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Bachelorette Party Games - Page 2

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Below you will find some real fun and creative ideas and even some free bachelorette downloadable games like game #38. We take pride in bringing you the best selection and just remember that you can also order your supplies through us which all come with 2 free bachelorette party supplies. Here are additional game ideas:

26) Bachelorette Party Broom Game - Group the girls into teams of two. You need to have several roles of toilet paper and brooms or mops; anything with a long narrow handle that isn't too heavy. Each team gets 3 rolls of TP and a broom. Have one of the girls place the broom between their legs while another team member places a roll of toilet paper between her legs. The object is to get all the rolls of toilet paper onto the handle using only the rhythm of your hips and legs (NO HANDS!) before the other team does the same. It's harder than it sounds and inspired a lot of hysterical laughter from everyone. Thanks to Chelsea for this great idea!

27) Summer Game Fun - Party like it is summer style with the blow up bachelorette party toys like the blow up Willie Ring Toss or the Peter Doll that you can float on for a game of Marco Polo and then play ring toss! Lots of fun whether you are indoors our outdoors!

Bachelorette Party Games - 228) Who Can Sculpt The Best Penis: All you need are clay, wire, and a plastic knife and you are on your way to fun. Give each girl a palm-full of clay and some tools and tell them each to sculpt a penis. After 10 minutes, have each girl present their masterpiece to the group. Judge them on creativity, definition, realism, humor, etc… Give the girls who win your categories fun gifts from our Party Favors area!

29) Hunk Dares - Tear out pictures of guys in magazines before the bachelorette's night out and have all the bachelorettes write "dares" on them with a pen. During the bachelorette party, ask the bachelorette to completed each dare (sign a guy's chest, etc), and take appropriate photos. A few days after the party, create a scrap book in which you can place each magazine guy dare and its corresponding photo on a page and give it to the bride-to-be as a reminder of all the fun you had at the party! Thanks to Brandy for this great game!

30) How Well Does the Bride Know her Bachelorettes - Have each girl get a piece of paper and privately write down one wish/desire for this year. It could be anything from wanting to lose weight to getting together with their favorite star or even crazier! Have the bride-to-be mix up the papers and read each one to the group. See if the bachelorette can guess which of her friends made the statement. You are sure to get a lot of laughs from this great bachelorette party game!

31) Bachelorette Party Roulette - The roulette game can be found here and is compact, so it can be played anywhere; at a home, bar, club, hotel room, or even in the Last Night Out Limo. Once the wheel is in action and the ball lands on a colored number, it corresponds to numbered / colored cards to match. Each of these cards has a dare that the bridesmaid or teams are to complete. A point value is given each dare that is completed. This game has tons of possibilities to make it one of the most versatile bachelorette party games we offer. It also can be used after the party is over for an actual mini roulette game! The game comes complete with a miniature 5" diameter roulette wheel, two mini roulette balls, 37-numbered and colored laminated dare cards, and 12 score cards (which include space for the player's name, Dare #, "Completed - yes or no", and points card).

32) Bachelorette Party Picture-It - Everyone loves playing the game pictionary. This is a new twist that will definitely liven up any party. The Miss Bachelorette Picture-It game includes item description cards, a sand timer, pencil and paper - all the bachelorette party supplies needed to have your version of this game at home or out on the town. Some of the questions asked to guess and draw might be Bridal Bouquet, Leg Garter, Thank You Cards, and you can even come up with some of your own, more 'risqué type ones for the Last Night Out. This is definitely one game that should get the party rockin!

33) Bachelorette Cake Contest - This is a fun one for a home party or away party where you can do some baking! Get your hands on some bachelorette cake pans, willie style, and bake 3 of your favorite recipe cakes. After baking a few cakes, bring out the decorative candy and break the bridesmaids into teams to see who can create the most creative bachelorette cake! Give out bachelorette prizes for those who are most unique, funny, or realistic! You are sure to have a great time with this bachelorette game!

34) Slush Fund - (Materials: Willie Sipper) - Have all the girls go around with some sippers and ask the men at bars and restaurants for a slush fund for the bride-to-be. They can either give money or write funny relationship tips on napkins and place into the sipper. At the end of the bachelorette party game, open each of the sippers and see who brought in the most money for the bride-to-be for her drinking of the evening as well as read the comments out loud. The winners of the game get free shots and are considered the Slush Fund Divas.

35) Spin the Pecker Game - A great bachelorette party game to play is "spin the pecker" which includes such dares as Flirt, Do a Shot, Spank a Guy and many more! This game will make some memorable moments!

36) Have a BALL - Parties are always so much more fun with a beach ball. You can play catch, soccer, bean ball, or socco. A great way to have fun indoors or at the beach/pool.

37) The Bachelorette His and Hers Game - Get a two small brooms as well as two full toilette paper rolls. Make two teams and have each team have two groups; one with a broom pole sticking out through their legs and the other group with a toilet paper roll in-between their legs with the middle hole pointed outward. Get some distance between the two groups and have the bachelorette's from each team waddle with the pole and get it through the toilette paper role hole without using their hands! This bachelorette party game is tons of fun.

38) Who Have You Done - This is a very funny bachelorette party game where you have a list of female characteristics / personalities that you match up to guys who have been with women having these qualities. Get signatures of men that admit to getting together with women that are one-night stands, someone 10 years older, etc. Download our game here.

39) How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette - This is a very fun game where you ask the bachelorette about certain qualities prior to the last night out. See who can get the most answers correct. Some of the questions we suggest are:

What type of undies does she wear?
Who was her first crush?
When did she lose her virginity?
Most embarrassing moment?
What is her favorite band?
What is her favorite movie?
What is her favorite song?
What is her favorite food?
What is her favorite drink?
What is her favorite book?
How did she meet the groom?
If she was stranded on a dessert island, which celebrity would she bring?
How many children does she want?
What is her favorite position?
What was her craziest night?

40) Bridesmaid Secrets – Have three bridesmaids write about a crazy experience on a paper that no one would know. Have the three girls get chairs and sit in front of the room.  Have the bachelorette participate as well. Get the maid of honor to read one of the secrets out loud and have the three girls sitting in chairs all pretend that they were the one that the crazy experience was about.  Have the bachelorette audience ask them each questions to see if someone can guess which girl actually gave the crazy experience. See how great of liars the other two girls are that pretend that it was their crazy secret. Lots of fun to play at any bachelorette party, whether at a home party or away for the last night out.

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