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Bachelorette Party Location Ideas Checklist

Bachelorette Party Destination Checklist
Choosing the bachelorette party destination is one of the first steps in planning your memorable time with the girls. Below we have given you a checklist to go over in deciding what is the best bachelorette party location to have the Last Night Out. We hope you find this Bachelorette Party Destination Checklist helpful in deciding where the party will be:

  • Where does the bachelorette want to have the party?
  • How many girls are attending the bachelorette party?
  • Where are the girls located and how hard will it be for them to get to the party?
  • How much will it cost per girl to go as there may be financial issues with some?
  • Does someone need to front the money? Do you have enough to put the down payments or organize for everyone to pay up front?
  • Who is paying for the bachelorette party? Are all girls chipping in for the bachelorette?
  • How much time is left to plan for the Last Night Out?
  • Is everyone over 21?
  • Is there a need to get transportation?
  • If it is out of country (i.e., Mexico, Europe, etc) does everyone have enough time to get their passports?

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We hope these bachelorette party checklist suggestions help in having you think about where your party will be. Check out or bachelorette party entertainment ideas and location ideas pages to get more ideas on where you want your destination to be. Have a great time at your bachelorette party.

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