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Bachelorette Parties


Over the last two decades, the bachelorette party has grown in popularity and have created excitement for the girls that are lucky enough to be invited to the last night out, prior to the bride-to-be’s move from singlehood to married, with her new job in taking care of her man-child. There is a lot of curiosity to those first-timers at bachelorette parties on what to expect, as well as the veteran divas & bridesmaids, who dead-set to out-do their last girls last night out. We thought it would be fun to give you some fun and useful information on what we have heard and learned after helping plan over 300,000 over the last over 20 years of supplying Bachelorette Party Supplies, Favors, Ideas and more (yes, really over three hundred thousand) bachelorette parties, even having helped in working with some TV and Film productions for planning parties, and trust us we have witnessed and heard of some of the most outrageous bachelorette parties, both bad and good.  Hopefully some of these helpful tips can be incorporated into your planning for every aspect of the party!! Just remember this party is about the Bride to Be, so keep in mind the bachelorette to make this night something she will always remember.  (in a good way :-) )  Oh, and don't forget the discount Bachelorette Party Favors and Supplies!!

Bachelorette PartiesWhere the fun begins - When first finding out about your bride-to-be’s big Bachelorette Party, it is always a good idea to get as many of the girls together and plan the “when and where.” It's a good idea, even if you are planning most of this as a surprise, to get a list of names of all those girls who will be attending.  Let's face it, unfortunately the can be friends that, well - the bride just might not want to include - ah can we say "Drama"??  Once all the names are confirmed, now its time to send out a notice - the longer out from the bachelorette party, is usually easier - less commitments for the guest of honor, and tring to find a date where 'everyone' can make it is hard, but try to confirm a date where the most can come. Now is the perfect time to figure out if this is to be a Destination Bachelorette Party, house party for a night, a weekend away (Maybe Vegas?), but whatever is decided, make sure that it will be good with the Bride to Be - remember it is a party for Her!    Once that decision is made, the celebration is On its Way!  Just remember money is always a big topic and issue, some have and others might not, so it is always good to not only keep that in mind, but make sure that issued is addressed, so that you dont have any surprises or drama.  There are so many fun ideas and destinations, and no matter where or how you decide to do the bachelorette party, again the focus should always be on the bride, and the night is about an amazing Girls Night Out!!

Home Party or Away Party - So, the names of those attending the shin-dig are confirmed, now it's time to plan the Bachelorette Party and decisions - will it be Home or Away??  Can the Bride to Be and all or at least most of the girls get-away - both with time away and usually the bigger issue - can they afford the cost??  Are you and the other girls going to cover costs for her or does she pay her own way, big questions to think about before starting to plan.  Again, like anything else, usually you can save if those decisions are made early and booked way in advance.  Hotels, airline tickets, limos, male (or female) strippers, etc are usually much less expensive if booked way in advance, and sometimes you can even call and get group discounts!  If you decide on the Away, just make sure to give enough time for everyone to have enough time to plan with family, significant other, school, work, etc.  Just know, no matter what you decide you are going to have an amazing time celebrating. 

Sassy or Classy - Bachelorette parties that miss the mark of the bride-to-be’s personality can be ar real bummer for the lady of the night, so make sure you have her in mind when planning out the festivities. Not always a good idea to embarrass her if she is the one who has a prim and proper personality, but on the other end, don’t plan a frilly 'tea party' bachelorette party for your wild child bride who wants to have a memorable and crazy time. Bachelorette Party Supplies and Favors can really help get the day, night, weekend moving so don't forget all the great Discount Games, Candy, Decorations, and Favors. Any ideas can be molded around the personality of the bride, including the entertainment. It's also a good idea to know prior if you will have any under 21, as that can limit where you can go, and the last thing you would want is to have the night all planned and then an ID or two preventing that from happening!!

Mix it Up - Just like anything in life, have a little of everything can make for a memorable party. Bachelorette Parties that include pampering, food, entertainment, and a few drinks usually hit the mark.Ok, lets start with manicures and pedicures, moving to an amazing dinner and drinks, following by some entertainment (whether, clubbing, concerts, scavenger hunts, strippers, dancers, etc.)  Then there are those bachelorette parties that just want to jump into the party, and heck with the formalities - jump into a limo and head straight to the first destination for some drinks and libations and get this party started!!  There is no 'Right Way', and sometimes the more crazy it shoulds - the more fun you and and the bachelorette will have. We have always found that starting the party early with some drinks, socializing and ice breakers are always fun and a great way to get things going and the party will define itself!

Games and more Games - Picking up and bringing some Bachelorette Party Games to to girls night out is a great tradition and definitely helps make for some of the best memories between friends along with incorporating those who might not know each other prior to the event.. There are a wide selection of games to bring that make the night special and entertaining. Make sure to figure out if you are having a mild or wild party prior to picking the games, but just know once some 'drinks' get flowing you will be amazed how some 'come out of their shell', so always good to toss in some naughty stuff - you will be happy you did!! . Some of our favorites and those that have been tried and tested might include: How Well do You Know the Bride/Bachelorette, Pecker Toss, Pin the Macho on the Man Duelling Dickies, Did You Ever Would You Ever,  and so many more great Discount Bachelorette Party Games.  You can also find a ton of Free game ideas on the site along side the games that are all pre-paired and ready to make some memories!! Take some of the fun games you can do yourself, like creative games where you can make a male anatomy item out of some type of food or art device (i.e., clay or pens). Get the girls who are planning the event together and check out our wide selection of bachelorette party games which will save you money as well as the other excellent creative ideas. Also, if a home party the games can be much different than those other that incorporate other people along way, like scavenger hunts and dare game.  If its an Away party,  take some games that will fit in your purse or that are easily transportable.  Many of the bachelorette party games are great to take to bars and clubs, getting everyone around involved, there are even some fun award ribbons and prize gifts you can pick up for the winner or to give to those participating!! . There are other excellent and fun games that can also act as decorations for your bachelorette parties so you get 2 in 1 usage of the item. Try to get everyone to participate but just remember many times you might have those that don’t want to play, and no reason to force them!  Different types and styles of bachelorette games is always a good idea, just makes it so usually everyone, at some point, will participate.

Spirit of Bachelorette Parties - There is nothing like walking into a party with loads of bachelorette party decorations and favors to help liven up the room for the girls, and whether it is decorating the house, a hotel room, restaurant or bar, it can completely change the mood of the party!!. The bride to be will definitely feel special as she gets to experience all the fun additions like - streamers, caution tape, table decorations and so much more, all the little fun items for the girls to enjoy. There are tons of great bachelorette party items that are not the typical decorations that you can do to spruce up the Girls Night Out, some you can make yourself or make them interactive for the girls to write or decorate with, then others are fun things normally used in the party but make great decor for the event, take the Bachelorette Party Blow Up Dolls,  It doesn't matter whether its a LGBT Bachelorette Party or not, there are fun additions you can pick up for the night. 

Party Edibles - One of the thing that have become so popular at parties are the fun adult style food and candy additions.  Unlike years ago, so many companies now make the cutest and craziest Bachelorette Party Candy and Food items, including just about anything you might need to prepare a fun treat for the soon to be bride and all the girls.  They have boob & pecker cake pans, cookie cutters, trays, boob penis ice cube molds & jello shot molds, and every type of boob and penis shaped candy - like boob and pecker bites, gummy peckers & boobs, and anything else you can imagine.  They have pecker pasta if you are looking to make some fun carbs either hot or cold, then pop the finished product on to some bachelorette party plates, with trivia napkins & cups to complete the tableware.  If you decide to make it a slight be more sophisticated, why not pick up some penis wine charms, pecker cocktail picks & stirrers, then toss in some drink items like all the crazy penis shaped sippers and shot glasses and even a pecker shaped Coctail Shaker!!  There are so many ways to help accent the party and make it your own along with some fun and tasty bachelorette treats. They even have fun edible bachelorette party gifts like the Candy G-String, Gummy Crotchless Panties, Candy Bra, Gummy Handcuffs, Edible Boob Pasties even Edible Paints - all are so much fun to give to the Bride to Be as send off gifts for her new adventures!

Who is Driving - Transportation for bachelorette parties is an important item to make sure you have good and planned out early, especially if you are renting a limo or party bus, or just grabbing an Uber / Lift or two!!. Even if you are having a sober driver cruise for the night and/or drop everyone off at the end of the Bachelorette Party, its a good idea to get someone to commit early and to know they are tasked with, an appreciated responsibility. So if you plan to hire a Bachelorette Party Limousine, its a good idea to plan early and call around, and the added bonus is that usually those limo rates are cheaper the earlier you plan - the last minute decisions to grab a limo can really set you back compared to reserving early!!.  When calling for the Limo, try and get as much information as possible.  It's a good idea to have an tenative itinerary so you can provide what you want from the limousine company, just to make sure there are no hidden surprises (i.e., higher rates if you end up wanting the limo for extra time and end up going over your 'reserved' time, drinks/food in the limo - if any items are included or if there are any limitations of you bringing your own Bachelorette Party Supplies, how they work limo drop-offs and pick-ups - do you have to call prior or do they just wait.  It's always best to get all the girls involved with the cost, and get commitments and approval from all the girls if the cost is going to be split amoungst them.  Remember most limo companies do not include a tip for the driver, so make sure to include that cost when figuring it out.  Just like with what we recommend for purchasing gifts, meals, drinks, and all the Bachelorette Party Favors, we suggest get a resonable total for the girls and try your best to get the money Prior to the party - just ends up saving that uncomfortable collection and almost always shortage on the day of the event!!   If you 'work' it way in advance of the Bachelorette Party, you will be glad you did!

What is the Entertainment? - Bachelorette parties in the past stereotypically included a male stripper / dancer or all the girls heading to a male review show or club at some point during the evening / weekend. This tradition followed the always controversial Bachelor party strippers of old.  The world has come a long way since then, and now there are tons of places throughout the US that have Male Review shows for women, so its not just having to have a male stripper show up to your bachelorette party, you and all the girls can head out to see them perform, and hopefully get a cameo for the bride to be!!  This can be a sore subject and some soon to be brides might completely object to the thought of male or female strippers, so even though all the girls might want that, make sure to fully take into account the guest of honors!!  Now if you are sure it is a good idea and decide on it, good for you!!  There are more and more options available and whether you are heading to a strip club or having someone visit the party, it is best to do your homework and not just - last minute start making calls.  Now we are progressive, so whether it be a Male or Female Stripper or you are heading out to a Male Review or Female Strip Club, you can get great treatment and better rates on the event if you plan early.  IF you are hiring a male of female stripper to come to a house, hotel, etc.. the earlier you plan the more likely you will get a choice of the type of guy or girl and usually the rates are much less if planed out weeks in advance.  Most calls we get and the agencies are those who are last minute planning, some even on the day of the event, and trust us the companies get a premium for those last minute calls and you usually have either no choice or not much choice of what or who is coming!!  We do our best to find companies that have been in the business for some time and not just some guy who is moonlighting and has his own part time business, most have a list of male and female exotic entertainers to choose from and operate their companies as a business.  If you are planning to hit one of the many female or male review shows, again always best to plan and get your tickets well in advance.  Many of the venues love to get big parties of girls and many times if you call in for the bachelorette party, you can get discounts and even arrange to get special tables or even to have them get your Bride to Be up on stage.  We have long standing relations with all the companies on the site, so feel free to let them know sent you and many times you might even get some extra nice treatment.  Feel free to visit the pages we have set up for individual states to help find Bachelorette Party Strippers & Exotic Dancers along with our locations and ideas pages to find clubs, reviews, strippers, dancers, exotic dance & pole dancing lessons, and so much more!

Final Words of Wisdom! - The most important point for the Bachelorette Partu is to make sure the bride-to-be is the focus and that you take into account all her wishes of what she is looking for in a girls last night out party. All too often the girls who plan the party, make the party all about what they want, with the bride-to-be’s needs coming second or not even taking her desires into account - Bad Idea!  Have a few conversations with her in finding out what type of party she wants, where she would like to go, and then find out her likes and dislikes of ones she has been on or heard about and try to avoid them all.  You can still making ot a surprise Last Night Out - remember Its about HER!  Another huge thing to keep in mind, drinking is ususally a given at the Bachelorette Party, so make sure to keep an eye on the Bride-to-Be  and all the girls so that they can remember the party, getting buzzed is fun but sloppy drunk, not so much!! It is always wise to have a bachelorette monitor who takes care of making sure the bride-to-be has a good time but is not going to be visiting the porcelain goddess.. We want to make sure the bachelorette can remember her party and doesn’t end up like The Hangover.

Let us know your thoughts as we would enjoy providing them to others. We also enjoy feedback so please email us.