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Bachelorette Party Supplies - 3

Most Popular Bachelorette Party Supplies

When planning your last night out with you and your friends, there are so many options on what bachelorette party supplies to choose from in making your night one of amazing memories. Taking the bachelorettes personality into consideration is the first step as well as the venue where you are having the last night out. We felt it is always nice to have some suggestions of top bachelorette party ideas as for decorations, games and favors we hear from the thousands of last-night-outers that order from the site in help leading you to some of the more popular items in making your party a success.
Below we have listed the top bachelorette party supplies for you to choose from in hoping they help with your selection out of the hundreds of discounted items from our website:

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis ShakerPin the Macho on the Man

By far the most popular bachelorette party game and a classic. This is the revisited pin the tail type of game for adults that will have all the girls laughing. The pin the macho on the man also makes great bachelorette party decorations since the cut out willies can be placed throughout the room after the game is over as well as the male poster which is great to keep hanging up.

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis ShakerColored Willie Straws

The #1 of all the Bachelorette Party Supplies has to be the Penis Straws, hands down winner!!  There are so many different ones to choose from, there arel colored ones in multiple colors, or pink, purple & white.  Then some of the pecker straws are in flesh tones also brown & black dickie straws.  Then there are Jumbo Penis Straws and some that are flexible.  Another big pecker straw request are the Glow in the Dark Penis straws, just so many combinations for your bachelorette party supplies needs, and they can be used as drink stirrers and table decorations too.  And for those bachelorette parties on a budget, they are pretty inexpensive so make a easy and cheap bachelorette party favor for the girls. 

Discount Bachelorette Drink Supplies - Penis ShakerPenis Cocktail Shaker

Most likely at your next Girls Night Out, there are probably going to be a few drinks, and if you plan to be making some mixed drinks, definitely make sure to pick up one or a few of these 'bad boy' Penis Cocktail Shakers!!  They are hilarious and super functional, as the not only mix up your favortte bachelorette party cocktails in style, but it also makes a nice little table decoration or centerpiece too! 

Pick up a few of these, and bring it along to hand to the bar tender at the bar or club and watch his/her face as they 'shake up' your favorite drinks - definitely gets some attention, and they are at a super discount price!!

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis ShakerDuelling Dickies - Game

Definitely one of the favorites of all the Bachelorette Party Blow Up's, maybe only next to the Inflatable 6ft Captain Pecker and the Inflatable Ring Toss Game, but quickly becoming an All-Time Favorite.  This is one of those games that trancends into the 'Crazy' and when we first saw it, thought to ourselves, hmmm, will it be popular, Yup, and boy were we ever right.  This game is perfect for bachelorette parties, LGBT Bachelorette Parties and even LGBT Bachelor Parties - it's just the ridiculous. 

Two blow up strap on penis accessorites that are affixed by velcro and once on, you begin your willie fight to the death, or until one of dicks gets knocked off.  A crowd favorite and even more fun after a few drinks, we've seen them taken to bars and 'Away..... they go!!"

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis ShakerPecker Table Centerpiece

If you plan to add some cute bachelorette party decorations to Last Night Out celebration, we've got ya covered with adorable bachelorette party centerpieces, like this mini Pink Pecker Fold Out Centerpiece. He is a cute 'lil guy and where the bottom 'balls' section of the centerpiece, are fold-out cray paper honeycomb pieces that pull out to make it 3 dimensional when put the table.  They come with little paper clips and double stick tape to help it stay and even has a tab on the back so you can hang it up too!! 

They are super cute and at a super discount price - so check out all the bachelorette party decorations!!


Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis ShakerBachelorette Party Princess Kit

This is one hip little kit and the Bachelorette Party Princess kit is one of those Not too Miss Bachelorette Party Supplies.  To start this 5 piece kit is at a super low price!!  It comes with a Purple puffy Tiara, two matching White Gloves with shiny purple peckers at the cuff, a Purple puffy Pecker Wand w/silver tinsel, and a White Boa!!  Just the boa alone from some places is as much as this whole kit!! 

The perfect addition to help dress up the Bride to Be and make sure she gets noticed!! 

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis ShakerPenis Thunder Pricks

Anyone who has ever been to a basketball game, knows this really well, these are the blow up 'sticks' that everyone behind the basket starts to bang together when the opposing team is shooting free-throws.  These Pecker Thunder Pricks are just a little twist on those, as these ones come in a two package and have a graphic of a smiling penis on them!  They make great bachelorette party decoration supplies as well as a fun and inexpensive item to pick up as a party favor for the girls and then have them have pecker 'sword' fights during the night!! 

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis Foil Hanging DecorationsBachelorette Party - Penis Foil Hanging Streamers

This is another one of those fun additions to help add some color and 'cuteness' to any bachelorette party supply list, it's the Foil Pecker Bachelorette Party Streamers Decor!!  Each package comes with 4 - Pinkish Smiling Penis guys and attached to the the top is a multicolored shiny foil material that, as it stretches out forms a circular pattern and is in multicolors! 

A fun bachelorette party decoration to add if you are able to hang up items, each one is really light weight so can be attached without much effort to doorways, ceilings, and anything else you want to decorate!!

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis Foil Hanging DecorationsWedding Ring Shot Glass

We are pretty sure that there's a need for these cute additions, yes - the Bachelorette Party Wedding Ring Shot Glass has become almost a staple at Last Night Out celebrations and Bridal Showers for years now.  Not quite the rock you want your partner to propose to you with, but if you are heading out for a night on the town with the girls, this Wedding Ring Shot Glass makes sure you always have a drink recepticle ready for action.  Don't miss these, and at the super low Bachelorette Party Discount Supply price on these, they make excellent bachelorette party favors!!

Bachelorette Party Decorations & Supplies - Cheers Bitches BannerBachelorette Party - Cheer Bitches Banner

This Cheers Bitches Banner was made famous on the House Wives of Beverly Hills, and after they had this banner up it has now become a Bachelorette Party Supplies favorites.  The banner spells out CHEERS BITCHES and has that rainbow prism-like material that sort of sparkles when light hits it and has pinkish / purple shiny colored background to really make these letter 'pop'.  This Cheer Bitches banner really helps 'spice' up the decoration at any bachelorette party or girls night out, and is super light and easy to transport, so you can take it with you to hotels, bars, clubs - definitely makes a 'statement'!

Discount Bachelorette Party Favors & Supplies - Penis Foil Hanging DecorationsHow Well Do You Know The Bachelorette / Bride? Game

Most bachelorette parties do well with the addition of a few well placed Bachelorette Party Games, and this has definitely become one of the go-to favorites for many girls night outs!!  The How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette (Bride) game will give you hours of fun.  It makes a great "ice-breakers' to get the girls involved, especially when some bachelorette parties might have some girls who don't know many people at the party, besides the Bride to Be.  As we say with most games, this one always seems to become more interesting once some drinks get flowing - so have Fun!!

Bachelorette Party Decorations & Supplies - Cheers Bitches BannerBachelorette Party - Penis / Pecker Cake Sprinkles

These little beauties are perfect to help you decorate some sweet treat for the Bachelorette Party!!  Each bag comes with multi-colored Penis Cake Sprinkle candies to toss on top of all kinds of fun baked goods at the girls night out.  Put these Pecker Cake Sprinkles on top of a Penis Cake or Pecker Cupcakes - which we just happen to have plenty of fun baking molds to help you make the perfect shaped cake for the last night out.  We have cake pans for both penis and boobie, whatever your pleasure and then to toss these on to give them some color.  Thes Pecker Cake Sprinkles are great just as a sweet muchie too, or even toss them on the table for some edible color decor!

Discount Bachelorette Party Decorations & Supplies - Diamond ConfettiDiamond Confetti - Jumbo Sized

Confetti is always a hit for any party and these Jumbo Sized Diamond Confetti packages are just perfect to add some fun color and texture to any Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower.  Each package comes with these laser cut Diamond shaped jumbo sized confetti that you can add to help decorate tables or even to toss inside of invitations.  Super cute for just about any occasion and we have them at with all the other super discounted bachelorette party supplies & decorations so pick some up today!!  Check out all the other fun bachelor & bachelorette party confetti's!!

Bachelorette Party Decorations & Supplies - Cheers Bitches BannerDiamond Ring Ice Cube Mold - Jello Shots Trays

With ice cube molds made in every shape imaginable, it only makes sense that there should be a Diamond Ring Ice Cube Mold too!  These are so darling and definitely the perfect bachelorette party supplies to pick up for your party, and they work just as well for Bridal Showers too!!  They are made of that flexible silicone material so they are easy to pop out and they work great to make diamond ring ice cubes for drinks or pour in your favorite jello shot receipe and you've got some diamond ring shaped jello shots, Yum!!  We have quite a few diffent shaped Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Ice Cube & Jello Shot molds & trays so check them all out - at super discounted prices too!!

Discount Bachelorette Party Decorations & Supplies - Diamond ConfettiEdible Body Paints - 4 Flavors

Finding some fun gifts for the Bride to Be or even as prizes or gifts for the girls can be tough, well we have made it a point to find some fun items that you can pick up for the next Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower that won't 'break the bank'.  Here is one fun inexpensive gift, its the multi-colored & flavored Edible Body Paints kit.  Inside this fun gift comes 4 jars of tasty edible paints including the fun flavors or Strawberry, Cherry, Pina Colada & Passion Fruit, and along with the paints, a paint brush and cute stencils are included to 'paint' sayings and symbols on your partners body before getting to 'lick it' off.

Check out all the fun 'erotic gifts' that you can pick up for the Bride to Be.

Bachelorette Party Decorations & Supplies - Cheers Bitches BannerBachelorette Party - Penis / Pecker Suckers - Light Up

Any bachelorette party is not quite complete without some sweet phallic shaped treats to 'suck on' for the girls night out, and these Light Up Penis Suckers are a perfect little treat to pick up for all the girls. They are super reasonably priced and these pecker suckers not only light up but make a cute little party favor to pick up for the party.  Definitely one of the most popular bachelorette party candy supplies, and at a fantastically low price!!

Check out all the fun Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Suckers including suckers in the shape of diamond rings, boobs, peckers, and some shapes we need not mention!! 

Discount Bachelorette Party Decorations & Supplies - Diamond ConfettiBachelorette Party Contest Ribbons - Naughty

So there are going to be some games to be played at the next Bachelorette Party or Girl's Night Out, well you definitely need some awards to make sure to give out to the winners, well these are just pretty darn cute and super cheap too!!  Each package comes with 5 mini Bachelorette Party Award Ribbons to hand out to the "Best" in each class for the night.  Fun to pick up a few sets and when heading out to different places, you can have the Bride to Be or bachelorettes give them out to others. 

The awards ribbons include: Best Chest, Sexiest Pose, Best Butt, Craziest Trick & of course Hottest Lap Dance.  Seems like at a bar or club some will do anything for attention and to get that and win an award, its all in good fun!

You can find all of these great discount bachelorette party supplies and so many more on our site at some of the lowest prices around.  We always suggest placing your orders early as like with all your bachelorette party plans to help save costs.  We ship quickly as most orders placed with us ship that same business day, and if after the cut-off will ship the next business day - so you get your 'goodies' fast!!  For larger orders that have plenty of time, we even have a Free Shipping option for the US 48 States! 

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