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Bachelorette Party Themes

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Bachelorette Party Themes
Bachelorette party themes are where it is at to rock the house and have a memorable time! Showing up in cute garbs makes the party festive and alive! Whether you are in matching outfits or a favorite era, trade, or design, any party theme will contribute to a fun night out with the bridesmaids.
If you want to be unique with your party and add a little more festive feel, we have listed our top bachelorette party theme ideas to use in making it a special event to remember for a long time. It is important to give the guests enough time to plan on what they will wear and not tell them right before the party so they have time to get creative and plan cute and creative outfits.


                                    Top Themes For Your Bachelorette Party

1) Black and White Bachelorette Party - There is nothing like using color to signify and unify the bridesmaids and bachelorette at the party. Whether you are going out on the town or at a home party, it is fun to have either the bridesmaids to dress up in one color and the bachelorette to dress in the other. I have seen a really hip bunch of divas have the bride to be dress in white with her Tiara or Veil while the other girls dressed in black cocktail dresses with cowboy hats and feather boas.

2) Retro 80's Theme - It is fun to dress in another time period as the 80's which can include playing 80's music, flashdance style clothing as well as Neon. Some even go to musicals like The Awesome 80's prom found on our musicals page or play movies like footloose, purple rain, etc. The bachelorette party can rock with flock of seagulls, men without hats, the pointer sisters, and many others. Check out our Music Page for more ideas.

3) Pimp-n-Hoes/Playboy Theme - Time to turn on your Diva attitude and dress up in scantily clad clothing for a night out on the town. There will be a lot of head turnin when the girls show up in their hottest clothing at your favorite bar or restaurant. Fuzzy Hats, Feather Boas, Mesh Stockings, Mini Skirts, Black Bow Ties, and French Maid Outfits all will dazzle the crowd as well as be a memorable time for the bachelorette party bride-to-be and her friends. It is even fun to go to an exotic dance class which you can find at our exotic dance class directory.

4) Sexy 70's Party - Keeping with the theme of time period, grab your bell bottoms and move to the groove with a 70's Disco Party! There is nothing like thick makeup, oversized glasses, sparkling outfits, flowers and paisley with strapless and loud shirts! Find your favorite place to go and rock out with the girls in your fabulous outfits and look! There may be Disco band in your area playing, a dance place that plays retro songs, or stay at home with some great 70's movies and music.

5) Bachelorette Amazing Race - Just like the popular television show, have the bachelorette's split off in equal groups (with a sober driver) and send them on a scavenger hunt at your favorite bars and restaurants. You can all end up at the bachelorette's favorite hang out or back at a home for more partying. Make sure to take a lot of pictures as this will be a memorable time!

6) Holiday Theme Tie - If a festive holiday is coming up, it would be fun to tie in the theme of the holiday with the bachelorette party. Some ideas we have are listed below:

4th of July: the bachelorette's can dress up in 40's clothing, military camo's or as USO girls.
Valentine's Day: Dress as cupid, Victoria Secret Angels (all in white with wings)
Christmas - Dress as little Elf Helpers, Santa's Sexy Helpers
New Years - As sexy Girl Time (with Happy 2008 as a sash)
Mardi Gras - Wear sexy dresses with Mardi Gras beads as well as hand held eye masks
St. Patrick's Day - Everyone wear sexy green outfits
Halloween - Have everyone dress as zombie bridesmaids. Creepy and fun!

There are many ways to tie in holidays to the bachelorette party theme. It is fun to see just how creative everyone gets.

7) GI Jane - Supporting our troops is important and nothing says it better than to dress up in military garb. You can go to your local military surplus store and find all types of cute outfits to put together. It is also great to have a fund for raising money for our troops families by donating to the American Red Cross who has a program. Make sure to tell them you want it going to the military family support programs. It is nice to give when we can all have the freedom to do this.

8) Naughty School Girls - Nothing attracts attention finer than the good ole school girl outfits. Have the bachelorette dress like Britney Spears in her video with pigtails, thick make-up, a uniform flannel miniskirt and white shirt with knee-high socks and penny loafer shoes. You are sure to have a great time and get loads of laughs! Play songs like Rock n Roll High School, Britney Spears anything, Sister Christian (by Night Ranger), Fergie Liscious, and anything else mentioning school or naughtiness.

9) Nightmare Bridesmaid Dress Contest - A fun and crazy idea is to have all the bridesmaids dress up in nasty bridesmaids dresses they have either received or what they come up with. It is easy to find some disgusting outfits at thrift stores to purchase for little and go out on the town for a hilarious time! Make sure to have everyone do a bad job on their makeup and give out prizes for the worst outfits and looks! Send in your pictures to us with authorization to place them on our site and we will to show just how funny and creative your bachelorettes got at the bachelorette party!

10) Lil' Devil Party - There is nothing that says "Last Night Out" more than having a Lil Devil Party theme. Have all the girls either as devils or angels at the party. It is most customary to make the bachelorette the devil with cute items which you can find in our Lil Devil Packs. You can also have all the bachelorettes wear red and get into the lil devil theme. Everyone will be sure to have a fun time in sizzling red or angel white.

11) Bachelorette Party Mock Wedding - Plan a pretend wedding where all the bridesmaids dress up in bridesmaid dresses (the worst they can find or have worn/kept). Create a towel cake and get a devil veil or condom veil for the bride. bring a prize for the "best" dressed and take tons of pictures at the party to create a photo album for the bride to remember. Have the mock wedding at a bar or favorite restaurant. Sure to have a great time!

12) Mad Hatter Tea - Have all the guests come to the with a hat (make sure to leave everyone know in advance to bring one). Leave what style of hat open on the invite and see how crazy some of the bachelorette's friends get! Check out our hat selection or choose something that stands out. Make sure someone has a camera as this last night out will be a night to remember!

The important thing is to ask the bride-to-be what type of party she is willing to have as you don't want her uncomfortable at her own party! Give enough time for those going to the bachelorette party to be creative and come up with the chosen theme costuming. It is also okay to have one organizer give places where things can be purchased to make it easier on the girls, especially if everyone is in school or working and don't have a lot of time. All in all, have a great and memorable time at the last nite out since it is one of the most special days with you and your friends before your friend gets married!

13) Exotic Dancer Party - It is always fun to play dress up. One great idea is to hire an erotic dance instructor and have all the girls dress down in sexy clothing including fishnets, miniskirts, spandex and other exotic dance attire. Get into the theme with hiring a limousine and have the driver wear pimp type clothing and take you to different nightlife spots in the evening! You are sure to have a great time!

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