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Exotic Dance Lessons

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Pole Dance Lessons and Pole Fitness by Fawnia!
You don't have to a professional dancer to enjoy these videos. Exotic dancing is fast becoming the hottest trend for all women around the world, and I have produced a series of videos on various topics with the theme being exotic dancing. Watch and learn for fitness, for entertaining your partner, or simply for improving your self confidence!
Pole Work, volume 1
Whether you are just starting out, or preparing for a contest. Pole Work Volume 1 is the video for any dancer who is serious about developing a knockout performance!
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Dance Moves & Floor Work, Volume 2
Regardless of your current dance ability and future goals, Dance Moves and Floor Work has the answers and moves to set you apart from the rest! The video is a first of its kind, and features two sample performances by Fawnia!
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Lap Dancing & Entertaining Your Man, vol 4
Lap Dancing & Entertaining Your Man is 60 minutes long and is the 4th video in my 6 part series created to help dancers improve their techniques drastically.
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