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Bachelorette Party Drinking Tips

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When thinking about having a bachelorette party, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is of crazy times with a multiple drinks in hand during the evening.

Bachelorette Party Drinking TipsIf you will be drinking, which is common place and almost synonymous with a bachelorette party, keep an eye on just how much you drink. Try not to let it get out of hand and don’t let anyone that has been drinking drive. Take their keys if you have to. We know a person that takes keys from each bachelorette when they arrive, just in case. Have one bachelorette stay sober if you can and offer to drive those bachelorettes home who may be too intoxicated to drive. If not, have a designated place for them to spend the night or call them a taxi. We always suggest a bachelorette party limousine which will help keep everyone safe and have the divas roll in style!

Naturally, you want all of your guests to enjoy the bachelorette party, but you don't want them to overdo it and put themselves and others in danger by drinking too much, or ruining the party. Here are our 7 Bachelorette Party Drinking Rules to stay safe and have fun:

Rule 1

Don't over-drink yourself – You should be in control of the bachelorette party at all times while still having a raging time - A great way to pace yourself is to drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks. If looking for some fun bachelorette drink items, check out the party drink supplies below:

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Rule 2

Don’t give in to peer pressure - There is always one bachelorette that pushes others to drink large. Make sure those with reason calm this diva from pushing too hard on the others without sounding like a party pooper.


Rule 3

Let your guests know in advance whether you will be serving alcohol, or letting guests bring their own, so they can plan on a designated driver or other way home - This information should go in the invitations along with the phone number of your local taxi service, in case they become too inebriated to drive themselves.

Rule 4

Have at least one bachelorette keep a close eye on the drinking, don't let it get out of hand - See if you can get one of your friends that is a responsible, non-drinker to act as a "drink supervisor" and watch for problem drinkers. Deal with problem drinkers quickly, either by cutting them off or sending them home, so they don't ruin the party for everyone else. There is also the next day factor which is that you don’t want to be the person ending up on someone’s facebook or twitter, face down on the table or dance floor, let alone taking a spring break type picture that gets posted on the internet for all to see.

Rule 5

Be sure to have plenty of food is available - Eating food, particularly high-protein and carb foods, like bread, cheese and meats, slows down the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol. Alcohol tends to be absorbed by the body much faster when combined with a carbonated beverages such as diet cola, soda water or ginger ale. Don't mix alcohol with energy drinks thinking that will keep your guests from getting drunk. It's a bad combination, as new scientific studies have shown. The energy drinks themselves have been found to possibly cause heart damage. If you are going to have a bachelorette party energy alcoholic drink, only make it one for the evening.

Rule 6

Stop serving alcohol at least one hour before you think the party will break up - This will give your bachelorettes some time to sober up. Those who have been drinking a lot should be allowed to stay until they are sober. If you believe that anyone is too intoxicated to drive themselves home, see if anyone else is willing to drive them home or back to the house or hotel you are all staying at. If not you can either drive them home yourself, call a taxi for them or let them spend the night at your house.

Rule 7

Don't let anyone that has been drinking drive - Have one person stay sober and offer to drive those people home who may be too intoxicated to drive. Have some extra cash on hand and the telephone number to a local taxi company in case anyone is too intoxicated to drive themselves home. Take their car keys if necessary.

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