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Bachelorette Party Hangover Tips

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Top 10 Bachelorette Hangover Tips

Bachelorette Party Hangover TipsIf drinking wine and spirits is being planned at your bachelorette party, we have the remedies to fix you back up the next day! We know that many times what starts as a one drink during the evening turns into shooters and sake bombs a few hours later. The question becomes what to do the morning after when your head starts to ring and pound, reminding you of the night before, or what you can remember of it. In your haze of trying to regain some back-to-reality thinking, we have some helpful bachelorette safety tips in how to fight off that pesky nausea, cotton mouth and head thumping. Follow our 10 hangover tips below to regain consciousness so you don’t lose a day in zombie land:


Tip 1: Food is Your Friend
At the bachelorette party, make sure to have food with you that includes carbohydrates and starches (i.e., bread) as well as protein (i.e., cheese and meat) which will slow down the absorption rate of alcohol. Caffeine and sodas can increase the absorption rate of alcohol so be careful if mixing these beverages! Remember to always eat prior to a night of drinking with the divas. It does not help much afterward since you already have the alcohol in your system so eat before.

Tip 2: Water Log
A great way to monitor yourself when knowing you may be drinking a lot is to have a glass of water between every drink you have. This way, you dilute the amount of alcohol you may be drinking in the future since you already feel filled up with liquids. Of course a better way is to just make sure to regulate your intake of alcohol. Water is your friend!

Tip 3: Peppermint
Peppermint has been shown to be helpful when feeling nausea. Keep some candies with you and the girls prior to going out on the town and pop one in if getting to the dizzies.

During the morning after (or even at the last night out) you may start to feel those signs of “what have I done-sville”. Now is the time to act fast and help yourself make it at least a little better until the effects ware off! Here are some great helpers:

Tip 1: Advil – Make it Extra Strength
Take some pain reliever with water and some food (if you can hold it down) as soon as possible. It is important to follow the directions of how to take the over the counter medication of choice since you don’t want to make things worse.

Tip 2: Gatorade
Dehydration is what happens after a night of drinking so you need to re-establish the electrolytes in your body which have gone haywire from the evening of partying. This replenishes the minerals your body needs to regain balance. Choose your favorite flavor of Gatorade and drink away!

Tip 3: Apply Cold To Your Head
A great idea is to go into a quiet room if possible and apply a cold wash cloth or ice pack. Use frozen food peas if you have to, with the cold compress helping the throbbing you most likely have in your head.

Tip 4: Black Mask or Cucumbers Over The Lids
It is great to close out the world for a little bit while you recuperate. Using cold cucumber rounds or a black mask over the eyes to shut out life for a few moments can be helpful in getting back on your feet more quickly.

Tip 5: Bloody Mary/ Tomato Juice
Fighting alcohol with tomato juice and more alcohol is an interesting concept that some say works. The tomatoes have natural sugar that can help break down the alcohol that still may be in your stomach. Drinking a little tomato juice with alcohol in a Bloody Mary may provide relief with some as long as in a small dosage of alcohol since you don’t want to relive day two of hangover city!

Tip 6: Bananas Away
Bananas have great vitamins and nutrients to help soothe and calm the stomach. Some even say a banana milk shake can help with the milk and cold coating the stomach from what is left in there.

Tip 7: Grease Is Your Friend
If you can hold down food, a nice meal of bacon and eggs with cheese and potatoes may help in soaking up what is left in the stomach. The salt is also good at this time (unless you have high blood pressure) since it offers electrolyte help (from the dehydration). Just remember that whatever is in the blood stream at that time is already there and needs to burn off as well as be “bath roomed” out which is why water is so important. Honey has also shown to be helpful with eating during a hangover (on some crackers or bread).

Tip 8: Peppermint Once Again
If you are still feeling nausea, pop another peppermint candy to take the edge off of nausea since it is shown to be helpful.

Tip 9: Coffee with Lemon (or any caffeine)
Believe it or not it has been shown for Caffeine to shrink the blood vessels in your head that is causing the pounding headache from a hangover. Take some Excedrin Migraine, No Doze, Coke, Coffee or Tea to get rid of the edge of the headache but talk to your doctor first if any of these items you are sensitive to. Again we are not doctors, only party planners so we only try to help with the information we research.

Tip 10: Rest
Get some well to do rest as you have visions of “why did I do that” moments of the last night out drinking fest. Rest will help you restore your next adventure, especially if you are going back on the town for round two.

Click here to download a printable (pdf) version of these tips. We hope these bachelorette party hangover tips are helpful in getting you back on your feet. Bachelorette Party Fun Disclaimer: All information given on this website is not a substitute for the advice of your primary care provider or trained health professional. Always consult with your doctor or health care professional for any health related issues.