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Limos and Party Buses are the most memorable way of getting around town for the bachelorette party! Click a state on the map above to locate limousine services that provide everything from stretch limo Hummers to Busses that includes laser light shows and giant screen TV's. Make sure to tell the limousine company that we sent you and they will take great care of you. No matter where your destination takes you, you are sure to have a great time when getting a limo to ride in style. Feel like the true bachelorette party divas you are! A great idea is to use the ride and tie it in with a festive theme like a rock star party where you dress up as your favorite singer or band.

When planning your bachelorette party, it is important to determine whether or not you will be driving to your destination's) of choice. If there is driving involved, it is important to then take the next step in determining whether you will have sober drivers or be calling on a limousine company or party buss company to assist in the night of glory. Since we have helped plan over 10,000 parties over the last 11 years, we feel we have some expertise in helping you in your decision on what to expect and how to choose the right limousine company for you. Below, we have some ideas and tips for youth think about in this limousine company selection process:

1) Where to, how many and how long? Make sure to find out first on how many bachelorettes are attending and how long you will need the limousine/party buss. It is important to know this information, along with the stops you will need to determine what you will ask the party transportation company for.

2) Plan early. Do your homework and book the bachelorette party limousine early so you make sure you have the evening and time you want. “Last minute-ers” end up with having to drive themselves for waiting too long to book or spending way too much with a last minute agency that is found.

3) Use your purchasing power. Everyone loves a deal. When calling different limousine companies for your bachelorette party, ask them if they have any specials for group rates. This is a consumer’s economy souse it to your advantage.

4) Networking pays off. See if any of the bachelorettes have a history with an excellent limousine company to use. Someone may know a cousin who owns their own limousine or party buss which will potentially save and give you and the girls the ride of your life.

5) Yelp and Social Media. Look around what others are saying on the internet after conducting a yahoo, Google or Bing search for the bachelor party limousine company closest to you. See there views they are getting and what the advantages and disadvantages are.

6) Reputation means everything. Ask for references from the limo company or party buss company you decide on potentially using. We do have excellent limousine companies listed on the map above by clicking on your state of choice.

7) What is the fine print? Make sure to ask the limousine company any and all types of fees that may be incurred during your night of partying. You want to make sure that it is all-inclusive; and if not, find out what is and isn’t included (i.e., alcohol, tipping, additional stops, overtime, etc).

8) Bachelorette party collection agency. Have the girls pay up front after you find out how much the limousine will be so you don’t have those few girls that pull the, “I thought I had enough money” at the end of the night, ending up with you fronting more of the bill!

9) Boyfriends and Husbands are made for driving. If you want to save money, have a male chaperone around, but only to drive and not participate (unless it is a co-ed bachelorette party).

10) Have fun and make memories! Most of all, make sure to bring some great bachelorette party games while being caravanned during the night of zaniness. There are a lot of games that can be played in the limousine or party buss in making the time more memorable.

We hope these bachelorette party ideas are helpful in your planning adventure which should help in providing you the time and ride of your life. Have a great time and party on. Remember to not drink and drive (yet drink and have someone else drive!