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Bachelorette Party Games - Page 4

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I hope you already did find some you really enjoy but there are some more excellent ones below. The game #68 where you have a bachelorette party blow up doll contest is hilarious! The important thing is finding the right games that you, the bride-to-be and the rest of the girls would enjoy playing, whether mild or wild. Check out the next group of free game ideas below:

61) Bride-To-Be: Did You Ever vs. Would You Ever - This fun bachelorette party game is the ultimate in bridal party confessions! Get all the juicy dirt on your friends and bridesmaids as they reveal their naught little secrets while playing this entertaining game including card questions and a spinner which tells you if you are going to answer a "did you" or "would you" question. Cards are read out loud (i.e., Would you ever pose for a nude magazine) and then answered to the group. This game is compact with colorful cards and spinner. A great game to take anywhere and can be played as a drinking game as well.

Bachelorette Party Games62) Five Card Studs - The ultimate scavenger hunt and dare game is here. There are 50 stud cards and 50 dare cards. The bachelorette party game is divided into two parts; Part 1 - where the bachelorettes will hunt down studs and Part 2- where they will try and get each stud to perform dares as suggested on the cards. For instance, one card states "muscle bound stud" where you would find a dude with muscles. Card 2 may state to ask him to give you his phone number and then proceed to call him right away and heavy breathe on the phone! A really fun card game that is easy to take anywhere!

63) Where's Willy? - Another fun bachelorette party card game that is all about looking for Mr. Willy. Willy is short for the guys you find with certain qualities that are on the card. For instance, Find a Smart Willy to show you his chest hair or find a Pierced Willy and have him do a body shot with you. There are 52 cards in this convenient travel sized game. A lot of fun to play with the bachelorettes anywhere you go!

64) Drink & Dare Bride Bingo - If you want to laugh all night long with a really fun bachelorette party game with dares and answering some funny questions, then look no more and play the Drink and Dare Bride Bingo game. Each box contains two different versions of bingo cards, 12 "I dare you" bingo cards and 12 "I double dare you" bingo cards. Each dare on each card needs to be completed with the first one getting a row completed the champion. Such things as 'get a guy to dance naughty for you' or 'sing out loud at someone's request' are some of the fun items on the cards to complete. Break up into teams and have some fun. All pieces included in this compact game.

65) Pass The Buck Game - This fun truth or dare bachelorette party game is in coupon form and has 48 fun and naughty activities to choose from. You can either choose a truth or dare question or Pass the Buck but then be prepared to drink up! A really fun game that can be controlled either by the maid of honor or the bride-to-be! A lot of fun and easy game to place in a purse and play at any time!

66) Spin the Bride-to-Be - This is another version of truth or dare - bachelorette style. Act out funny dares and tell sassy truths while drinking your favorite bachelorette party drinks. The travel size game comes with 30 dare cards and 30 truth cards along with one spinner that tells you what to do next. You will love this memorable spinner game that can be played over any time period with you and the bridesmaids, no matter where you are!

67) Hop Skip Scotch Shots - (Materials: Drinks and Chalk) - Remember the game of hop scotch. Now play this retro gram by using shots when someone cannot pick up the bachelorette item during play. As the drinking goes on during this bachelorette party game, it gets more memorable and interesting! Just make sure to have a sober driver and not drink too much! A great and easy game to play anywhere.

68) Bachelorette Party Blow Up Doll Contest - (Materials: blow up dolls, hand pumps, undies) - If you want a load of laughs, get your favorite blow up dolls along with a few hand pumps and have a contest on which bachelorette can blow up the doll the fastest, place underwear on the doll and then take them off to demonstrate the most different positions with the doll. You will have your friends rolling in laughter and great memories with this fun game!

69) Bachelorette Party Graffiti Draw Tablecover - (Materials: Tablecover with Pens) - A fun way to celebrate bachelorette dining is to have a cute hot pink tablecloth that can be written on with pens and turn on the creativity. Have the girls write dares with check boxes, questions for the bride to be to answer, funny sayings, cute memories, marriage advice - the sky is the limit! A really fun and easy game to play whether you are out at a restaurant, bar or at a home party. One of our original games!

70) Bachelorette Truth or Dare Coasters - (Materials: Game sold here) - If you are looking for a great functional bachelorette party game, check out the truth or dare coasters which you can use with your drinks as well as play the game. The game contains cute dares and funny truth questions like would you ever make love while a friend was watching? Lots of fun and great to play anywhere with the girls!

"I Know What It Is" Game - Get a bag and place one Bachelorette Toy or Gag Gift at the bottom without anyone looking. Have each girl place their hand in the bag for three seconds and guess what it is. Make sure the girls are as descriptive as possible, stating what they think the item is, the color, the size, etc. After everyone has a chance to guess, pull the item out of the bag and give it to the person that described the item in the most accurate detail.

72) Bachelorette Word Scramble (Anagram) - Take some of the classic bachelorette party terms like "Stripper", "Tiara" and "Last Night Out" and mix the words around to "pepristr", "arita", and "tsal tghin uot". Place them on a paper and have the girls decipher the words. Play in teams for points and offer a shot or some small gag gift for those who win the game. It is our gift to you by clicking here for the game and here for the answer key.

73) Which Celebrity Doll - Get a few bachelorette party blow up dolls and dress them up like male celebrity and rock stars. Have the girls guess who the blow up doll is supposed to be. The winner can choose someone do a shot for the right answer.

74) Dessert Island Hunk - Have all the bachelorettes write down the star they would most want to do! Take all the answers and read them out loud. See who can guess the most girls to the right celebrities. Throw a few funny ones in like Regis Philbin, Alan King and a few others! A great and easy bachelorette party game.

75) Bachelorette Celebrity Rock Star - A fun ice breaker is to write down on bachleorette party name tags the names of your favorite rock stars and female celebrities. Then when your girls come for the party, place one of the stickers on their back and have them walk around asking yes/no questions to try and guess who they are. Questions like "Am I young?", "Do I Sing for a profession?" , "Have I appeared in a movie in the last month?". A really fun bachelorette party game and easy to play anywhere.

76) Pin the Kiss on the Poster - (Materials: Poster, blindfold or scarf and lipstick) - A classic and fun bachelorette party game that entails you finding a poster of the bride to be's favorite hunk. Have all the bachelorettes put on lipstick and get blindfolded to kiss the poster. You will laugh where some of the kisses land! A bachelorette favorite.

77) Martini Pong - (Materials: martini glasses, martinis, and ping pong balls) - Have all the martini glasses filled at one end of the table and have the bachelorettes stand at the other end, trying to bounce a ping pong ball into one of the glasses. Whomever makes it in can either drink the martini or choose a bachelorette to drink. Check out some of our great drinking recipes.

78) Limo Scavenger Hunt - The classic scavenger hunt on limo wheels. Hire two or three bachelorette party limos or town cars to escort you around town to different bars where some of the bachelorette's have already created clues for the next stop. Have around 5 stops where you go into different bars, get a bartender to give you the next clue and have a drink upon each place. Take a picture with your iPhone at every place you stop. A really fun time as long as you are safe.

79) Bachelorette Karaoke Queen - There is nothing like a night out on the town for a little singing action. Have the bachelorettes all meet at a Karaoke bar and sing out their lungs as you or the bride-to-be judge the American Idol contest. Make sure to take lots of photos and try to get the recording of such wonderful tunes by your friends! Check out our entertainment ideas page for more fun award giving ideas.