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Dare To Do It Activity Cards

Dare To Do It Activity Cards
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The Dare To Do It Activity Cards are the perfect Bachelorette Party Game to take out on the road with the party. Each package comes with 52 Dare To Do It Activity Cards ranging in points from 25 to 100. The game needs to be played in a public place and based on the dares, well it is best to play in bar, club or pub. Before playing, have everyone review the cards and remove any that the group might feel to be, well beyond their scope of nerves, and then in each pack there are 8 wild card - Add-A-New-Dare Cards - which are left blank for the girls to decide on the dares, each of these bachelorette party activity cards come with points ranging from 25 - 100, so make sure to come up with some really risque dares!! Once all the card review and formalities are done, its time to Play!! Have someone, maybe the Bride to Be, deal each of the players one card - face up. It is at this point that the bachelorette dare game gets interesting, as now the girls have to decide if they will complete the dare, if not - they loose any chance of points and have to sit out that round. After everyone sees each others dares you are off to complete them. The instructions give 10 minutes, but you can decide on an agreed time limit, at which time, everyone returns, and count and keep track of those who earned the points. Keep this up until all the cards are gone, and then you will have your winner!! Pick up a our award ribbons or some cute gift to give to the winner, or maybe make it that everyone buys her a drink of choice, etc.. The Dare To Do It Activity Cards will make a typical bar or club into a fun bachelorette party game! (sold as a single pack of 52 Cards)

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