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Bachelorette Party Safety

Bachelorette Party SafetyThis is one of the most exciting times for a bride-to-be as well as her friends and family. It is a memorable event usually associated with a bit of craziness mixed in with a little drinking and having a care free time. As the largest bachelorette party site with millions of visitor each year, we feel it is important to mention some safety tips to make sure everyone is as safe as can be! Below we have listed some of the most essential safety tips to review prior to your party which you can print out:

1) Responsible Drinking
Although alcohol is many times associated with a bachelorette party, responsible drinking is crucial. Many of the supplies we sell have a drinking theme to them but all are meant to be used in moderation. Drinking in many cases helps loosen up and be more care-free but it is important to keep yourself in check. I have seen someone fall from a 3rd story balcony at a last night out party (fortunately and luckily they were okay) and know of drunk driving car accidents that occur as a result of heavy drinking and not enough planning. Be sure to read our Drinking Tips - How to drink in style and still remain in control.

Solution: Hire a bachelorette party limousine to pick you up or make sure to have sober drivers prior to the party starting. You can also have a home party or a party at a hotel where everyone stays over so no one is drinking and driving.

Click here for more information about Rachelle!2) Pushing or Fighting
It is very important while at a bachelorette party to monitor how wild you are actually getting and the actions you take. During May of 2010, bachelorette Rachelle Friedman was pushed by a friend into a pool as a joke. Unfortunately the pool water was shallow where she was pushed and she is now paralyzed. For more about her story, click here. There is a fund you can donate to her and her fiancé at Although this was an accident, it is important for everyone to think through their actions and not become impulsive in an action that could end up hurting someone in any way. Check out our bachelorette party pranks page for appropriate pranks (still keeping in consideration the bride-to-be’s sense of humor).

Solution: Make sure those that are more wild are kept somewhat in check by their friends and that someone speaks up to maintain saftey. These “wild divas” can still have an awesome time without getting belligerent and out of control. It is also a good idea to think of the venue and entertainment you are planning and plan safety accordingly.

3) Weather Proof
The bachelorette party planning must take into consideration the place and time (hour and season) you are having the last night out. Make sure to let the bachelorettes know what they should bring as for staying warm. If the party occurs during the day in a warm climate, make sure to bring sunscreen and any other essential. If you are planning a whole day and evening extravaganza, make sure to bring a change of clothes. Although many party goers wear sassy clothing, make sure you don’t freeze to death or wear uncomfortable shoes just to look good. You can see our essential bachelorette party checklist which should help and can be printed out.

Solution: Check the weather for your event and the forecast to know what to expect and spread the word to the other bachelorettes early so you can plan accordingly. If you know where you are going before you send out the bachelorette party invitations make sure to place this information in the invite.

4) Travel Tips
Traveling for a bachelorette party in this day and age is much more time consuming (rightfully so). If you get to an airport late, you may not be getting to the terminal on time and miss your flight. If you are driving, you may need to watch for black ice or other hazardous road conditions, depending on where you live. Forgetting to have a sober driver can be a drag and can lead to a DUI, accident or expensive cab ride.

Solution: Make sure to give yourself enough time to purchase any tickets needed as well as time to arrive early to the airport, train station, or carpool. Pay attention to road conditions and weather if you are driving yourself or group as well as someone driving who is not drinking. If you are taking a bachelorette party limo, make sure at the end of the evening the limo driver is dropping everyone off or that there is an arrangement for a sleepover if you have drunk friends.

5) Stay in Pairs
This is can be a funny safety message and a more serious one for bachelorette party divas.

First, in all seriousness, there are some crazy people out there that prey on drunk girls. Staying in pairs is much more safe since you never hear of two girls being kidnapped or disappearing. Better to stay in pairs and if one person wants to meet with a guy to dance or hang out, the other girl checks him out and makes sure to keep tabs on them (of course while also having fun). If a bachelorette wants to leave early, their bachelorette partner makes sure she is safe and gets into a taxi, limo, etc prior to going back to partying.

Second, the more funny safety tip is for those bachelorettes being bugged by buggers (Bugger (n) – a male who does not know the cue of staying away or that is uninvited to join in on dancing, talking to, or even hanging out near you but still comes back for more). Staying in pairs makes it easier for you to let the guy know you are busy hanging with your friends at the bachelorette party and to nicely say “get away”.

Solution: Choose a pair to hang out with (or staying in smaller groups) prior to the event. It is important to talk about this prior to the bachelorette party since later on it is easy to lose track of the bachelorettes if not planned.

6) Bachelorette Party Supplies – Safety
Ordering supplies can be really fun and makes for a festive party! It is important to still use some judgment on how you use the bachelorette products since you don’t want to try and see how far a willie straw will go down your throat or use crazy glue to re-glue a bachelorette party blow up doll.

Solution: Call out one of the group members who is using supplies in a way that can be dangerous. Make sure to use some judgment if other divas are taking things a little extreme or not being cautious. Everyone can still have a fun and wild time at the party without being in danger which also goes for how bachelorette party supplies are used. Many supplies can be great for the evening fun and can be used for both safety and keeping track of the other girls. Items like the bachelorette flashing bling rings can be used to both find your other girls at a bar or restaurant, but can also be great items to keep the girls safe while crossing the street, etc. Also our glow necklaces and glow earrings make great safety items and attention ‘grabbers’. We have many glowing items that help girls to find one another as well as others to take ‘notice ‘ of you – all our items can be found on our shopping pages.

We hope you find this safety information helpful and would enjoy hearing from you if you have other bachelorette party ideas for this page. Email us at for any additional ideas that can be helpful for other bachelorettes to remain safe and having a great and memorable time at their last night out!


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