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Bachelorette Pole Dancing Party & Exotic Burlesque Lap Dance Lessons

Bachelorette Party Pole Dancing & Burlesque Exotic Dance

Looking for something that is unique and fun for all the girls?  Well we say get the Bachelorette Party together and take a pole dancing class or exotic burlesque lap  dance lessons from an expert.

We search out and continue to locate the finest Bachelorette Pole Dance & Exotic Lap Dance Party studios & teachers. Our nationwide directory hopefully will give you options to choose from, making your search easier!

Carmen Electra and others helped make this new art form of dance & fitness popular.  It's fun as well as giving you and the girls the opportunity to learn the art and giving everyone some 'moves' that you can share with your partner after event!


Click Here!POLE DANCING LAS VEGAS   -    Pole Fitness Studio

Pole dancing expert since 1994 Fawnia Mondey is known as being the worlds 1st pole dancing instructor. Being an experienced dancer and instructor, National Figure Competitor, and Playboy Model, Fawnia and her certified staff can show you the ropes in how to striptease for your partner! Join the new bachelorette party craze in learning how to pole dance, lap dance, striptease or just have a great time watching the bachelorette strut her stuff! Now you can benefit from her knowledge and techniques in Las Vegas! She will help you to make your next party the one to remember. With your booking, you and your friends will receive free VIP access to one day club and one night club, the bride gets a free I Love Pole Dancing tank top, plus everyone receives certified sexy certificates. Plus you can get discounts on male revues.    

                               Call 702-878-7653 (POLE)    *      Fawnia's Personal Website     *     Book a Party


Over the years, it is amazing how popular exotic lap dance, burlesque & pole dancing bachelorette party lessons have become. We have gathered up some great tips and ideas in helping make your experience a success:


Plan early
- Many of these companies fill up quickly, some areas have a lot of choices for studios and locations to host your bachelorette pole dance party.  In some areas there can be quite a few girls night out parties going one, and with the popularity of bachelorette lap dance parties and exotic burlesque dance instruction party, they can book up fast and early! since So, whether it is a birthday, bachelorette party or girls just having fun. We recommend booking as early as possible to get the location you want and make sure it's your for the evening!!

Use a reputable firm - It is easy for anyone to state they conduct exotic lap dance dance  or pole dancing lessons for bachelorette parties, but can you trust them. We have tried to find companies that have been around and monitor any customer feed back  to make sure you are getting a company you can depend on to make for a fabulous bachelorette party.  The above companies have been recommended and are reputable firms. They truly want to cater to your desires for the best in a girls night out.

Find out what is included - Every bachelorette pole dance or exotic burlesque dance lesson party company has their own packages. Some can include way more than just the dance instruction but that can include everything from martinis, pictures, props and even bachelorette party boas.  Many studios will provide your bachelorette party a place to pre or post party, and along with that many allow you to bring in fun decorations and food - many of those great Discount Bachelorette Party Supplies you can find right here with us!!

Get the buy-in from the girls - Not everyone may want to participate in some of the choice for the party.  We always sugguest you to make sure the Bride to Be is on board, this night is about her, so if she's not interested, better to find something else.  But if the Bachelorette is game, get a census as to whether or not there are some divas that aren't interested in learning how to 'strut their stuff' a bit better. Ok, so some of these girls may have valid reasons (i.e., Health issues, etc), but still may be ok with the event and are fine to hang out and watch. And still others might need a little coaxing, but ultimately it's your decision and usually it is a pretty reasonable cost - so the girls should be good to go!

Actually get the buy-in - Find out how much the bachelorette pole dance party or exotic lap dance event will run, they usually are pretty reasonably priced when you think it is not only a bit of entertainment and instruction, but usually it is a facility that you have to yourselves to just party and enjoy!   Many of these pole dance and burlesque instructors are famous dancers who have years of experience and not only know their art, but definitely know how to throw a fun and memorable night. Make sure to find out how much it will be per girl and have each girl pay their way early - money in advance is always a much better way to make sure nothing is left for that night.

What's next - Plan ahead and figure out what you will be doing before and/or after the bachelorette party exotic dance lesson / pole dance lesson. If there is not food and drink available or you are not permitted to bring, figure out a great place or places to hit up after the party.

Bring a change of clothes and make-up - It's always a good idea to have stuff to freshen up after the bachelorette party pole dance / exotic dance lesson  We even have a great bachelorette party checklist if you are going out of town or out on the town and need a list of essentials.

Strike a Pose - We know this one is never a problem,  we know everyone will have their cameras ready to make sure and capture the good, bad and the glamourous of the night. It is almost guaranteed that some of those photos will be the most cherished of the night!!

Hopefully our Pole Dance & Burlesque Bachelorette Party lesson ideas and tips are helpful in assisting in your finding the right dance instruction company. Most of all, have a great time with the Bride to Be and her friends - make it a night to remember!

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