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Bachelorette Party Practical Jokes

Whether you go away with the girls or have a night on the town, you can make the evening more fun and memorable using bachelorette party supplies for your practical jokes.

We have listed some of the greatest practical jokes that Divas have ever played on the other girls. Please feel free to use what you think would liven up the party:

Away Trip or Overnight Practical Jokes

1)   Short Sheet The Bed - After a full night of partying, this will surely aggravate some of the girls when they try to get in bed and realize that you have previously remade the bed with the covers only coming up 1/3 of the way and tucked in tight!

2)   Water Shots - When the Bachelorette is a little buzzed, give her the best placebo of all…a water shot. The psychology of people is very interesting since when one thinks they are receiving alcohol, no matter how weak, they will start acting even more drunk. The best way to disguise the water is to give her a diet coke chaser, telling her the alcohol is really strong and to chase it down with another non-alcoholic drink before she can taste the 100 proof shot! Make sure she is doing her shots with her Dickie Shot Glass and drinking her diet coke from the Dickie Sipper, which are great bachelorette party supplies.

3)   Saran Wrap The Toilet Seat - A favorite and very easy to do. Just place some Saran Wrap around the bowl. Make sure it is tight so you can’t see the wrinkles from the plastic. Place the seat down and turn off the lights. Some unexpected girl will get back-splash!

4)   Jelly Up Seats and Knobs - One of the easiest tricks to do. Place Toothpaste, Icy Hot or Vaseline under doorknobs and on toilet seats in a nice thin coat so the girls get a surprise on contact.

5)   The Bachelor Has Arrived! - One of the best jokes is to place a blow up doll in the Bachelorette’s bed and tell her that while she was out, her man came to surprise her. I have seen this happen before and seeing the bachelorette’s reaction is one of the most memorable moments I will ever have about the trip, before and after she realizes its only a man full of hot air! Be sure to have a bachelorette party camera ready for the action!

6)   Early Wake Up Calls - Nobody likes early morning wake up calls after a night of partying, which is why this is perfect for the girls staying in other hotel rooms. Just make sure they don’t know it is you!

7)   Make ‘Em Change Colors While Sleeping - The great thing about Cool-Aid is when you place it in its powder form on a drunk girl’s bed before she is about to pass out, she will wake up either red (cherry flavor) or purple (grape flavor) since the powder soaks into the pours and temporarily colors the skin for the morning.

8)   Drunk and Tattooed - One of the funniest tricks is to place high quality temporary tattoos on passed out girls so in the morning they are surprised by the scorpion or star design on their shoulder, tummy or thigh.

9)   Clown Make-up - When a girl passes out, have a ball with the make-up bags everyone has. The most fun way is to paint her fingernails a different color and lipstick her face in clown attire. Make sure to get a snapshot for the photo album.

10) Hair Full Of Powder - There is nothing like watching a girl turning on her hair dryer and get a cloud full of baby powder. Simply place a small amount of powder in the dryer (be very careful how much you place in there so it does not short out the dryer) and watch her freak when the button goes on.

11) Suds for All - Nothing is like a toilet bubble bath. Place a generous amount of detergent in the back of the toilet (tub). After a few flushes, you are surly to witness something out of the Brady Bunch when Bobby placed too much suds in the washing machine.

12) 2 Sizes 2 Small - When the Bachelorette is not around, place much smaller pairs of undies in her bag and let her become confused on what happened to her own pairs. Watch her try to put the others on. It may even be funny to replace her undies with sexy costume undies that she will have to wear for the rest of the party!

13) Panties and Bras In The Icebox - Wake the Bachelorette up in the morning by having all her bras and panties spend the night in the room freezer. This is the true meaning of fridged!

14) Red Showers - Place a generous amount of cherry or grape powder Cool-Aid in the shower head (only if it is the kind that unscrews). When the next girl turns on the shower to get in, she won’t believe her eyes!

15) Water Puzzle - When the Bachelorette or party member passes out in one room place a significant amount of cups filled to the brim with water all around her and outward as far as possible. When she wakes up, she has no choice but to either drink or spill water to get out of the room!

16) Bath Towel Steal - When the Bachelorette goes in the shower with the door unlocked, send in the reinforcements to grab all the towels and clothes in the room and shut the door. When she comes out to get a towel, snap a picture with a bachelorette party camera of the nature girl and use it for ransom (i.e., you will get the film when you complete the Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt.

17) A Shower From The Toilette - Certain toilettes have black rubber tubing that fills the bowl up after each flush. You can easily place that black tube out towards the bowl and lightly place the lid down on the tube so when the next person flushes it sprays them. Place a little toilette paper in the bowl before you leave the bathroom to force the next girl to flush before she sits down.

18) Bubble-less Soap - Paint all the bars of soap in a hotel room with colorless nail polish. Let it dry. When the bachelorette goes to use the soap, it will not produce any suds nor cleanliness. A bachelorette party favorite.

19) Butter and Salt Prank - When out to a nice bachelorette party dinner, ask one of the bachelorettes, "Did you know there is a chemical reaction between butter and salt that makes it get really hot?" Take a butter slab to demonstrate. Hold your hand over and say, here, feel this heat. When the bachelorette then holds her hand over the butter, whack down on it so she gets butter all over her hand.

20) Whisper For No Good Reason - When out with the bachelorettes at a club, talk with one of her friends or the bride to be. Say goodbye and let them walk away from you. When the bachelorette is a good distance from you, call them back (as if you have a secret to tell them, so they have to get close to you again). When the bachelorette gets back to you, lean over and whisper in their ear, "How far would you have gotten if I hadn't called you back?"

Pranks To Do To The Bachelorette

1)   Chained To Her Man - When the Bachelorette is not looking or out cold for the first night (if you are going away for more than one night), handcuff her to a naked male blow up doll! Let her know she can have the key when she completely dresses up her doll in men’s clothing. (This also makes a great game to play during the night of the bachelorette party).

2)   Fashion Police - Make the bride wear the most ridiculous outfit by mis-matching clothing and taping tampons, rubbers and other bachelorette party supplies on to her shirt.

3)   Nothing Like Having Grandma Around - Before going on the Bachelorette party, have one of the girls blow up and frame a picture of dear old grandma. Whenever the Bachelorette is about to do something naughty have her say “sorry grandma” out loud to the picture. Sure to make the girls laugh!

4)   He/She For The Night - Have the Bachelorette walk around the evening with a strap on or fake penis. This is sure to get bellowing laughs from the other girls! For the prosthetic appendage, modify a set of Pecker Glasses!

5)   Risque Chocolates - A great and tastey practical joke is to purchase adult candy and pass it out at a public place (i.e. bar). This bachelorette party candy will embarrass the bachelorette while she gets to eat great tasting chocolate. She may even share.

Devious Pranks (for those of you who have not grown up yet)

Click here to order!1)   Hair Shaving Party - Before going to the Bachelorette party, go to a near-by hair salon and ask for cut hair or purchase some wigs. When a girl has passed out during the party, dep/gel her hair back and sprinkle a similar color of the cut hair you have brought. When she wakes up in the morning she will freak out, thinking someone has cut her hair or Naired her pillow.

2)   Hot Toothpaste - When no one is around, squirt some hot-sauce or wassabe into someone’s toothpaste and mix it around with a q-tip. Talking about bad breath!

3)   Hire A Female Stripper - For Bachelorettes who are not gay, a female stripper is a good way to embarrass the Bachelorette and cause great laughter.

4)   Stripper Hitch Hiker - Have a male stripper on the side of a road (for motor home Bachelorette) or dressed as a cowboy, security, or other service provider to enter the group and start the show.

5)   Bring the groom blow up doll - It would be fun to dress up a blow up doll to have a name tag of the groom and accompany the bachelorette on her last night out. Dress the blow up doll in funny clothing and call him by the grooms name or by a funny stripper name. Take lots of pictures.

6) Bachelorette Party Stripper Rooster - There is nothing like an early morning rise and shine with a cock-a-doodle-doo. If you are on an away trip, hire a stripper to come in the morning, for a fun early wake up call. This will make all the bachelorette's laugh (make sure to tell them the night before so they are all there after the male stripper comes in the room. Have him be a room service technician and let the fun begin!

7) The Prick in the Bed - There is nothing like faking out the bachelorette if you are at an away bachelorette party where you can tell the bachelorette that some prick climbed into her bed and is waiting for her. Take a large blow up Willie and place it in the bed with the covers on. When she walks in, make sure to take a picture or video of her as you will get great laughs. See the picture which tells a thousand words. A bachelorette party favorite gag!


Email us with any of your own practical joke ideas and let us know how the pranks work out for you!