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Looking to find some fun entertainment for your next Bachelorette Party, well look no further than our Male Stripper Directory!!  You will be able to find companies in the state-by-state directory below, just "Click" on a state and you will find some of the best in male entertainment in your area.   There are tons of options now for Girls Night Out's, from the companies that supply strippers that come to your house or hotel, to the lavish production broadway style Men Shows throughout the country, you can find exactly what you are looking for and searching your state below!!  These male stripper companies and shows take pride in supplying the best in bachelorette party entertainment for an amazing last night out celebration. Make sure and let them know,  they will make sure and take extra care of you!  (if viewing on desktop or larger screen, you can click on the State Map or if Using a Mobile Device Use the Drop Down menu to locate Male Dancers in your State)

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Strip Club and Strippers Guide

Strippers For You

Strippers For You offers a Nationwide Directory for both Male & Female entertainers in many areas of the US, and offers amazing customer support to help you find that perfect addition to any Bachelorette Party whether you are looking for male or female strippers! 

They have been showcased with us here for many years and have been exemplary with there attention to detail and customers service, don't hesitate to give them a call and let them know sent ya!

Call them at (844) 307-1747 or by email at

HUNK-O-MANIA in New York City is not just a Male Revue! It's is a high energy, audience participation show that caters to women and what they want...

This is the nightclub to indulge a bachelorette party fantasy and have a girls night out. Male strippers - massage hunks and hunky waiters will cater to your every need and make your night exciting and fun. Enjoy our intimate setting that's "Up Close and Personal".

Come alone or with friends...They will make you feel special! Seating is limited, buy your tickets now before they sell out! Can't make the show? Get a "Rent-a-Hunk to-go".

Click here to visit the Hunk-O-Mania website
Call 1-866-USA-HUNK (live person).

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Great Bachelorette Party Ideas & Info from the Experts!

We have been asked both how to find and have a bachelorette party stripper stay longer?

Many girls have asked us how to find the right bachelorette party male dancer. The US stripper directory above is full of excellent companies in your local areas that will help make your last night out one to remember!

1) Plan in advance!!  So many wait until the last minute to call for Bachelorette Party Strippers, so be proactive and call and arrange your Male Dancer & Entertainer preferable weeks or a month before the party.  Last minute calls are a issue as rates can be higher than pre-schelduled strippers, usually supply of available male strippers can be limited, so you don't get much of a choice


2) Find out or have a good idea of the type of Bachelorette Party Stripper the Bride to Be would enjoy, these can be body type, ethnicity, hair color, eye, color, tattos or not, etc.. and when planned early, you can many times find exactly what you are looking for in a Male Stripper.

3) Outfits / Venues can be something is requested. Many companies have a vast array of fun outfits to have their Bachelorette Party Strippers show up in, so again the earlier the better to arrange with the male stripper company.

4) If you are heading to places like Las Vegas or are in many major cities - you can find Male Stripper Shows or Male Exotic Dance Review Shows, and early planning and reservations can be the difference beween having a front row table and getting your Bachelorette some extra attention, compared to a last minute decision where you might be way in the back and with standing room only.

5) Rates, again when planning early you many times will get better rates for the Male Stripper of your choice, rather than the emergency last minute booking - which can, if they have still have Bachelorette Party Strippers available, you will most likely not get exactly what you might have been looking for and can be at higher last minute rates.  Usually the longer you have them booked, the rates can go down, so a short request can come at a premium. 

6) Scheduling time can be important, as many time a Male Stripper can be booked for a few parties a night, especially weekend when most Male Stripper requests are, so if you ask for the last booking, many time the dancer will be more relaxed not having to rush to the next booking, and can give you more time at less money.

7) We always suggest to take the utmost care in choosing your company and make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.  Though many Male Stripper companies have been around for years and run it like a "company" - there isn't some government bureau to regulate them, so take care in making sure you are contacting some guy who just does stripping as a side hobby.  Always be cautious and if something doesn't seem right, assume it's not, ask questions.

8) Be Safe!

After finding the perfect hunk, many time the question then becomes how to keep the dancer there as long as possible so you have quality time with your friends and the male stripper. It is always important to first decide what type of performance you want surprise or just let it happen.   Let the agency know up front what you are looking for and ask if you can have someone with experience. Make sure to ask the agency what is included and also how long the entertainer will stay for. Here are a few great tips in keeping the entertainment going into the evening:

1) Ask up front what the bachelorette party male dancer likes to eat and drink. Have it ready for him as well as ice water. Although he will pamper you, also pamper him right back.

2) Don't grope unless he wants you to. It is important to be considerate. Although you may see a piece of meat at your party, he makes the decisions, so you don't want to make him feel uncomfortable where there is an early departure.

3) Tip Well. Bachelorette party dancers are there to make money, as the company gets a good cut of the money for the arrangement, so the more he can make in tips, the longer they tend to stay. Beyond work, the Bachelorette Party Stripper is there to have a good time too!! . The money part is important so make sure to keep the dollars flowing.

4) After dance food and drink. See if the male dancer will stay longer and eat/drink with the girls. If you schedule the entertainment later in the evening, chances are you will be his last party and he will stay longer.

5) Fun girls up front. The Bachelorette Party Strippers usually feed off the crowd, their entertainers!  Its always best to have the more 'open' friends up toward the front of the room or if at a table - closer to where they have interaction with the male stripper. Good crazy energy going in the room can have a positive effect on having them more attentive.

6) Not a good idea to do the 'hide and seek', yes it happens!!  Don't hide the male strippers clothes or props, whatever the thought - whether it was to make him stay a bit longer or just for fun, it usually has a bad result, so be respectful - its not always the easiest job.

7) Compliments get you everywhere and many Male Strippers are entertainers and a positive ego boost is always a good thing.  Yes, Guys like compliments just as much as us girls. Give compliements,  eyes, hair, muscles and -oh yeah... brains too.. :-).

8) Those who are out of hand or obnoxious to the back of the bus!!. If you have heckling, lewd comments and grabbing aggressively should be watched by all and if you have a girl or girls a bit out of hand, make sure and address it or you could be in for a short show!

9) Cheer like you are at a concert. Trust us, the male entertainer will love you and most of the time - the louder the better. Positive Energy brought to the show will make have the Male Stripper / Entertainer give you a bit more, heck maybe an Encore!

10) Most important...  just have Fun. You are all there to have a good time and your energy will make the Bachelorette Party Stripper have a great time, and only good things can follow when everyone is having a blast!.

Check out our bachelorette party entertainment by clicking on the state above to find the top local male entertainers who will rock your world!

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