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Bachelorette Party Ideas - Halloween

Bachelorette Party Halloween - 2017

Bachelorette Party Ideas
What better fun than to have an October filled with Halloween and a fabulous Bachelorette Party with your friends. Below we have listed some of great bachelorette party ideas to make your party a success for a Bachelorette Party 2017!

To start, finances are usually an issue, so it's totally understandable to watch what you spend. That is why we here at Bachelorette Party have done everything we can to get you the best in discount Bachelor & Bachelorette Party supplies!!.  After checking out this section, feel free to browse our super cheap bachelorette party favors & supplies, everything you will need to host a great girls night out!

Bachelorette Party Picture of the Month:
During October, what is better than some male strippers all dressed up in fantasy clothing! A festive way to celebrate the month and holiday Bachelorette Party is to have a male stripper dancer come all dressed up in a costume for Halloween, its can be fun to help pick out the attire you have him dressed in to surprise the Bride to Be! Another great idea that always lends some laughs would be to pick up a bachelorette party blow up doll , then dress him (it) up in costume or as the brides favorite rock star or celebrity!

Drop us an email us at with your own bachelorette party pictures we can place up on the site and give you credit!

Drink of the Month:
Bachelorette Party Smashing Pumpkin- For the bachelorette party Halloween season, check out the smashing pumpkin shot that will have the girls go bridezilla on you!

1/3-1/2 ounce Kahlua
1/3 ounce Baileys Irish Cream
1/3 ounce goldschlager
Cinnamon (optional)

Add Bailey's, Goldschlager and Kahlua to an ice filled Penis Cocktail Shaker & shake gently, then pour this beautiful shot into a bachelorette party shot glass. You can ignite the shot by adding a little 151 to the top and sprinkle cinnamon on the flame to "cook" and for a cool effect. Blow out and serve. Just make sure to have a sober driver or limousine company if you are drinking these. Check out our bachelorette party drinks page for more bachelor party beverage ideas.

Bachelorette Party HalloweenEntertainment Idea of the Month: October

Take the Bride to Be and all the girls to a haunted house or haunted attractiont, always nice to start off the night with a little scare to your bridesmaids during the month of macabre. Another fun way to celebrate the bachelorette party in October would be to get everyone attending to dress up in their favorite costume, set up a theme, everyone come in their bad bridesmaid dresses, playboy bunnies, remake your favorite movie stars, or maybe get into the Halloween spirit and become your own version of the Walking Dead or Thriller Video gals, whatever you decide, just make it a night everyone wont soon forget!!


Bachelorette Party Movie of the Month:
There is nothing finer than a horror flick during the month of October. We suggest a funny horror flick to not get the party too intense. Our Bachelorette Party Movie, well how could it be anything other than Twilight??  And if you are looking for a little throw back to the 80s, how about try The Lost Boys,w/ Keifer Southerland, Jason Patric, Jamie Gertz and a host of others. Some of the other greaat Horror Movies:  The Hunger, Bram Stokers Dracula, American Werewolf in London, Jennifer's Body, Daughters of Darkness, Interview with the Vampire, Cabin in the Woods, Nina Forever, Videodrome, Under the Skin, Spring, or even Cat People.You can also go for more just plain ole horror movies like The Exoricist, The Shining, Halloween, Rosemary's Baby, Poltergeist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Or if you are looking for more traditional bachelorette party movie ideas, check out our bachelorette party movies comprehensive list!!

Bachelorette Party Idea of the Month:
As we mentioned above, have fun with the Halloween season, a great way to set the mood for the bachelorette party is to have all the girls dress up in their "sexist" 'and then find an exotic dance lesson instructor to teach the girls a thing or two about the art of seduction, and in some states we've even found locations for both Pole Dancing and Exotic Dance instruction! Or, another idea is to get all primped up then have some hunky Male Stripper or visit one of the many Male Shows & Review around town.  You can be sure when all dressed up in your sexiest to hit the town, you will definitely get some attention, hit up a few bars or clubs but most of all - just have fun!  We've tried to make it easy for you to find, so we are always updating our list of great Male Dancers whether for hire or to head out to a show on our Male Stripper / Bachelorette Party Male Review Show Section!

Bachelorette Party Game of the Month:
Our favorite bachelorette party game for fall is the bachelorette party Boobie Cone Dare Spinner. This cute little discount bachelorette game makes the local men spin the spinners to see what they need to do to impress you and your friends. Will they buy a drink for your friends, by the bachelorette a shot, sing a love song and much, much more! This is one of our favorite games and will be loads of fun for you and the girls!

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