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Bachelorette Party Blowup Dolls

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One of the traditional bachelorette party supplies is the bachelorette party blow up doll. Today there are so many blow up dolls on the market so we decided to help you choose the right one for your party! Below we have listed our selections of blow up dolls to make your party a success and to describe each inflatable and why to have him accompany your Last Night Out:

1) The John blow up doll - This traditional blow up doll is not anatomically correct. In fact, he is smooth down below. The John blow up doll would be used for more conservative parties as well as to save money as he is a cheap date. John is a perfect blow up doll to dress up in any type of clothes as well as to draw on. We knew of one bachelorette party that made John into Dave Navarro (musician) and dressed him in leather with a name tag.

2) Peter Pecker blow up doll - This two-in-one blow up doll is a game and a friend. Peter is anatomically correct which also comes with rings so you can play a ring toss game with his anatomy! You can also move his arms and torso so you can have him sit down. Peter is also great to dress up but will show a bulge in the right places! You are sure to have fun with this blow up doll!

3) Judy blow up doll  - The John doll has a counter part that has been given breast augmentation without any anatomy below the belt. Judy is fun to dress up two and is great for any same-sex marriage or for the wild bachelorette party (who hears Katy Perry's song I Kissed a Girl playing right now). You are sure to have fun with the Judy blow up doll!

4) Sgt Pecker Blow Up - This blow up doll is a 3 foot blow up Willie that is fun to decorate the bachelorette party room. Sgt Pecker has a funny box that states "Not Seen On TV". This inflatable can be used to throw around at each other or as a bachelorette party decoration.

5) Captain Pecker blow up doll - This blow up doll is a 6 foot Willie that is great to use as a punching back as well as a large decoration or coat rack! You are sure to get laughs with this inflatable as it is so big!

6) The Situation blow up doll - This bachelorette party blow up doll makes a great fit for any last night out, especially if you enjoy watching the Jersey Shore on MTV. It looks like The Situation and will make the bachelorettes laugh!

7) The Butch blow up doll - This bachelorette party blow up doll comes with a great box and is entertaining to bring to any bachelorette party!

8) The Travel Size blow up dolls - There are many smaller bachelorette party blow up dolls being made now for easier travel. It is fun to blow up and take these smaller versions of blow up dolls which are great bachelorette party gag gifts and also cute to have as bachelorette party decorations.

We felt a few important facts and safety tips about the blow up doll may be helpful prior to incorporating it in any bachelorette party:

- Do not use crazy glue on the blow up doll. We have been told stories about how someone tried to glue on a Willie to the John doll and the glue melted through the doll. She then tried to blow on the glue to stop it from opening more and her mouth stuck to the doll and glue in a very peculiar place. Needless to say, the bridesmaids had to call emergency to get her lips unstuck. What a funny story but not for the girl who got stuck!

- Make sure not to store the blow up doll in a hot place. You don't want a popped inflatable before the party begins or you will have a party popper.

- Purchase the blow up doll way before the bachelorette party so you can make sure to have time to dress up the doll in the right clothes. You can also save money on shipping and state tax when ordering the doll online.

- Make sure the bachelorette is okay with having a blow up doll as you don't want to embarrass your friend too much. Or do you?

Bachelorette party blow up doll holiday costumes
Another fun idea depending on the holiday is to dress up your bachelorette party blow up doll in funny outfits, depending on the holiday. Here are some of our favorite blow up doll ideas:

New Years - Make the blow up doll have the bachelorette party sash and place the new year date! Also place him in a top hat and dress him up fine!

Mardi Gras and President's Day - Make the bachelorette party blow up doll wear mardi gras beads or look like one of our fine presidents!

St. Patty's Day and March Madness - Have the fine inflatable in green as a leprechaun or in your favorite basket ball jersey for the playoffs.

Easter and Passover - Dress up your bachelorette party blow up doll with bunny ears, as Moses or Jesus but be respectful! Cover him up just like in biblical days!

4th of July - Have the blow up doll in red, white and blue as well as looking like Uncle Sam. You can also make him in military garb in respect for our awesome troops that are protecting us!

Halloweenie - Dress up your bachelorette blow up doll in your favorite costume and have him tag along with your bridesmaids (

Thanksgiving Indian or Pilgrim - Dress up Mr. Sexy in a fine feather and loin cloth or as a sexy pilgrim riding the Mayflower! Can you say pass the corn anyone?

Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza - Have Old (but sexy) Saint Nick, Chanukah Harry, or beautiful Kwanza colors on your fav inflatable on your Last Night Out!

Other great bachelorette blow up doll ideas include dressing your inflatable as your favorite celebrity, rock star or ex boyfriend! Find some ideas on and take a look at our fine selection of discounted blow up dolls.

We hope this bachelorette party blow up doll information is helpful as you plan your friend's bachelorette party!