today, went back to the late 1960’s, where Belle Jangles (we just love that name!!) at a little ole’ strip club in Oregon was the first recorded act. Now in searching that information, we are not quite sure who actually recorded that and where they would have recorded it too, so it appears to be more of ole folklore possibility, but we think it is a fun story, true or not.

So with the advent of that shiny pole sitting in a room, we move up to the more modern day pole dancing and bachelorette parties utilizing that Art and a fun recreational sport / fitness too boot. Pole Dancing had been thought of more for bachelor parties, though not that the Groom to Be and his buddies were going to be up on that pole, can you just picture that!! No rather the images and thoughts that have appeared for years, regarding the bachelor party of recent years, were of scantily clad women, ok let’s be honest, not so ‘clad’ women twirling on a pole and guys sitting around drinking tossing bills at a strip club or go-go club. And what was thought of as just some girls sliding up and down a pole, most didn’t even think to realize how hard that Art form really is. Yes, unless you have tried it, it appears to be simple, but definitely Not So Much. Not only is difficult to master, but the strength needed to perform just the most simple of moves, and not look like a ‘duck out of water’ is more than tough.

In the early 80’s there seemed to be the beginning of an explosion of the pole dance classes for both recreation, but they appear to have started more of exercise. Studio’s started popping up around the country and the newest exercise fad of pole dance got its start. Soon after the classes became popular, the pole dance studios had unoccupied poles, as most classes were either morning or early evening and alas, evenings and weekends, studios went unused, that is until the addition of using them for parties and especially bachelorette parties evolved. What a great concept, wish we could take the credit for that – but we can’t!!. An amazing way to spend part or all of an evening, to have the Bride to Be at her bachelorette party learning, with all her best friends, how to pole dance.

Over the course of the last 20-30 years, a bachelorette party & pole dance have become much more synonymous. Fitness clubs all over the country have added poles for instruction and many studios across the US, Canada and abroad have dedicated poles with amazing talented instructors who have mastered the Art of Pole Dance and can give you and all the girl’s a night you won’t soon forget. There are many who have made the sport popular as we know it today, like Fawnia Mondey and Sheila Kelley, who have helped it taking this sport to a new level.

We have assembled a list of locations across the country to help find the perfect place to host the next Bachelorette Party Pole Dance extravaganza, and make sure as you’re searching out places to host your party, don’t forget to check out our bachelorette party store, with amazing fun discount bachelorette party supplies & favors, everything to help dress up the bride to be, decorations, candy, and so much more to help make it an incredible last night out!