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Bachelorette Party Tips

Bachelorette Party TipsThe Do’s and Don’ts of any last night out! - Get ready for the fun at you or your friend’s bachelorette party this season. Before the big last night out, there are some basic social rules to go over in making sure your rock star party ends up on the memorable list:

Dress the Part – Get all sassy’d up to make your presence known at you or your friend’s bachelorette party! It is great to have all the girls dress in uniform, whether all in black, red or in a theme like sixties, disco, playmates, etc. Let the girls know ASAP so they can plan ahead and have fun coming up with the costumes! Check out our bachelorette party themes.

Comfy Clothing – No matter what you wear, just make sure it is comfortable so you have an enjoyable time. There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable heels, too tight of clothing that cuts off circulation or an itchy blouse. Plan ahead and party in comfort!

Credit Cards and/or Cash – Don’t be a panhandler by making sure you have some funds to bring to the bachelorette party. It is a downer when friends have to cover you (unless you don’t have the funds and someone can cover you, knowing prior to the party). Find out what is included in the festivities prior to the party to figure out what you should bring as well as a credit card just in case.

Get the VIP Treatment – Discounts are plenty in this economy as well as receiving primo treatment for your business! Make sure to call in advance to any venue or entertainment company and let them know what you want or what the company can provide your bachelorette party to see who wins your business.

Less is More – Watch what you bring, especially if you are drinking. Don’t bring a purse that includes the kitchen sink. Bring only the necessities and you will be less concerned about losing your favorite Coach or Gucci leather accessory pouch.

Smell Nice – Make a great first impression by smelling the part. Make sure not to forget deodorant or perfume (but not too much). Bring a mini perfume bottle just in case one of the girls forgets to take this advice. Mints are also a must, especially if you are going out to eat!

Re-Glamorize – Bring the essentials of beauty with you during your last night out, especially if you are out of town or blazing on a dance floor. There is nothing like a basic touch up a few hours into the bachelorette party which will make you glow once again! Bring enough for those who forget and need a tune-up.

Decorations, Supplies and Games – Make the party festive and interesting with bachelorette party decorations, supplies and bachelorette party games. Plan as early as possible and you can find great deals or make your own bachelorette party decorations to add glam to any last night out!

These basic tips can save the night from being a bachelorette blunder. Enjoy the party and spread the word on how to optimize your festivities. Next issue will uncover how to stay away from party fouls of bachelorettehood.

Don’t Drink and Drive – This is the most important of all the blunders. No one wants to have a memorable time that includes a totaled car, DUI, and possible injuries. Make sure to plan ahead with sober drivers, a taxi, party bus or limousine! You will have a more enjoyable party without the worry.

Cellularitis – Friends don’t let friends stay on cell phones for the majority of the party. Whether you are speaking to our boyfriend, husband, sorority sister or grandma Roselyn, make sure to be sensitive to being present with your friends at the party and not in cellular hell. It is a turnoff to those party-goers around you and also rude. Have fun in the moment with the other bachelorettes and focus on the bride-to-be (unless she is the one on the phone).

Show that Beautiful Face – If you are wearing costumes for the bachelorette party, make sure they are not covering up your pretty faces! The last thing you want to be looking like is “The Thing”. Choose a costume that gives some sassy appeal, even if in funny outfits. It is always fun to get looks that are amusing and positive without those that are embarrassing.

Don’t be Offensive – If you normally have a trucker mouth or have someone present that likes to drop F bombs, try and tone it down with some appropriate diva talk since you are one of many that represent the group. It would be sad for party people to banish the bachelorette party or an individual diva due to a filthy mouth or obscene gestures that are not in good taste. Also stay away from cat fights since drama can be left up to Lindsay and Paris.

Last Minute Planning – The bachelorette party is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience, not a cram to plan like memorizing for a final in high school or college. Plan way ahead and you will have a more stress free and more organized party. Last minute touches are great but not if they are planning the majority of the last night out in a 24 hour cram session. Start the buzz of the party by sending out early invites with back and forth banter to excite the girls about the up-n-coming party!

A Bridesmaid Bash – An important tip to remember is to plan a party around the bride-to-be’s interests, not what makes the bridesmaids’  happy. If the bachelorette is conservative, don’t try to overly embarrass her so she dreads her own party. Include her interests and temperament so she can enjoy her own last night out! A male dancer may be too uncomfortable yet a home party with generic plates may bore her. You know who she is so plan her party with the right ingredients.

Bridesmaidzilla – If having a bachelorette party that includes sweating or more physical party endurance (e.g., dancing, karaoke), make sure you don’t have the make-up from an Alice Cooper concert! Take time to freshen up and bring reinforcements for the other divas in case they forget.

I hope these tips help in saving you from a bachelorette mishap. Be the hero of the party by printing out this article to other divas to increase the chances of having the bachelorette party of the season and a memorable time with good friends!

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