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Bachelorette Party Games - Page 3

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We are happy you are someone who likes her options on what to choose from in making the last night out one of the best ever! You will find the next 41-60 games on this page with some excellent choices. I love number 52 as it is easy to play in discussing about scary dates during the bachelorette party. Nothing like a little female bonding and great laughs. Enjoy the rest of the free bachelorette game ideas on the page:

41) Bridal shower bingo - A fun game is for everyone to bring small (inexpensive) bachelorette party gift (or gag gifts) to the shower. Each gift is numbered in the order they are received. Prior to the party, have someone create bingo cards with a random number system on each. If you know that 20 people are coming to the event, choose numbers one to twenty on the bingo cards you create in random orders. Have some extra gag gifts just in case not everyone brings the inexpensive gifts. At the end of the night, have the bride open up her gifts in any random order. Call out the number of the gifts and the bridal shower guest that gets BINGO receives a small gift (candle, frame, etc) while the other gifts goes to the bride. A great game for everyone to be entertained as the gifts from the bachelorette party are opened. Note that it is not customary to usually bring a gift, so don't make people feel obligated, especially in this economy. Inexpensive items under ten dollars is the name of the game.

Bachelorette Party Games - 342) How well do you know the bride's purse - A really funny game is to take the bride's purse during the bachelorette party and asking everyone to write down what everyone thinks is in the brides purse. Give everyone 10 minutes to jot down what they think is in the bride's purse. Make sure there is nothing embarrassing for the bride before she pulls out all the items one at a time. The bridesmaid receiving the most right answers wins an inexpensive gift.

43) Famous TV couples - (Materials: Printout of attachment, paper and pens) - There is nothing like a little trivia to get the bridesmaids excited. Check out the attachment which lists the following last names of famous couples to guess the real names of the TV Couples and have a ball! Click here to download printour (MS Word Format).

44) Thank You Card Game - A great game is to have everyone help address the thank you cards that the bride will be sending out by placing your name and address on a card, stamping them and placing the return address on them. You can decorate them a little which will be of great help to your friend who has enough to think about while she is planning for her big day.

45) The Wedding Dress Game - This is a fun game where you have a group of bridal shower participants break up into 2-3 teams. Each team chooses a participant who will be toilette papered in creating a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. Give participants 15 minutes to make their creations which is fun to watch. A great bachelorette party game!

46) The Price is Right Game - Purchase some items that would be needed for the bride-to-be and place them on a table. Play the Price Is Right game by showing everyone the items and have them guess the correct amount on the receipt. The person with the most right (or close to right) answers wins a gift or they can be given to the bachelorette.

47) Bachelorette Party Raffle - Everyone loves winning prizes. This is an easy game where you place numbers in a bowl that corresponds to a number that is given to each bridal shower guest. Call the numbers at the end of the last night out to see who wins some fun bachelorette party door prizes.

48) Scrapbooking - (Materials: color cardboard paper, text transparencies, markers, crayons, scissors) - A great activity is to have all the bridesmaids create scrapbook pages that can be bound at a later date. Even though this is more of a home game or away game in a hotel, each can use their creativity which can then be put together by the maid of honor or other bridesmaids in the creation of a very memorable and personal scrapbook! Also make sure some of the bridesmaids are taking pictures at the bachelorette party (only the appropriate moments).

49) Bachelorette Drink Naming - (Materials: paper, pens) - Have all the girls write down all the alcoholic drinks they can think of from A to Z. See who the biggest alcoholic or drink connoisseur is going to be. Give out a prize for the one who gets the most. Check out our bachelorette party drinks for more liquor information.

50) Who Knows the Real Story - Have all the guests guess if the stories the bachelorette or maid of honor tell about the bride-to-be are real or not. Talk about how you met the groom, most embarrassing moment, first time you made whoopie as well as if the groom is a boxer/brief/ or bare back kind of guy. This bachelorette party game is loads of fun and can be played anywhere.

51) The Ball and Chain Autograph Signature - Bachelorette party is synonymous with a ball-n-chain around the bachelorette's ankle. Get an inflatable ball n chain and also a gold or silver marker that writes on plastic. Have all the bachelorette's and bridesmaids sign the ball for a memento of the weekend. If you get a fine point marker, don't press too hard to puncture the blow up ball. The finer plastic writing pen (we suggest gold color) will give you the chance to write some funny comments to the bachelorette as well.

52) Bachelorette Scary Dates - Have all the bachelorettes go around the room and talk about their most scary or embarrassing date. You will have lots of laughs and bond with this easy bachelorette party game which will have you learn about the girls at the party.

53) Bachelorette Ball Wall - Buy some superballs and have the bachelorettes sit at a distance from a wall. See who can get the bouncy ball closest to the wall.

54) Bachelorette Game of Telephone - Have the girls sit in a circle or in a line and have the bride tell the first bachelorette sitting next to her a funny story about the bachelor. Have each girl whisper and pass the story down until the last bachelorette states what she heard. See how far off it is from the original story. You will get tons of laughs at the bachelorette party!

55) Bachelorette Party Word Kitty - Every diva has a word that they seem to use more than others. Have the bachelorette make a rule that each girl cannot say the word that is most common to them (i.e., "like", "really", "babe") or a general word that no one can say (i.e., like a common cuss word). Anyone using that word at the party pays the bachelorette for using this word at least $1.00 or whatever you set. A great way for her to make some extra spending money at her last night out and a fun game for the girls to play as they drink!

56) Bachelorette A-B-C Game - This easy bachelorette party game can be played wherever you are with the girls, whether around at a pool, in a limo or at a club or someone's house. Go around a circle and think of celebrities, bands, hunks that start with the letters in order. The bride-to-be can start who will need to think of something or someone with the letter A (example: A for Aerosmith if playing bands or A for Alanis Morissette if playing for musicians).

57) Did He Really! - Discuss with the girls the funniest or most embarrassing date you have ever been on and what happened that you can appropriately discuss at the bridal shower. This will make for a memorable conversation and will also make for inside jokes by the time of the wedding!

58) Bun in the Oven - (Materials: Copies of pictures for both the bride and groom-to-be, glue, tape, markers) - Make color photo copies of pictures of the bride-to-be and her man and see what their future baby would look like by cutting out the different parts of each of them throughout the years. Cut out their smile, cheeks, hair and eyes, etc and see the masterpiece you all come up with as a collective group. A fun bachelorette party game for all to participate.

59) Hot Willie Party Game - This is a really fun and easy game to play anywhere, taken after the game hot potato. This cute Willie wind up clicks as you pass it around. The bachelorette that is still holding it when it stops ticking will be out.

60) A to Z - Bachelorette Style - This is a fun and easy bachelorette party game where you have all the girls take turns in order from A through Z, having to name bachelorette and adult items, taking turns throughout the alphabet. If one of the bridesmaids takes longer than 5 seconds to come up with the word for her letter of the alphabet, she is then out. Examples are A is for Affair, B is for Boy Toy and so on. Lots of fun to see what the girls come up with when it is their turn and letter of the alphabet. Keep playing until you have one diva standing. No repeating words as it goes around the second time!