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Musicals and Shows

Musicals and Plays have become a much more popular event for a bachelorette party. There are so many musicals and plays that will make an memorable time for the bride-to-be and her bachelorettes! Below we have listed some of the top bachelorette party musicals that will get you to put on your dancing shoes and sing at the top of your lungs while you and the girls have a great time!


Click Here!The Full Monty - Los Angeles 3rd Street
The Full Monty, a musical version of the 1997 film of the same name, follows six unemployed Buffalo steelworkers frustrated with money, women, and life without a paycheck. Determined to be the best Chippendale-style strippers Buffalo, NY has ever seen. The Full Monty isn't just about showing off the outside; it's what's on the inside that counts. This show is the perfect girls' night out.

They can tailor the show by giving preferred seating, incorporating the name of your party or bride-to-be into the show, and giving the ladies the most up close and personal introduction to the men of Monty! Tickets are on sale at Show Clix. For Girls' Night Out, simply use the promo code GIRLS and receive the 20% discount off tickets (groups of 6 or more). To guarantee your seats are together, either purchase tickets together online, or call the box office at 323-655-9232.


Seeing a bachelorette party musical or show is a wonderful experience during your last night out. It is a great way to start the evening with dinner, attend one of your favorite musicals or shows and then go out to a bar or nightclub after the show lets out for the dessert of the evening. When choosing the right bachelorette party musical and entertainment, it is important to take into consideration such ideas as the following:

1) Does the bachelorette want to see a musical and enjoy musicals? It is important to plan the last night out around the interests of the girl in the spotlight for the evening.

2) What type of musicals are her favorite? The musicals and shows listed above are made for bachelorette parties to enjoy and really cater to our audience. Many are interactive and allow you to sing along which makes them even more fun for all! See what again interests the bachelorette unless you want to surprise her.

3) What is included? Find out what is included with the musical or show. Do they allow drinking in the theater? Food? Do they have bachelorette party favors they give out? All of these are important when planning the right entertainment for the bride-to-be and her divas. We have tons of economical bachelorette party favors you can bring with you as well.

4) How long is the performance and where is it? It is important to plan the logistics in how you will get there and when you need to arrive. In addition, what are you planning on doing after the show is over? Everyone will be amped after a fun performance! After seeing a show or musical like the ones listed above, it is fun to attend a Karaoke bar after and make your own performances.

5) Group discounts. Call the theater and see what is included and let them know your group size. In this economy, you can get great deals out there.

6) Plan early. After making the decision to go to a bachelorette party show or musical, make sure to contact the theater early in making sure they have the dates and times you need for your show.

7) Anything special for the bachelorette? Many of these shows will treat the bachelorette and her divas like royalty. See what they have to offer you and the girls.

8) Money up front. Don't be a collections agency when arriving at the show which is a drag for you. Have everyone pay in advance so you are not worrying about who did and did not pay during the party.

9) The night is what you make of it. Have some fun an make sure to liven up the girls with some screaming, singing and being carefree. They will feed off of you and it will spark the evening of fun.

10) Take Pictures. Make sure someone has their iPhone or a digital camera for some excellent shots of the group. Nothing embarrassing but get those shots that would make memories of a lifetime.

We hope these bachelorette party musical ideas help in planning your party. Let us know if you have any wonderful ideas to share as we area always here to help. Check out our lipstick navigation to order some fun bachelorette party supplies which makes any show that much more enjoyable!


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