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Bachelorette Party Ideas & Prepping

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Bachelorette Party Ideas
What to do in the pre-show prep for your bachelorette party

We all know the importance of the big know, the wedding. How about the importance of prep work for the bachelorette party! This is when everyone also wants to look their very best and have some real "let your hair down" fun. Below we have listed some of the top tips to make your last night out prep work a huge success:

1) Beauty Sleep - We all know how important it is to get your rest in prior to the big evening. Make sure to go to sleep early the night before and don't give in to last minute distractions. You will be so happy during the party that you are not the yawning party pooper who can get her game on.

2) You Are What You Eat - Make sure to eat a healthy meal that is not too heavy, starchy or greasy. Stay away from anything that will make you feel sick the night before the last night out. You also don't want to end up like the girls in the movie Bridesmaids and have a gas attack during your dance time. Foods such as salads, low fat turkey, fish or any other food you know agrees with you! You will feel great and your friends will appreciate it.

3) You've Got The Look - Time to get all made up and look like the true bachelorette party diva you are. Primp and brush on your favorite colors and styles, get your hair all dolled up and look like you just came out of Vogue for a night on the town with your girlies. Mani's and Pedy's are also a great way to relax the morning of or a day prior to the bachelorette party.

4) Out of Sight Outfit - Make all heads turn and choose the right sassy outfit for you that dazzles your curves and heats up any nightclub, bar or restaurant. Accessorize with some of your favorite bling and make them all want you! Don't overshadow the bachelorette on her big party day (unless you are the bachelorette). Just make sure to enjoy what you wear and have some fun with it.

5) Yoga Time - There is nothing like a work out or yoga prior to getting your groove on and becoming a little gluttonous. Work up a sweat the evening or morning of the bachelorette party but just don't overdo it so you don't pull a muscle which will not look good on the dance floor.

6) Spend Time With Your Significant Other - Partners usually are not keen on the last night out since the premise and symbol of freedom when in a relationship can be scary with someone having little restraint. Spend some quality time with your sweet pea the evening before and morning of. Plan a trip or something fun to do together the day after the bachelorette party so they know you are coming home and not eloping with Rico Suave you met at the male review. If you want to earn brownie points, call during the last night out to say you love them as well as calling when you get home!

7) Wearable's and Bachelorette Party Supplies - Bring in the bachelorette tiara, last night out streamers and pin the macho on the man game. You will be a huge hit if you plan ahead and get the bachelorette party games and supplies early. You can find them on our site at the best prices and free shipping. Let us help make your bachelorette party one to remember.

We hope these pre-show preparations make your party a huge success. Let us know some of your other favorite ideas and we can add them for others to take advantage of in making their last night out one to remember in the books!

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