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Bachelorette Party Cards and Invitations

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Bachelorette Party Invitations - Etiquette
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When should the invitations go out? The bachelorette party invitations should go out at least one to two months prior to the party. The rule of thumb is that if you are going out of town for the party, give the girls at least 2 months to prepare for the trip, especially if they have a significant other or kids. I have heard and have received bachelorette party invitations sometimes 3 months in advance, especially if it is in Vegas since the rooms sell out so fast. Be sure to order your bachelorette party supplies as early as possible to make sure you get them in time.

There are important aspects that you should following when sending out bachelorette party invitations and thank you notes, which we have listed below:

Bachelorette Party Invitations1) Let the bachelorettes know of the who, where, when and how - When sending out the bachelorette party invitations, make sure to be detailed in everything about the last night out to give them the information on where the party will be, what the date and time are and how everyone is getting to and from the location(s).

2) Cost of bachelorette party - Prior to sending out the bachelorette party invites, it is great if you know how much each girl should chip in so you can place the amount everyone should possibly send in to the maid of honor or host of the bachelorette party.

3) Ask for contact information - Offer an email and phone number for the girls to get back to you on the best way to reach them - preferably emails so you can send out spirit building emails prior to the last night out to build excitement and give updates.

4) Place the bachelorette party theme you may be doing with the girls (i.e,. wearing all black, retro, disco, cowgirl, pink) so everyone can start to prepare their sassy or classy outfits.

5) Bachelorette party games - there are some excellent games throughout our site to give you ideas on possible games that take some planning. For instance, have the girls give one memory in the RSVP of the bride-to-be that you can read aloud at the party to see if everyone can guess the person whose memory was shared with the bride-to-be. You will get great laughs from this.

6) Bling out the invitation - Have some fun decorating the bachelorette invitation since it always is fun to get something in the mail still that is decorated and lively! Add bachelorette confetti to the invite so it adds a little extra something!

7) Going Away Parties - If your bachelorette party will be out of town, make sure to give the girls ample time and let them know some items they can bring to be proactive in planning the Out of Towner! We have an excellent list you can provide them here.

8) Email vs. Sending out Snail Mail - Of course you can send out the bachelorette party invitation via email if you have everyone's email address but this is what everyone does and it is not as fun as getting the physical invite in the mail. Traditionally you would send a physical card but feel free to do what tickles your fancy.

9) Thank you cards can always be sent out after the last night out which can include asking the girls to send in their appropriate photos, favorite memories, and advice for the bride-to-be. Make a memory book and present it as a gift to the bachelorette which she will cherish!

10) Most of all, make sure to fit the party and invitation to the style of the bride-to-be as it is her night you are celebrating. Make it the very best and plan ahead!

If the party is in town, give the girls at least one month in advance to be told about the party. Girls may have children or big children (husbands/boyfriends) to make arrangements with to save the date. For more information on bridal shower invitations or wedding invitations, visit our partners.

Paying? Get the money up-front! Just because you are planning the party does not mean you have to pay for the bachelorette party, even the bachelorette party invitations, by yourself! Copy this page and show other girls who think that they don't need to chip in that THEY DO! You are doing your part in planning the party and each girl should chip in some money. It would be great to add up the possible expenses, including everyone paying for the bachelorette (who should not pay for anything). Give each girl the amount you need and state that they need to pay in advance or when they show up! There are so many occasions when girls may say "well I don't have the money", "I will pay you later", "I forgot my wallet but I promise to send it to you". Most likely you will not get money from them and so it is important so you can have a good time that you don't have to think about the money so get it up front!

What should we do? Make sure it fits what the Bride-To-Be likes since it is really her party, even though some of the girls may forget! Whether you go away, a bar, or at someone's house, the party will be fun with all the girls together!

It is customary to say a few words and make a toast (if you are the planner of the party). Rehearse some lines before the party starts, it doesn't have to be long. It will leave a lasting impression on your good friend.

Take Pictures - But Not of EVERYTHING! Pictures are a great way to capture the evening. Make sure to take pictures of all the girls having a great time! There are some cool cameras in the gift section which have cute words in the pictures relating to bachelorette parties. Just make sure not to take pictures of anything "naughty" since you don't want these pictures haunting the bachelorette a few years later when her husband finds them!

Don't hang out with boys too long! The reason for a bachelorette party is to have fun with your friends and not to go scam or mack with boys! Make sure to remember you are there for your friend. This is not to say a little flirting would be fun (for the non-married girls and those who live on the edge :), just make sure to hang all together. If a girl decides to go off with the boys, leave her be (unless she is drunk and needs assistance). Your job is to make sure the Bride-To-Be has fun.

Drinking: Drinking can be fun, although don't let the girls get the Bride-To-Be too drunk since she will not feel great the next day or even that night. Remember, you want her to be able to remember the evening. If one girl is trying to get the Bride-To-Be too drunk, try to stop it with some support from the other girls.

Make a Collage/Scrapbook - A great gift for the Bride-To-Be is to get the pictures developed and place the appropriate ones in a scrapbook, giving it to the bride for a present. It will be fun to look at the pictures a few years down the line, remembering all the crazy things everyone did! The Bride will really appreciate it.

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