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Bachelorette Party Supplies - Candy

Bachelorette Party Supplies - Bachelorette Party Candy

Bachelorette party candy comes in all colors, flavors shapes and sizes. It is a great way to sweeten the evening and also can be very decorative and festive for the bachelorettes to carry around. We have listed some of our favorite bachelorette party supplies in this category to check out. All of them can be purchased on this bachelorette party site at the lowest prices!

Bachelorette party butter mints
There is nothing like a refreshing mint to liven up your breath, especially after dinner or smoking. These cute bachelorette party mints are excellent for placing in purses, on tables for decorations and even in a pecker piñata which can liven up any last night out.

Bachelorette mini bag
This great tasting hard candy reminds me of sweet tarts and contains ten candies with funny bachelorette party sayings. Statements like final fling, suck for a buck and no prenup are some of them. You can find this hard candy pack which fits in any purse here.

Bachelorette willie pops
If you like wearing bling, than these great tasting oversize willie rings are just for you and the bachelorettes. Comes in various flavors and fits perfectly on your ring finger to lick away during the evening. One of the bachelorette party favorites as for bachelorette party supplies. You can find this ring here.

Willy Wiener
I love gummy candy and these gummies will do the trick when needing any sugar high. These cute gummy candies tasting chewy’s are in the shape of a hotdog but contain a willie gummy. Get one for all the girls and chew away.

Bachelorette party wittle willy candies
If you like hard candy, check out these tart willies that come in a cute container which can be used later for creative things (i.e,. shots, storing money, other food, as a decoration play toy). You will love these great tasting tarts that are a huge hit at any last night out.

Marshmallow Peckers
Bachelorette party marshmallows is where its at. These great tasting marshmallow willies come in 3 different flavors and are not only tasty but a great conversation piece! Get one get all for the girls who will appreciate the sweet tooth.

Weenie Chews party favor willie candies
When you are looking for colorful hard candy in the shape of willies, you have come to the right place with this product which you can get here. These sweet tart style candies are excellent to pace in a bachelorette party piñata, on tables and of course to pop in your mouths!

Candy Lips Dick
A funny and popular bachelorette party item is the Lips Dick which includes a lipstick case where you can interchange colorful willie candy and use it similar to a lipstick case. A bachelorette party favorite!

Candy Diamond
Nothing says bling better than the candy party diamond. This bling rings come in different tasty flavors and colors. You never know what you will get but will always love the outcome! Enjoy and get these for all the girls.

Sour Patch Peckers
If you enjoy chewy sour candy, then you are at the right place with the Pecker Patch Sours. A sugary delight that all is in the shape of peckers along with different flavors. Comes in a cute pack and great to take when going out on the town or decorating tables. Also really yummy.


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