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Bachelorette Party Ideas - Christmas & Winter Holidays

Month of December 2017 - Merry Christmas - Happy Chanukah - Kwanzi Kah Month

We absolutely love the Holiday Season and think that 'White Weddings' are always so beautifut.  And what comes with a White Wedding??  Yes.... a even whiter Bachelorette Party!!!   

Its so hard to believe that another year is almost behind us, and 2016 is coming to a close! But truly, December is an amazingly special time to host a bachelorette party as well as incorporate the Winter season into the Last Night Out celebration.

Yes, the holiday season is a time for giving, and the Bride to Be is definitely ready to receive. It is such a magical time of year and unlike some other seasons, everything is all dressed up with twinkly lights and wrapped presents. 

A bachelorette party during the holiday months can get a little complicated, with family, friends & work parties, plus the more than usual travellers and parties that can book up airlines, hotels, restaurants and more.  So Pre-Planning well in advance of the bachelorette party is definitely a good idea, to both save money and make sure venues are available. Make sure all the girls invited have plenty of time to mark their calendars and get ready for the Girls Night Out celebration.

Once a bachelorette party destination is decided on, now is the planning stages to find venues like hotels, restaurants, male strippers, pole dancing classes and burlesque dance classes, limos, and of course some bars and clubs to hit up.  Make it a festive Christmas Bachelorette Party, how about having all the girls Dress up in one color and the Bride to Be as a sexy snow princess, Mrs. Claus, or anything else you can come up with and then hit the town! 

A December & Winter Bachelorette Party is a special time for the Bride fo Be to celebrate with her friends, so make it a day, night, weekend she wont ever forget!

Bachelorette Party Picture of the Month Bachelorette Party - Christmas

For all of you that love to play the Hot or Not Game, (yes we actually have some fun flash cards for a great bachelorette party game) here is a funny picture we created for you! Who would you prefer to be with at an icy cold bachelorette party santa's workshop with?

The bachelorette party rating cards are a fun way to rate just about anything, and while your at it, pick some up and flash them to your male stripper during the Last Night Out celebration, maybe a great way to get him to step it up a bit!

And Yes, it is a picture we can all relate to, its the typical night at a bar or club, the guy on the left is the one we want to come over and talk to us, but low and behold we actually get the guy to the right!! 


                           Drink of the Month

Bachelorette Party Movies -The Holiday - Discount Bachelorette Party SuppliesSpike the halls with boughs of Eggnog, Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La-De-Dah. There is nothing like drinking during the holidays, especially during your bachelorette party during Christmas or Hanukah. For this winter seasons check out the drink below:

Eggnog - Spiked recipe

12 eggs
3 pints heavy cream
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 cup bourbon whiskey
1 cup cognac
1/2 tsp salt

Separate the eggs. In an electric mixer, beat the egg yolks with the sugar until thick and lemon colored. Slowly add the bourbon and cognac, while beating at slow speed. Chill several hours. Add the salt to the egg whites and beat until almost stiff, or until the beaten whites form a peak that bends slightly. Whip the cream until stiff. Fold the whipped cream into the yolk mixture, then fold in the beaten egg whites. Chill one hour. When ready to serve, sprinkle the top with freshly grated nutmeg.

A great Bachelorette Party drink to enjoy over the holidays if you are having a bachelorette party, check out our Bachelorette Party Drinks page and to make sure you have the right things to drink them out of, why not check out all the great Discount Bachelorette Party Supplies, including adorable straws, shot glasses, cups, stirrer and tons of other bachelorette party decorations, gifts, candy, games and more!!


Bachelorette Party Joke of the Month

Here is a funny bachelorette party joke of the month. Of course it is male bashing related but we will be doing more bachelorette party jokes in the months to come:

Why is a Christmas Tree Better Than a Man?

1.. A Christmas tree is always erect.
2.. Even small ones give satisfaction.
3.. A Christmas tree stays up for 12 days and nights.
4.. A Christmas tree always looks good - even with the lights on.
5.. A Christmas tree is always happy with its size.
6.. A Christmas tree has cute balls.
7.. A Christmas tree doesn't get mad if you break one of its balls.
8.. You can throw a Christmas tree out when it's past its 'sell by' date.
9.. You don't have to put up with a Christmas tree all year

For more bachelorette party jokes, visit our bachelorette party jokes page.


Bachelorette Party Movies -The Holiday - Discount Bachelorette Party Supplies  Movie of the Month

The Holiday- Released in 2006, it is one of our favorites bachelorette party movies to revisit around this time of year.  Starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black, Ed Burns, Rufus Sewell and the late great Eli Wallach, it is a romantic - sorta comedy that, in parts we all can probably relate.

If you happen to be one of the 5 people in the world that haven't seen it, it is the story of two women who decide to 'get out of dodge' and take a trip to reset, and stumble on to each other in a Holiday Season House Swap.  One - Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) who lives in London swapping with Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) both have had recent relationship heartbreaks and needing a change.  Each one lives a quite different life, so the scenery changes are dramatic, but in the twist of the story they run into new romantic situations. 

This bachelorette party movie is not centered around a wedding or party, but none the less is a 'feel good' kinda movie that fits well with a girls night out.  There is lots more to the story, but we will leave it to you to check out this great flick & for other Bachelorette Party Movies suggestions, check out our movies page!!  .

While your watching, make sure you have plenty of discount Bachelorette Party Supplies & Favors.



Bachelorette Party Bars Clubs & Restaurants - Cabana TN - Discount Bachelorette Party Supplies  Nightclub of the Month

If you celebrating your bachelorette party in Nashville, TN or anywhere around there,  we suggest checking out Cabana.  They specialize in that down home Southern Comfort type cuisine and are located at 1910 Belcourt Ave, Nashville TN  37212.  Giive them a call @ (615) 577-2262, they open daily at 4pm and they truly are a venue that loves having and celebrating with Bachelorette Parties!!  They have a link on their website special for bachelorette parties and will definitely make sure you have one heck of a good time celebrating.  Go for dinner and drinks and let the Girl's Night Out begin and let em know your from Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette Party Favorite City of the Month

Well if you are hosting a bachelorette party in the month of December 2016 and it is around Christmas time there is really no city in the US like New York, especially Manhattan!!  The city that doesn't sleep, yes the Big Apple is just magical this time of year and there is just so much to do when visiting.  The eatting is almost second to none and definitely one of the culinary stops for any foodie, and the nightlife, well it is never ending - plays on or off of Broadway, sightseeing tours, concerts, and then there are the neverending bars & clubs that will gladly welcome and accomodate your bachelorette party!!   A site not to miss is to head over to Rockerfeller Center, a tree that is second to none and just such a happy place, bound to make an amazing bachelorette party in NY!!

Bachelorette Party Supplies & Favors - Bachelorette Princess Kit Bachelorette Party Supply Item of the Month

It is one of our favorites and definite bargain for those looking for a cute little kit to dress up the Bride to Be on the bachelorette party weekend.  The Bachelorette Party Princess Kit is adorable and has a bunch of accessorites to help 'gussy up' the guest of honor.   It comes with a cute little tiara / crown that has a puffy purple pecker on it, a white boa, a pair of white long gloves with little purple peckers cutouts on the the end cuff and a purple puffy pecker wand, and for a a super low price!!

A fun item to pick up to give to the princess for the night / weekend, and this one will definitely get her some attention and if you are heading out to some bars & clubs, is bound to get her and the group some drinks!

Check out this great item and the tons of other discount Bachelorette Party Favors and Supplies!!

Game of the Month Bachelorette Party Games & Favors - Hot or Not Rating Cards

The Bachelorette Party Game of the month was mentioned above, we love these Hot or Not Rating Cards!!  They are so amazingly versitile and best thing about them, you can rate just about anything and anywhere with them, and maybe even better is the super low price!!

They are great for those sitting poolside or by the ocean rating the unsuspecting guys & gals walk by, use in bars or clubs, even take them out with you to a strip club or male review.  Pick up a few packs or get one for each girl - makes a fun gift or favor.