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Bachelorette Party Games - Page 7

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Below you will find our additional selections which we hope make it all worthwhile for you spending as much time as you did looking through our free game ideas. Let us know if you have other bachelorette party game ideas you did not see on our site and we will add them for others to enjoy:

121) Coven Spell - If you love scavenger hunts, a really fun alternative is to create a bachelorette potion and have the girls break up into teams to get the following items in making the perfect spell:

  • Lock of guys hair

  • BJ shot purchased from a guy

  • Guys boxers or briefs

  • Signature of a guy on a napkin with advice on marriage

  • Guys business card

  • Something from a guys wallet

See how fast the bachelorette's can get all of this and place it in a bowl or cup with a picture taken and a funny spell created and stated in front of the bachelorette. You are sure to get some laughs and make sure someone video tapes this.

122) Purse Bingo - Have all the girls use the stuff in their purse to place a bingo game to see who has the most items on the list. Include things like condom, purple mascara, music dvd, spearmint gum, hard candy, lube, etc. Make it fun and see who has the most items that you have on a list you make prior to the bachelorette party. A fun game to play anywhere. Buy the bachelorette who wins a shot.

123) Lego Bachelorette - Bring out those little Lego toys you played as kids and use them for a different purpose. Come up with some funny bachelorette and bridal related items and place them on cue cards. Break into two bachelorette party teams and have one player from each team look at a card and create the item with 2 minutes to spare for someone on her team to guess what the item is. Things like Tiara, wedding ring, blow up doll and martini. Make your own list and send it to us so we can show other bachelorettes your creative ideas! An original bachelorette party game brought to you by us!

124) Hand Shadow Theater - (Materials: Flashlight and curtains, wall or screen) - Have each girl think of a funny item they want to showcase in a shadow to have everyone guess what they are. Whether they are a willie, engagement ring, stripper or anything their heart desires, see who can guess each one and play for points. An original game brought you you by us!

Drink or Queue - Play one of your favorite songs that has a repetitive word in it like Sting's Roxanne or Tommy Tue-tone's 867-5309. Every time you hear the queue, you will drink with your bachelorette party game players. See you can be the last diva standing but drink responsibly. A really fun game to see who can last. Excellent with beer as it will fill you up prior to getting you too dizzy.

Bachelorette Bartender - (Materials: many types of alcohol and bachelorette shot glasses) - Have each girl do her best to make the yummiest bachelorette shot from her own concoction. Get different juice mixers and alcohols to have fun in being a diva scientist for the evening. Have everyone place their name in a hat and then see who will drink whose liquid fun. Make sure not to choose the bachelorette over and over as you want her to remember her last night out!

127) New York Ballet Story and More - Dress the bachelorettes up in a dance clothing theme whether ballet, jazz, adult, or whatever your heart's content. Have each of the girls stick to a plan in telling the guys why they are all dressed up in their outfits. The first girl to blow the cover has to do a shot or buy the bachelorette a shot and then move to the next bar to start the falsehood once again. A really fun and crazy bachelorette game!

128) Bachelorette Idol - Have each of the bachelorettes find a guy who will participate and not tell him what he is participating for. Make each guy perform a talent when corralling the guys together and have the bride-to-be choose her favorite act! A great and unique bachelorette party game!

129) Bacheloretti Spaghetti - (Materials: Spaghetti and bachelorette Spaghetti) - Get some bachelorette party pasta and mix a few of the willies into the standard pasta of the same types of shapes. Serve each girl and see who can find the most during your last night out. You can also play for getting a shot or drink for the bachelorette who finds each one! Have some fun with food and it will make for a memorable time!

130) Don't Lose Your Marbles - (Materials: Marbles) - Have some fun and bring a bunch of marbles to distribute evenly to the girls. During the bachelorette party, make rules of what the girls can and cannot due. If one of the bachelorettes catches a girl breaking the bachelorette rules, the girls catching her provides her one of her marbles. At the end of the night, it is interesting to see who is walking around with a bunch of marbles with them. A fun and easy bachelorette party game.

131) Bachelorette Blunders - Have each of the girls tell their funniest stories at previous bachelorette parties. See who has the funniest story regarding an embarrassing moment, humorous or spicy event. Judge who wins and have everyone pitch in to buy her a shot or drink!

132) Guess the Real Ring - (faux diamond rings) - Have some fun and get some faux diamond rings for cheap and have everyone place them on. Have people you meet during the bachelorette party guess which one is the real ring. A really fun game and excellent to see how many guys can know the real thing!

133) Celebrity Game - What a fun time to rouse the randoms that are out at your last night out. Spread a rumor that a famous person will be showing up at your bachelorette party and see how fast it gets around the bar or restaurant. See who does the best job spreading that Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, etc. will be showing up to your last night out. The person who spreads the word the best gets a free drink!

134) Rock Star It Out - It is time to have the bachelorettes dress up in their favorite diva attire and get ready for some competition. Break the bachelorettes into teams and have them do an air band and lip synch to the bride-to-be's favorite music. All you need is a iPod/iPad and get ready for some fun. The bride-to-be will decide who the winner is. Make sure to take lots of pictures!

135) Bachelorette Hop Scotch (Materials: chalk and your favorite drinking shots) - It is time to play the elementary school game of hop scotch and possibly even jump rope - this time for drinks! Anyone who gets out is invited to take a shot/drink of their favorite bachelorette drink. As the game goes on, you will get great laughs at how your friend's coordination changes with each drink. Make sure to have a sober driver and take lots of pics.