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Bachelorette Party Articles

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Below, we have included some of the bachelorette party articles we have written for your review. Please feel free to use them after you get approval from us. Email and we will let you know if they can be used by your company.



Pipedream Rules Hit Bravo Show! - Bachelorette Party Favors Featured on Vanderpump Rules

Chatsworth, California. - January 8, 2015
Pipedream is no stranger to the mainstream spotlight, with recent showcases on Sons of Anarchy, Ice-T's "Turn Down For What" music video, and now on Vanderpump Rules! The Bravo reality series offers an intimate portrait of Lisa Vanderpump (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and the staff of her upscale restaurant and celebrity hangout, SUR, in West Hollywood.

In episode three of the second and current season, Queen Bee SURver Scheana Marie jets to Miami for her joint bachelor/bachelorette party, where her luxurious mega suite is completely decked out with Pipedream's award-winning Bachelorette Party Favors.

"The room looks so good, all the decorations my mom and my sister and the girls did," exclaimed Scheana. "I had no idea they were gonna pimp out my room bachelorette style - it's amazing!"

"We're always excited to unexpectedly find our products on our favorite shows," said Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. "It offers incredibly valuable mainstream cross-promo, and the fact that this is reality television only proves that Pipedream rules the bachelorette market."

Pipedream Products Inc. is the largest manufacturer and distributor of gifts, gags, lotions, vibes, and novelties in the world. With over 3,500 products to choose from, they have the most comprehensive selection of novelties and pleasure products available.

Planning a Bachelorette Party in 2013

Press Release - March 1, 2013 - The Buzz of Today's Bachelorette Party - Top Trends of Bachelorette Party Planning

March 1, 2013 Los Angeles - Planning a bachelorette party in 2013 is much different than the centuries old tradition of a dinner party given by the bridegroom. Recently, the film Bridesmaids brought to light the stereotypical zaniness that can occur during what is termed "The Last Night Out." It is believed this night grew out of the 60's sexual revolution, where bachelorettes could be as sassy as the groomsmen, including a night out with exotic dancers, drinking and dancing on bars.

Today's bachelorettes throw a wide variety of parties that involve more than just the stereotypical events and entertainment. Michael Lasky, founder and president of I-Volution, Inc., which owns and operates the number one ranked websites, including and states that he has seen a dramatic shift in what people plan and order for their bachelorette parties. "I have heard many bachelorettes call and state they are planning a weekend trip, having a cooking class, throwing an exotic dance class, experiencing a spa day, having a manicure/pedicure party and even going retro and having a classic tea time wearing large hats and ugly bridesmaid dresses from the past."

Mr. Lasky stated that he has been involved in helping over 50,000 bachelorette parties as he and his team celebrate their 10th anniversary online, with millions of visitors obtaining free information over the years from his websites. Although Lasky reported his exotic dancer directory (where women can find male dancers in their area throughout the country) is still one of the most popular spots on his network for women to view, he also stated that bachelorette party game planning, exotic dance lessons, and girls creating party themes are very popular as well. "In this economy, we are seeing more home parties with pot luck planning which can still be a great time for everyone," says Lasky. Of course, the most important part of any bachelorette party is that the bride-to-be has a great time and her friends have lots of fun memories, no matter what they do.

About I-Volution, Inc - Located in Southern California, I-Volution, Inc. owns the largest pre-wedding party and lifestyle websites, including,,, and I-Volution, Inc. is considered a top portal of the pre-wedding party and baby shower planning industry.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party 2011

April 26, 2011 Los Angeles - Michael Lasky, founder and president of I-Volution, Inc., which owns and operates the number one ranked websites, including announced that his network of sites will have close to 9 million visitors this year and is sponsoring a one thousand dollar ($1000) sweepstakes in honor of the upcoming Spring 2011 Universal Pictures movie release of "Bridesmaids".

Michael Lasky, who himself, was just married in October 2010, is very aware of all of the 'craziness' that comes with the planning of pre-wedding parties. When questioned, Michael stated, "We set out over ten years ago, to build some fun and informative websites. The goal was to make it easier and more convenient to plan bachelorette and bachelor parties, along with bridal and baby shower planning. The final requirement was that all of our websites had to be free to our visitors."

Mr. Lasky offers some helpful tips on planning pre-wedding parties and showers in these financial difficult times. "We will continue to help our customers make the most of their party planning. Whatever budget our customers have, they can find what they are looking for." ha hundreds of pages of free resources and ideas, along with having over 300 greatly discounted novelty gifts to purchase for the party. Lasky also added, "In these financially hard times, you can save a lot of money placing the order online since prices on the internet can be 25-75% off retail plus a much better selection than stores!"

In conclusion, Michael Lasky added, "It's going to be a very exciting 10th Anniversary year and we want to thank all our customers for their continued support in making our sites the top ranked on the internet. Our goal is to continue to provide the best value to our visitors, whether they are planning baby showers, bridal showers, a bachelor party or bachelorette party."

About I-Volution, Inc - Located in Southern California, I-Volution, Inc. owns the largest pre-wedding party websites, including I-Volution, Inc. is considered a top portal of the pre-wedding party industry.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Bliss

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 16, 2010 -- Michael Lasky, owner of I-Volution, Inc., who owns and operates websites and, two of the largest bachelor(ette) party websites in a network of pre-wedding party and bridal sites is tying the knot for the first time after helping supply close to 100,000 bachelor and bachelorette parties over the last 10 years.

When asked about bachelor and bachelorette parties for he and his fiancé, Lynnette, his reply was just as expected. Lasky stated, "Oh yes, Las Vegas here we come! These will definitely be two parties that you would want to be a fly on the wall!" Lasky explained that with a large group of family and friends, they will be using many of the companies found on their websites to help with their planning. He adds, "I have a great relationship with all the companies listed on www.bachelorettepartyfun and and finally look forward to personally utilize their amazing services for my own bachelor party. The girls will definitely be heading to go see 'Thunder Down Under,' or 'American Storm', and for the boys, well I can't rule out a Papillon Helicopter Tour, a ride from our friends at Exotic Limos Las Vegas going to McFadden's for some drinks and then a visit from our friends over at Sin City Strippers to just name a few of the festivities." The bachelor and bachelorette parties are set to take place late in 2010.

I-Volution's network of bachelor and bachelorette party sites now include a vast array of choices and free directories; from renting an adult star chaperone and party planning, exotic dance lessons, spas, clubs, exotic dancers, male revues, restaurants, and bars. They also personally warehouse and ship over 500 fun gag-gifts to help supply bachelor and bachelorette parties with everything they need. When asked, Lasky explained that from the increasing trend in the past years, it appears that his network of pre-wedding sites are on track to have over 4.5 million visitors this year.

About I-Volution, Inc. Located in Southern California, I-Volution, Inc. owns one the largest pre-wedding party website networks, including I-Volution, Inc. is considered a top portal in the pre-wedding party industry.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Worldly Advice
Top Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Firm Updates Their Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Eco-Friendly and International 'Last Night Out' Portal

September 22nd, 2009, Los Angeles - I-Volution, Inc., which owns, the largest and longest running bachelorette party site in a network of pre-wedding party websites has created the largest international portal for the world to share free ideas, planning and bachelorette party eco-friendly supplies.

"We want to offer the most in bachelorette party games, bachelorette party supplies and bachelorette party ideas to our 4.5 million visitors a year that visit us from every country," states Michael Lasky, President of I-Volution, Inc. Lasky reports that he uses recycled boxes and biodegradable materials to do his share for the environment. With an average of 9,500 orders per year, this is a commendable action in keeping the world green.

The bachelor and bachelorette party sites also include an international directory to Hen and Stagg party planners across the world in making it easier for anyone to plan their 'Last Night Out'. Lasky states, "We will continue to make more contributions to the world and web which hopefully will be followed by others."

Final Fling with a New Ring
Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Consumers Increase in Online Activity and Creative Party Planning

March 13th, 2007 Los Angeles - A new study was conducted in the first quarter of 2007 by the largest network of bachelor and bachelorette party sites which found that women and men are thinking of more alternatives to the standard bachelorette "Last Night Out" parties. I-Volution, Inc ( which owns the largest bachelorette party site in a network of pre-wedding party bridal sites reports these findings from their end of 2006 statistics which include more than 4 million visitors during the year.

According to the study completed in the last quarter of 2006, there has been an increasing trend for bachelor(ette) parties to plan more creative festivities that do not include an exotic dancer as compared to the previous year's data. Michael Lasky, president of I-Volution, states, "This trend may be due to the increase in weddings and not wanting to plan the same type of party that a friend may have attended that included the typical "Last Night Out" festivities. Lasky reports that he expects close to 5 million visitors to come to his network of pre-wedding party websites during 2007.

What are the most common new parties? They include hiring an instructor for exotic dance lessons for the girls, spa day, going to a musical/play and going to a nice dinner. The bachelor party events now include more golf weekends, trips to resort locations, paintball and sporting events. Lasky states that his network of pre-wedding party sites include free information and directories as well as the largest selection of game ideas to help making planning easier for the maid of honor and bridesmaids as well as the groomsmen who are planning the festivities for their friend getting married.

Other interesting facts about Lasky's pre-wedding party network includes the most popular destination for bachelor(ette) parties is Las Vegas with 35% of the traffic visiting the Vegas sections. In addition, the most popular items sold on the and sites include veils, naughty candy, games and gifts. Lasky states "My websites are the bachelor(ette) party portal for all to receive nationwide information on planning their parties as well as providing over 320 party items for their bachelor and bachelorette parties in creating a one stop shop." The website statistically track where visitors go on the sites to increase information in areas that are more popular.

Overall the bachelor and bachelorette party industry is substantially growing online in conjunction with the volume of weddings, even though the type of party events are changing. With today's technology, it is amazing that someone can plan an entire party for their friends through the Internet without having to pick up a telephone, open a phone book, or drive to a store.

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