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Healthy Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party TipsThere are so many ways to have a bachelorette party and have a fun and memorable time with your girls. The first planning questions are always; when will we have the last night out, where will the bachelorette party location be and what bachelorette party entertainment are we planning on having.

Will it be your classic bachelorette party with great food and drink along with a bachelorette party male dancer or are you and the bridesmaids in store for a change? If you are looking for a new bachelorette party craze, then you have come to the right place. After helping plan more than 50,000 bachelorette parties from our site, we see the trend to be having what we term as a Healthy Bachelorette Party as we have listed below:

Start the afternoon off early and take everyone to a session of Yoga or the new trend of exotic dance lessons. Starting the bachelorette party off this way is great as it releases toxins, gets some exercise in and will make everyone feel alive for the last night out party plans later. Make sure you are only spending an hour with Yoga and with the exotic dance lessons, you ask the place what they have since sometimes they have packages that also include drinks, dress up and videotaping for a keepsake!

Start the late afternoon or early evening off with a healthy snack at a place that serves tapas (a place having a wide variety of appetizers or snacks) and a favorite bachelorette party drink of choice. This would be the meet and greet place and can be anywhere from an away restaurant, party limousine or a house party. Make sure the appetizers are healthy snacks of fresh fruit, sushi, cucumber finger sandwiches. Anything that will provide more protein and less carbs so your friends don't get tired to start off the festivities.

Our chill and healthy bachelorettes can then move on to a session of wine tasting or to a spa for the remainder of the evening in getting pampered and enjoying the day of health and relaxation. Those that want a little more upbeat bachelorette party planning can move on to your favorite bar, nightclub or party place that has dancing, drinking and some of your favorite entertainment.

Other great chill ideas are:

  • Go for a nice massage

  • Go hiking with the girls

  • Get a manicure and pedicure

  • Run and all train for a triathlon

  • Spend the entire day at a Spa of choice

  • Go to a favorite concert but bring or eat healthy snacks

  • Have drinks made with fruit; even if alcoholic drinks are served

  • Go to a gym aerobic class of choice to start off the bachelorette party

  • Make sure to reduce the amount of drinks consumed (other than water)

  • Make a beach day out of the bachelorette party but bring enough water and sunscreen

There is nothing like leaving a bachelorette party, feeling like you actually lost weight and feel energized than coming back with a hangover and feeling like you overate. At some point, it is fun to experience both types of parties in having a balance to life events. We hope you enjoy our Healthy Bachelorette Party Information and would love to hear your ideas at

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