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Bachelorette Party Limos & Party Buses

Bachelorette Party Limos & Party Buses
Bachelorette Party Limos & Party BusesBachelorette Party Limousines & Party BusesBachelorette Party Limos & Party Bus


Bachelorette Parties are such a fun way to get the Bride to Be and all her best friends and new family members together for a day, night or weekend to create some lasting memories before the big day!!  Check out for your perfect "Ride"!  We also have a list below with great reasons why a Bachelorette Party Limo is the 'Way to Go' for the Last Night Out!!

We are constantly searching out great Bachelorette Party Transportation companies for Limousines and Party Buses, so if you know of a great company that you have used or find one that you love, please let us know or have them get in contact with us. (our contact info at the bottom of the page,)  Unfortunately, due to the popularity of Uber and Lyft, many limo and party bus companies have gone out of business.

We still feel that not taking anything away from those great services including taxis, that a Bachelorette Party Limousine or Party Bus is by far the best way to travel for the celebration and we have some great reason why listed below!!

Nowadays we are so lucky, in days past you had so few choices for transportation, you had your personal car, taxis, public transportation, or if you were lucky enough to be living in and around a downtown area - you can walk to everything. Unfortunately, most of us are not that lucky, so some form of transportation will be needed to get the bachelorette party moved from one venue to the next.   But then came Uber and Lyft, OMG how much easier has that made it for us to get from point A to point B in our daily lives, with just the click of an App.  So, no longer would we have to wait for calling a taxi (in most cities) and then waiting around, and many times the cost of the taxi could be ridiculous, plus who really wants to get into one when all dressed up and ready to party.  But, for any larger party, thou those services are great for just one or a couple people, for a group over 4 people can become more tricky, and why we feel a limo or party bus might be a better choice!

 There are huge payoffs and positives to rent a Bachelorette Party Limo or Party Bus for the night:

1.)    The Limo and Party Bus is yours for the night (or designated time)   -  No need to have to wait for an driver to come and get you, many times the quoted arrival isn't even close to correct.  Many drivers are new, not knowing areas, sometimes even dropping the pick-up requiring you to waste time getting to the next place.

2.)    Rates for the taxis and Uber/Lyft can get Expensive -  If you are heading to more than one place, and as most bachelorette parties are on weekend or holidays, the time of the party is usually and many times when some of these services go into hight demand times - Yes, we all know those 'SURGE' prices, causing what was or is normally a few dollar ride, can all of a sudden become 4xs the cost.  With the bachelorette party bus or limo, you contract that rate with them prior so there are really no surprises.

3.)    With the Party Bus or Limousine, you will have all the girls together!!  Now, that might not sound like too big of a deal, but just think when you have a nice size bachelorette party and the girls now have to break off into groups of 3 or maybe 4 to then pile into an Uber or Lyft.  Most of the time, everyone wants to ride with the Bride to Be or have their group, which now has to split.  Not only that, it is not always easy to get multiple cars to all arrive at the exact same time, then to follow each other to the next place.  So some girls will get there long before the others, leaving some to wait and some to be anxious to get to be with the group at the next locale!!

4.)    Maybe the biggest reason to look into hiring a Bachelorette Party Limo or Party Bus - DRINKING!!!  Yes, we said it, we've let the cat outta the bag and the elephant is no longer in the room!!  I know that some sneak a little drink when heading in one of the car services or taxis going from one bar or club to the next, but in a Limo and Party Bus, it's not only ok, but mostly encouraged, well maybe not that far, but it is allowed in most!!  How nice is it and just think of the cost savings of being able to have some drinks in the limo or bus as you head with the whole group to your next destination.   Most of the time they will be nearby after dropping you off, and if it's an easy in and out place, it can be the designated drink spot, where you can jump in and grab a drink with just the girls then head back into the venue.   Now we know, bachelorette parties are notorious for getting a bunch of guys or girls to pick up your drinks, but you can't count on that and just think of what the bottle service costs at some of the more popular clubs - OMG it's robbery if you ask us - $400 for a bottle of cheap vodka??  Well with that party bus or limo, one could be sitting there just waiting.

5.)    One single ride for everyone - Ok, so we know we mentioned it before, but not having to break the party up into little groups each time to catch a ride to another stop is just, in our opinion - a pain!  It is such a different feel to have everyone telling their stories sitting next to or across from one another heading from one place to the next - just seems to help keep the bachelorette party going!

6.)    Food!!  -  So it really might go along with the explanation about being able to have drinks available, but you can bring or request to have the Bachelorette Party Limo or Party Bus stocked with some munchies.  Yes, we all know that drinks for the night are usually the major thing, but we also all know that after a night of dancing, drinking, talking and thwarting the multiple attempts from guys at the bars & clubs - one gets hungry.  With an Uber, Lyft or taxi, well you have to either find a place before clicking for that pick up or having them drop you off some place to get something, only to have to call and pay for another to pick everyone back up!  But Not with your very own Bachelorette Party Bus or Limo, NOPE!!  If the food inside is not to your liking, well pile the girls in and head to your favorite late night dinner, yes how does an In and Out burger sound (we are in California ... so....;-))  or maybe its Late Night Denny's, a Tommy Burger (another CA reference) - or maybe there is a great place where the late night gourmet food trucks congregate, any way you slice it, you have the transportation for the night, use it the way you want too!!

7.)    Room for More! - It's not uncommon for a Girl's Night Out to pick up some new additions, whether that be some other new girls or, yes, well some men to entertain and with a party bus and limo (depending on the size) you will usually have some room for your new guest to travel with you. 

8.)    Partying & Pole Dancing - It's not so uncommon nowadays for some of the party buses for them to have incredible interiors.  We have seen some that are nicer than most of the clubs and bars you might be visiting that evening.  Incredible sound systems where you can play your own songs - custom made playlists for the night, lights that can be changed for the moon, neon, amazingly plush couch like seating and yes, even Pole(s) for doing your own pole dancing.  Now we caution you, as it is incredibly fun, with the drinking and a moving bus, we shutter at the thought of some girls going a bit nutz, and though it might seem like a good photo op, we caution that those pictures might want to stay like the motto for Las Vegas!!  "What happens in the Party Bus (or limo) stays there!!" 

9.)    Decorating the Ride -  So we had to throw our little dig into the mix.  The 'Ride' is just an extension of the party, so why not decorate and fill it with fun discount bachelorette party supplies and favors - like decorations, candy, even bring some games to play, all things you can do in a limo or party bus that you just can't in a taxi or internet car pick up service. 

                                                       Discount Bachelorette Party Supplies

In older times, gathering all the girls and family together was more of like a 'Tea Party', gathering at either the family's house or some outside venue for a lunchtime visit.  Maybe some relaxing hot or cold beverages, some sandwiches and hor'd overs and a few hours of mostly just small talk and some light games, but boy how the bachelorette parties of today have changed!! 

No longer is it a quiet afternoon, though we don't think there is anything wrong with that, but more a way to let loose and have a little (or a lot) of fun.  Mostly - long gone are the days of the quite & timid afternoon garden parties, being replaced with epic style extravaganzas.  Weekend trips to Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Miami Beach, New Orleans, and host of other cities, where the girls are there to P.A.R.T.Y.!!  

Why do we tell you this, well usually those big Girl's Nights Out weekends or just an evening soirée, can lead to a bit of drinking, ok, need we say - probably an excessive amount of drinking.  Now with many parties there are one or maybe more than one girl who is not much for the libations and liquor and who may or may not be ok to be the designated Chauffeur for the event, and if that is the case, you and your party are set.  But, if there are more than just a handful of girls, one designated driver might not be enough, so now there is the need for more than one, and multiple cars, which means trying to find parking, at the couple or many bachelorette party stops including restaurants, bars, clubs, shows, maybe even a Male Stripper Show, Pole Dance Class or Exotic Dance Lesson.

Also, the bachelorette party - girls night out event is meant for all to have fun, and let's face it even though taking a road trip with your besties can and is a blast, when you are the designated driver, with those that are now getting a bit intoxicated then having to jump back into a car or SUV to head off to the next place - gives a lot of responsibility to the driver.  She is not only has to deal with the sometimes typical stuff that can happen between girls, no.. that never happens right, but also has the huge responsibility to make sure she is fully aware to make sure everyone arrives home safe. 

We know finances can be and usually are one of the biggest hurdles of any bachelorette party and girls night out, so having to find funds for an additional think like a Limo or Party Bus can add some extra stress on the girls to have to cover an additional cost, but we are all about having the best time possible at the party and though we know many times an extra $50 might seem a bit much, it truly does make such a huge difference in the event and after, it is rare that someone is upset at that extra money paid.

We just feel, again if the budget will allow for it, if you can squeeze the ability to pick up Bachelorette Party Bus or Limousine, it just makes that party a little bit to a lot more fun for all, no worries for some girls who will have to be a bit more responsible to driver the others, no chance of DUI - which is one of the last things we would ever want.  We have heard of many bachelorette parties where the one driving was pulled over and taken in for drunk driving, that just takes a night that was meant to leave fun lasting memories forever - into ones you won't want to remember.

The bachelorette party is meant as an evening for the Bride to Be, so remember to always take her likes and dislikes into major consideration, though there are others to think about at the party, just make sure that the Bachelorette is kept in mind.

We are constantly searching out great Bachelorette Party Transportation companies for Limousines and Party Buses, and if you know of a great company that you have used or find one that you love, please let us know or have them get in contact with us here @ or call us @ 818-718-1104.

Have a Blast at your Bachelorette Party - and Please Drink Responsibly!