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Bachelorette Party Planning

Planning a bachelorette party can be a lot of fun, but can also be stressful for those of you who have never been in charge of the planning. In addition, those maids-of-honors and bridesmaids who are bachelorette party veterans but looking for new ideas can also benefit from this section. We have added an itinerary of how to have the ultimate bachelorette party.

It is fun to make it an all day and night event for those who can attend, especially since the bachelorette party represents the official "Last Night Out" as for your friend's last big party of singlehood is spent with her friends. Below we have included the most optimal day and evening events as well as the ability for those bachelorettes to join at any time during the party schedule:

Bachelorette Party PlanningHave the girls show up to a primary destination early in the day. Either have pre-selected sober drivers or hire a party bus/limo service.

Bachelorette Party PlanningGo to a spa or plan an exotic dance lesson with the girls who can start the party early. Have a relaxing and fun time with the bachelorette as you learn some new moves or get your manicures and pedicures.

Bachelorette Party PlanningChange into more clubware and do a bachelorette party happy hour with the girls, whether at home, hotel or restaurant. Have the bridesmaids and friends show up to this destination if they could not make it earlier in the day. Make sure to bring the bachelorette party supplies and bachelorette party decorations.

Bachelorette Party PlanningDo some ice breaker bachelorette party games which you can make or purchase. Make sure to introduce everyone who is there to one another if there is a mix of friends. Also don't force everyone to play along if they feel uncomfortable.

Bachelorette Party PlanningHave a meal or finger foods and snacks as well as drinks. Make sure to have non-alcoholic drinks as well for those who may be driving or just want virgin drinks.

Bachelorette Party PlanningInvite your favorite entertainment or go out to a male review or club/restaurant. Play a scavenger hunt game for those bridesmaids wanting to participate.

Bachelorette Party PlanningComplete the party with a bachelorette party gag gift or sentimental present from the girls. You can find tons of items by clicking on the lipstick navigation to the left. Tell funny stories about the bachelorette as a group. Try not to embarrass her too much!

Bachelorette Party PlanningLas Vegas Bachelorette Party - If you are celebrating your party in Sin City look for packages to save time, money and planning hassle which may ruin your once in a lifetime event, let the professionals handle it for you.

Again, the right bachelorette party planning can make this year's party the best ever! You need to make sure and plan for invitations, food, drink, decorations and music. The key is a little advanced planning and some helpful ideas and your own creativity to avoid possible issues while enhancing the best bachelorette party of your life! Below are some additional bachelorette party tips and suggestions that can help you while planning your last night out.

Bachelorette Party PlanningDecide how much you can afford to spend for your bachelorette party as early as possible and write out a budget. Generally speaking, the more elaborate the party, the more it will cost and take more time to plan and setup. Decorations can be costly, so check discount stores for inexpensive decorations and paper tableware. You'll find some tips throughout the site for bachelorette party supplies and ideas that fit your bride-to-be's personality.

Bachelorette Party PlanningMake a party check list well in advance and then use it. Preparing a bachelorette party check list allows you to plan every aspect of the last night out and gives you a visual reference guide. Draw out a floor plan of the areas in or outside your bachelorette party venue where the party will be held. Write an agenda for the party. Basically this is a timeline of events starting with when the guests will begin arriving, when the dance music will start, when games will be played, and any other special activities that you have planned.

Bachelorette Party PlanningDecide on a date and time for your bachelorette party. Try to hold it a few weeks at a minimum prior to the wedding. If possible, don't have it too close to the wedding as you want to make sure no one is sick and that there are no hangovers or tired guests prior to the main event. Give your bachelorette party guests enough time by sending out the bachelorette invitations very early. You should call people who didn't R.S.V.P. to find out if they're coming to the party or not.

Bachelorette Party PlanningKnowing how many people will actually be at your bachelorette party is essential to its planning and success! When making out your guest list, calculate the maximum number of people the area in the venue you choose, where the party will be held can accommodate comfortably. Let those invited know in the invitation what they need to bring and the where, when and how much. Weddings have become much more expensive so help the bachelorette guests know what they are in for and then plan accordingly as you may change plans if many cannot afford what you are planning. Use the power of your guests to get group discounts!

Bachelorette Party PlanningWill a bachelorette party theme be required? - We always say it is more fun in a bachelorette theme but plan early for this so the girls can get what is needed and save some money. If you throw a co-ed bachelorette party, you still can have a theme but it will need to be a little more creative!

Bachelorette Party PlanningPrepare a menu plan for what type of bachelorette food and beverage you want to serve for a home party and how much you will need based on the amount of people you invite. You can find all kinds of treat and food ideas throughout our site. Do you want people to bring some food or treats with them to the party, sort of a Bachelorette Pot-Luck. This cuts down on the amount of cooking you'll have to do and is a great way to end up with a diverse treat table. If you are going out, make sure to have the reservations early.

If you are going away for the bachelorette party, make sure to plan the event way in advance so all the bachelorettes have time to plan, especially if they have children or big children (husbands/boyfriends). We hope you find these bachelorette party ideas helpful and would love to hear from you on your ultimate bachelorette party planning. Also send pictures as we would love to share them on the site with others! Email us at

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