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Bachelorette Party Budgeting

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Bachelorette Budgeting Tips - Ways to Save Money

Free Bachelorette PartyIf you are one of the lucky ones planning a bachelorette party for a friend or family member, you have a fun road ahead in loads of laughs and memories; but you also have the expenses that can cause stress, especially in this economy. Bachelorette parties are the most expensive part of the pre-wedding festivities so it is important to plan for the event as soon as possible and to understand some ways to save. Below we have listed a bunch of budgeting tips that can save you tons of money while still having the most memorable last night out:

1) Planning Early - It cannot be stressed enough that the faster you plan, the more money you may save. The first positive in this area comes from getting the word to the bachelorettes out as early as possible so they can make plans to attend. The longer you wait, the less likelihood that the bachelorettes will have time to go due to scheduling conflicts and vacations. The more bachelorettes that go, the more expenses can be distributed throughout the group and less for each diva to chip in. Planning early also coincides with getting your bachelorette party supplies  as early as possible. By doing this, you will benefit by shipping UPS ground instead of priority which will save loads of cash! Choosing the venue and bachelorette party entertainment early will lead to more haggling and better deals.

2) Bachelorette Party Shopping - As mentioned above, by ordering your bachelorette party supplies early, you can save in shipping. In addition, ordering bachelorette party supplies online also helps since online prices are better than stores, no sales tax is included and you can get free shipping and sites like ours offers a free bachelorette party gift without any coupon code. It is amazing how much you can save by ordering online. In addition, it is customary to have all the girls chip in and share in the expense. If you have eight girls going, each can spend $10.00 for supplies and decorations, giving you tons of fun bachelorette party products and free shipping! It is that easy and great for the pocketbook.

3) Bachelorette's Buyers Market - Since the economy is hurting and everyone is looking for deals, use this to your advantage and sharpen your diva haggling skills since you can get great discounts on everything from the venue you choose, transportation as well as entertainment. Many times, a restaurant or bar will have the bachelorette get in free or get other great value. Look up online for coupons, discounts for the services you are looking for and you will find what you need.

4) Diva Network - Get in touch with all the girls attending the bachelorette party early and ask around to see who has hook-ups. You may find a girl who has a brother in the bachelorette limousine business or family-owned bar that you can all go to. Using your networking powers can save you lots of money as well as give you fresh new ideas for the bachelorette party day/evening festivities.

5) Bachelorette Collections - It is all too common for the bachelorette or maid of honor planning the bachelorette party to have to be a collections department at the end of the last night out. Don't let this happen by asking for everyone's email up front and staying on top of what everyone needs to pay in prior to the last night out. Reach out for support of a few other girls who can help you collect the funds in time prior to the bachelorette party. Let the girls know that if money is not collected, they will have to pay themselves for the festivities when attending (i.e., getting into a club, dinner, etc). Place a little nice pressure on the girls to get in the money by sharing in a email to all who has not paid. I know this sounds a little harsh but you don't want to get stuck with paying three times as much as everyone else when you are planning the party and giving of your time!

6) Organize is Pennywise - By organizing your bachelorette party festivities early, you can save in not over spending, which happens when waiting until the last minute to plan. Think of the analogy of when you go into the supermarket with a list as opposed to no list and how much you save with sticking to a list. Decide what the venue, transportation, bachelorette supplies, food, etc will cost on average and stick to the plan. You will be glad you did. Again, the earlier to plan the better.

7) Bachelorette Bundling - It is a great idea to save money by forming a group to go in on a bachelorette party gift together. Although a gift is not traditional, many today are getting a gift for the bride-to-be's honeymoon or for the bachelorette party that is more than bachelorette party supplies. You can also make the bachelorette party gift by creating a photo album with the other girlfriends of the bachelorette and place advice to the newlyweds which is makes for a very personalized gift. Other gifts can be economical but meaningful.

8) Home Parties - A great way to save during the bachelorette party is to have a bachelorette party at someone's home. Choose a nice place early and decorate to make the bachelorette party one to remember. Bring in some great bachelorette party games and you will have one of the most memorable parties ever. This is a much better way to save money if going out of town is going to break the bank for most bachelorettes. It is important to ask around early in seeing what people's general funds are prior to seeing what venue you will be using. You can still go out to local bars, nightclubs or dessert places after for those who have the money to continue the party!

9) Diva Communication - The more communicative you are from the beginning with the other bachelorettes, the better you are with creative and economical ideas the group comes up with in saving money and planning a party that everyone will enjoy without worrying about funds.

10) Social Networking - A fun and economical way to start having fun to build excitement for the bachelorette party is to create a bachelorette twitter page, bachelorette facebook page and/or bachelorette party blog to start the ideas and banter back and forth. It is also a great time to post who still owes money, what is being planned and any new updates to the bachelorette party. All of these types of social media are free and great to use. It goes back to communication and networking which social media is so good at doing.

I hope these bachelorette party budgeting tips are helpful in planning your last night out to remember. Let us know if you have more bachelorette saving tips and we will post them. You can reach us at Have a great party!

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