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Willy Says - Dare Game - Bride to Be

Bachelorette Party Supplies & Games - Willy Says Dare Game
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A Bachelorette Party Game Supply that is not to miss - its the Willy Says Dare Game!!

No, this isn't "Simon Says", its "WILLY SAYS...!" The game comes complete with 80 dare cards, with the cards face down, there are 4 different options on how to play the game, who choses the cards, and how to win.

(Instruction on the box) Game 1 - The leader can give each player one card each, allowing everyone to witness the dare being performed.

Game 2- Points can be assigned to the bachelorette party dare cards, then score can be kept when the activity is completed, and then add up all the points at the end.

Game 3 - The game leader can read, aloud, then assign that dare to the person of her chosing.

Game 4- All the dare cards can be distributed to the guests until all the cards are gone, then specify a time allowed, and the bachelorette party goer who completes the most cards, wins.

The game can be played for points, drinks, dares, or get some prizes and give one to the winner, its all up to you how to play and how to win!! Definitely will keep the Bachelorette Party goers having fun for hours!!

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