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Bachelorette Party Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the number one destination for a bachelorette party. Below we have gathered helpful Las Vegas bachelorette party information to make your party a success. Click on the Las Vegas buttons below to find valuable resources to plan your bachelorette party. Warning: What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas! Anyone going against this bachelorette party sisterhood code will not be allowed back to another bachelorette party and will be out of the circle of trust with her diva's! Have a great time!


Above you will find a wide variety of bachelorette party las vegas entertainment ideas. Click on the Las Vegas category of choice in helping your plan your last night out. We also have a little about each section to help in making your bachelorette party planning as easy as possible:

Bachelorette Party Las Vegas Nightclubs - When in Vegas, you have an amazing selection of night clubs to choose from as well as amazing entertainment. Do you want to go hang out at a lounge type of setting or more of a major all encompassed night club with hot house music pumping. You will get an excess of everything you want in Las Vegas for your bachelorette party. Make sure to take advantage by planning out your trip early and deciding on where to go so you can call and get great rates. Make sure they place you on the Bachelorette Party VIP lists so you and the girls don't have to wait in any of the crazy lines they form on purpose!

Bachelorette Party Las Vegas Bars - Take a look at the wide selection of bars in Las Vegas that cater to bachelorettes. Many times you can find tapas (small meals) to order while getting some of the most exotic drinks you have seen! Again, plan out your excursion to make sure you see some of the best in bars which we have listed on our Las Vegas Bars section to make your planning of the last night out easier.

Las Vegas Male Dancers - Have a memorable time by either visiting a male review in Las Vegas or get some room entertainment. Either way, we have your covered in our Las Vegas Hunks section where we list some of the best Las Vegas male entertainers sin city has ever seen. Don't be fooled by ads you see online and in Vegas. We have the best and most respectful (yet fun) Las Vegas male dancers for your bachelorette party. Many of them are former models and know their moves. Ask them to dress in your favorite outfits or costumes and have a great time (no pictures as what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas).

Las Vegas Limos - When planning to get around, there is nothing like renting a Las Vegas limo. Dress up the car in bachelorette party supplies and have a great time. Make sure to reserve your bachelorette party limo early and ask for group discounts as they all want your business. If going to a club or male review venue, many times they will give you great rates since the venues pay them to bring you to them!

Las Vegas Shows for the Bachelorette Party - When in Vegas, you and the girls have to go catch a show - Vegas style. There are so many fine shows that cater to the bachelorette group. Check out our shows page which will give you some great ideas and venues to enjoy while in Vegas.

Las Vegas Dining - You will find some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas that cater to bachelorette parties. Whatever the type of food you are looking for, you will find for the girls. Make a few stops and make it a 5 course meal over a few restaurants which is always fun and mixes different foods and tastes for all the girls. Make sure to reserve these restaurants early as they fill fast.

Las Vegas Tours - If you are looking for some adventure, we have the places for you! Check out our bachelorette party tours of Las Vegas section which will give you some excellent ideas on how to have an alternative bachelorette party of fun! There are so many unique ideas you can do in Vegas as well as Nevada.

Las Vegas Spas - Pamper for your bachelorette party and go to a Las Vegas spa. Get manicures, pedicures and sip martinis. Don't forget the massage and usage of their spa facilities. They have some of the best five star spas for the bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Airlines - Las Vegas has some great rates if booking early for your flights. Make sure to take advantage for the early bird specials and get your bachelorette party invitations out as early as possible so you don't miss out on some girls not being able to attend due to future plans/vacations.

Las Vegas Hotels - There are so many hotels in Las Vegas that cater to bachelorette parties. Make sure to reserve a room for the girls as soon as possible since many of the seasonal times fill up quickly in Vegas. Let the hotel know you have a group coming in to hopefully get a group rate and ask for their specials. This is a buyer's market in Las Vegas for your bachelorette party since they are not filling up their rooms. Take advantage of this and look for a hotel that is accommodating to your group. We have listed some of our favorites in the section above.

We hope these Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas are helpful and would love to hear from you. We also have excellent information about other bachelorette party locations to help make your planning a major success. We also have the best rates on many bachelorette party supplies if you click on one of the lipsticks in the navigation to the left.

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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Best places for bachelorette party drunk eating

Mr. Lucky's 24/7 @ the Hard Rock

There's more than one way to get lucky in Las Vegas, but the safest and the one that won’t leave you broke or looking for a shot of penicillin would be newly remodeled Mr. Lucky’s, at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas’ 24 hour hot spot!

Most late night joints seem to lack a few things: smashing decor and sophisticated bites. Not so much at Mr. Lucky’s. Here you and the bachelorettes will sink your teeth into steak and eggs, fire roasted chicken nachos, prime rib French dip, chicken pot pie and even spaghetti and meatballs. All classic dishes, although with a bit of a fancy flair. This is Las Vegas, remember?

You'll never know who you'll be sitting in the booth next to you at 4:30 am as known superstars like Steven Tyler and Kim Kardashian have been known to drop in when they're in town. Now with the recent remodel, the restaurant opens up right to the casino making giving you the perfect vantage point to watch other partiers make that infamous walk of shame. Music memorabilia, high ceilings and high def TVs also add to the ambiance.

What about that late night dining for the bachelorette party? Mr. Lucky’s offers deals like the Gambler’s Special, a $7.77 meal that features a steak prepared to your liking topped with a shrimp skewer, side of mashed potatoes and a salad. Show up with your Rockstar player’s card for late night specials like a $3.99 burger basket. We love DEALS!


Best club for a Bachelorette party in Las Vegas

Vanity Nightclub @ The Hard Rock Hotel

What are you in Vegas for? Probably a little fun, a little alcohol and a lot of forgetting your worries and cares, your best friends Bachelorette Party?.....right? It's appropriate then, that the nightclub you'll want to paint the town red at is called VANITY. It's a nightclub on an epic scale, in a hotel on an epic scale, in a town definitely on an epic scale. Vanity makes full use of its 14,000 square feet with indoor and outdoor spaces. Inside you'll find a sunken dance floor, two marble bars, and no less than 50 intimate VIP booths for a more private setting.

we recommend hitting up the sunken in dance floor where you’ll find a glowing halo chandelier overhead. And on any given night you could be shaking it to house music or hip hop. No matter what’s spilling out of the speakers, Vanity Nightclub hires on-point DJs like Pauly D. If you get a little hot from all that dancing, make your way outside to the Vanity Nightclub patio where you’ll dry off and catch glimpses of the magnificent Hard Rock Hotel pool complex where you can dream about attending Rehab that coming Sunday.

Now ladies, definitely take those group trips to the powder room–both to reapply lipstick and snap obligatory bathroom shots. The ladies room was featured on the top 5 Bathrooms of the world on TV recently. The Ladies wash room is designed like a glam boudoir and features a white backdrop and rich red velvet stools, illuminated mirrors and gold accents. Let the posing and the mobile uploading ensue.


Best Value Nightclub for Bachelorette Party:

Gallery Nightclub @ Planet Hollywood Hotel

Gallery Nightclub / Pussycat Lounge is one of the newest, hottest clubs on the Strip. Since it’s opening in the Spring of 2011, Gallery has been churning out one celebrity appearance after another, including everyone from reality stars, to athletes and musicians, but the real draw to this club is the actual space itself. The 20,000 square foot club space is all about the sexy overload. The concept behind Gallery’s design was to make its original art and photography exhibits the main decorations around the club. Each installation is inspired by the sex appeal of the flapper generation of the 20’s all the way back to the decadence and debauchery of the renaissance. Even the ceilings and the walls are designed to simulate a Parisian opera house in all of its opulence.

Massive glass fireplaces are found throughout the club lit only by subtle candle light. There are three main rooms to the nightclub, and each one has a different mood, with sexy surprises around every corner. The dark and gothic inspired Red Room has 3D framed pictures that reach out to guests in hopes of being part of the action, and is one of the first interactive nightclub decorations. The sexy Gold Room houses an oversized champagne glass in which dancers perform provocative strip teases in the burlesque fashion and bathes club goers in sexy gold lighting.

The main attraction is the main room, however, with its sprawling dance floor, large VIP booths (below) two wrap around bars and elevated state of the art DJ booth.

While music is always one of the main attractions of a nightclub, Gallery also has a brothel of voyeuristic go-go dancers punctuating the rooms on elevated platforms, complete with masks and sexy lingerie, as well as acrobats who fly through the air above the dance floor in nets and satin ropes. Think, the sexiness and energy of Moulin Rogue meets the modern technology and glamour of Las Vegas, and you have Gallery.

So why is Gallery our choice for the best Value? They love groups of women and offer up the best deals of all the venues to draw them in. Contact us we can show you the pricing difference and help put together the most amazing night that fits right into your groups budget!


Best Overall Club

Surrender Nightclub @ The Encore Hotel

This had to be one of the toughest choices for us……. We have always leaned towards XS Nightclub at the Encore as being our top choice, that’s until the Surrender Nightclub opened their doors! Think of it as XS nightclub, downsized. Ok, is bigger always better? Well it depends, step outside of Surrender nightclub and you are now enjoying Encore Beach club, but the nightlife version….Yes just like XS, Surrender incorporates the pool into the nightclub however that’s where the difference ends. Surrender has lighting effects around the whole pool and even a miniature Ballagio water fountain show in the middle of the pool pulsating the the beats of the DJ’s which are throwing down the tunes. We are recommending Surrender for the Spring to early Fall months……. While the evening temperatures are sitting between 75 and 98 degrees. You see, when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, they were given just one rule: Don’t eat the apples. The parable has been replayed millions of times in every facet of life: Don’t take cookies from the cookie jar; don’t sit too close to the TV; don’t touch that you’ll go blind … well, you get the idea. Forbidden fruit is dangled in front of you all the time at Surrender nightclub. Here the fruit is an expansive pool that party-goers dance and socialize around all night long.

The green-eyed snake that hangs behind one of the three bars reminds of us of the temptation. But, with the exception of a Thursday night pool party, no matter how warm it is during Vegas’ summer nights, the warning that Adam and Eve had applies to Surrender clubgoers: Don’t touch the forbidden fruit. Now, if you can get past the temptation of jumping in that gorgeous pool, there are a lot of other enticing amenities you can surrender to at the club. The first is a laid-back vibe that can be hard to come by at the über-swanky Encore and its sister property Wynn Las Vegas. At Surrender, it is actually OK to enjoy yourself without feeling the need to get overly dressed up. That doesn’t mean shorts and flip-flops are in order, but ladies feel free to wear stylish jeans without looking out of place.

Because of Surrender's expansive exterior, the interior club space often gets overlooked. Most people will elect to stay outside and party, but they'll miss out on the décor and shorter bar lines inside. The inside portion of the club is only 5,000 square feet with about a dozen VIP booths adorned with their own stripper poles. The aforementioned green-eyed snake peers at partiers from behind the bar and four oddly-placed figures of women, who appear to be diving, hang at the top of the opposite wall. While the pool may be off limits, the cabanas and bungalows are not. These apartment-like units can be reserved and help keep this outdoor party going with bottle service and a dance-wherever-you-feel-like-it vibe. So when you do get tempted by Surrender be sure you know what day it is, because while you may nibble on the forbidden fruit on Thursdays, you can only look at it every other night.

Insider tip: There is no bigger buzz kill then having to wait in line at the peak of your partying. Take our advice on this are going to want a table! Inside tables are great, our favorite are right outside. You can even reserve a poolside daybed or even a cabana for the larger groups that want the thrill of the club but want to keep the party to themselves.

Best Strip Club / Male Review

Men Of Sapphire

Ladies you're in luck! Las Vegas is home of not one, not two but five Male review shows for you to choose from. We've all had to sit in each of the shows,, so that we can give a fair review for you. Of all the shows, the best value, most entertaining and most comfortable show in town is hands down The Men of Sapphire Male review. Why you ask? Most of the male review show are more like "production shows" you purchase a ticket, sit at banquet tables in uncomfortable seats to watch a show that's more like a Broadway production. The Men of Sapphires show, has you sitting in individual couch like chairs in a showroom where the stage is almost as big as the seating areas. The Dancers are not only good looking but talented and unlike the rest of the shows in town where the show starts at a certain time and ends at a certain time, this show when the dancer is not on stage performing , he's out in the crowd mingeling, taking pictures and offering private dances for the girls! Ladies you can't get that at that Aussie down under show ;-)


Best Strip Club ( Female)

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club

Ahhhhh our favorite topic…Best Strip Club! Reviewing Strip clubs is definitely and occupational hazard, how so? While maintaining strict professionalism we have to experience these venues first hand. We sit on the couches, order drinks at the bar and yes even have to experience the service and hospitality of the employees and entertainers, again……. it’s a job and we are maintaining the strictest of professionalism. Like fine wine connoisseurs, we just taste and spit. Ahem er ok… back to the reviews. We have found treasures to be the opulent temple of strip clubs. This free standing building just looks sexy from the outside, and once you enter the doors, you’re always greeted by a friendly staff. Oh wait what is this? They have a 5 star Steak house as well? Now we’re talking. Guys, this is the perfect start for a perfect Bachelor Party! Have your Limo drop you off at the and enjoy a man-size Porterhouse steak and Lobster tail with a nice glass of wine, finish off your meal with a cognac and Cigar.

Then for desert… ( . ) ( . ) the girls of Treasures! Everywhere you look, you see bountiful beauties every flavor you can imagine…it’s a Baskin Robins of Silicon, Saline and au natural…….. This is not your seedy, hidden in the dark corner of the local strip mall venue…..the attention to detail inside the venue as well as the surrounding area makes Treasures our top choice in Las Vegas. Insider tip: Never take a Taxi or hotel Limo to any Gentlemen’s clubs in town. The clubs pay these drivers healthy per head ransoms for bringing you to their venue and they get paid from your cover charge sometimes up to $75.00 per person!

Best Casino Lounge for a Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas:

You certainly have your pick when it comes to hotel bars in Las Vegas. But there’s one that has a little more to offer than your standard cocktail and lounge singers. Start the party at  The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. More specifically at Bond. With no cover charge this lounge has the characteristics of a nightclub complete with state of the art lighting and DJ sounds.

There’s much to marvel over at Bond. But first grab a signature cocktail, my personal favorite....The Berry Long Island, which comes complete with a gummy bear. nearly the entire space is outfitted in LED art and cascading feather chandeliers. It’s downright amazing. Over the bar is a massive light fixture with prisms hanging so low that they almost touch the top shelf booze. You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into an electric (pink) dream as the place plays some of the most memorable dance beats ever. And almost every time you show up, there’s a DJ spinning.

Consider this spot an upgraded lounge with club vibe, but minus the lines, the cover and any pretension. The crowd is a mix, so you never know who (or what ) you’ll see. But it’s a welcoming crowd who’s into having fun, sipping cocktails, chatting you up and getting a moderate grove on. Back to the design, it’s really outrageous and if you look up you’ll spot decked out go-go’s shaking it in overhead boxes. Floor to ceiling windows make the Strip visible, so there’s none of the “trapped” feeling. Bond is one of those places that you can end up spending the whole night–it’s just that fantastic.

Let us know some of your great bachelorette party ideas for Vegas and we will spread the word to others! Have a great time for your last night out!