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Bachelorette Party Resources

Although our website has the most helpful information for your last night out, offering many ideas, games, gifts and supplies, we also wanted to list some of the other sites we feel can be helpful as you plan both the pre-wedding and wedding plans. We know it is a busy time and want to assist with you finding the most in resources for the special events that are taking place. Below you will find some of our favorites for your review - being placed in a few categories:

Bachelorette Party Help and Bridesmaid Ideas

When planning the pre-wedding festivities, here are some helpful sites to assist in providing some creative ideas:

If looking for some great ideas with your supplies, check out bachelorette party supplies 101. They have some excellent ideas in creating home-made decorations for home or away. It is customary to provide a gift during the last night out.

The site of bachelorette party gifts will cover this idea in providing excellent advice and games to make your party a huge success.

One of the best bridesmaids sites for ideas, horror stories and dresses is at BridesmaidAid. We really enjoy their content and know you will as well!

Another hit site for Maid of Honor's and Bridesmaids is Bridesmaid101, which really does an excellent job; including downloadable checklists, etiquette, and scheduling that makes for a stress free wedding!

If you are looking for hand made jewelry for the bachelorette party or wedding as a gift, check out Dasha Boutique. They have some excellent deals as well as beautiful gift ideas.

4 Showers is an excellent place to visit for any type of show you are having, whether bridal or baby. They cover all areas you need to know about in helping you plan the perfect day.

Do you want to make the perfect drink? Digital Bartender has been on the internet for as long as we know, adding more and more excellent drink ideas with a huge database!

Looking for even more bachelorette party ideas, we enjoy our partner's site at BachelorettePartyStop which covers everything from entertainment to gifts. Although we cover a lot throughout our entire site, they also have some unique and fun ideas in making your party a success.

Anyone need invitations or want to understand the etiquette in sending them out? BachelorettePartyInvitations covers all you need to know in pre-planning and getting those RSVP's.

We still love those sites that are created by ordinary people who want to help others. BacheloretteParty4Amy is a perfect example where a girl name Candice planned her friend Amy's bachelorette party and provides a wealth-full of knowledge!

You can never have enough ideas for planning the right last night out. BachelorettePartyIdeas covers the do's and don'ts of throwing the most amazing and memorable festivity.

One of our favorite sites for bachelorette party help is at BacheloretteParties101. They have created an easy to use portal of information that helps any group of girls get tons of fresh ideas for their evening of fun!

Anyone looking for the right bridesmaid dress? I think you will find some wonderful ideas at BridesmaidDresses101. They really have a pretty site and easy navigation to learn a thing or two. Great information on timeline and styles.

Patty Sachs has some cute ideas for planning parties in general. She is a nationally known author of ten party planning guides and has some free help for you to throw a great party!

If you are making bridal shower plans, you much visit this site here. They really take time and care of going over everything you need to know in making a personalized and fun time!

Wedding Help

The entire process of engagement to the big day is filled with events and fun. Below we have listed some of our favorite sites in helping you plan from start to finish.

All About Wedding Planning will provide you with a wealth of ideas and help in planning the entire wedding process. There is so much to plan and they have everything covered for you!

Need different invitations or print outs such as menus for the big day, check out Magic Wand Weddings They really have a stylized site that is fun and has excellent ideas and suggestions in printing out wedding announcements to thank you!

Looking for the perfect wedding centerpieces or gifts? A great site in providing you tons of ideas is at Escape Concepts. A simple site with lots of resources.

An important symbol and item is the wedding veil. The site WeddingVeil has what you are looking for and really provides an amazing selection from religious to classic/modern.

If you want to pump up the volume in Michigan or Ohio, check out Stealth DJ's website. A great resource if you are in those states for entertainment!

Need someone to help you with your invitations, check out DiscountInvitations who will provide you a great resource in creating eloquent invites. It is a very important part of the process and they are here to help.

DJFogg has a great amount of resources if you are looking for other wedding help. We do recommend looking at their listings.

Many brides and grooms love to create footage of their beautiful day. WeddingideasDVD is a company that can help with this process. Take a look at what they offer and I think you will be impressed.

An online version to sending out cards for weddings can be found at 101weddingring. We do really enjoy this long running site that provides lots of ideas!

If you are looking for some great wedding gift ideas or wedding thank you gifts, check out Cool Party Favors. They really have a wide selection and reasonable prices.

Lots of ideas for your wedding can be found at WeddingInfos. They cover the A's to Z's of your wedding needs and do it with an easy to use site.

Another great resource for brides can be found at DirectoryWedding. They have taken the time to research great wedding products to provide you excellent ideas.

Want to get married or honeymoon in Italy? Check out this Italy Wedding site that provides great information on how to have a romantic and memorable trip!

If you are looking for a directory of state wedding information, click here to find a great resource. They really cover the US nicely in providing local help!

Other Cool Information

We have some other really cool sites that we feel you will place in your favorites, related to the pre- through post wedding process. Check out our other recommended sites that we hope you find helpful:

Looking for baptism favors? You have come to the right place with this site!

If you are looking for excellent entertainment including bands, DJ's, Hypnotists, will find them at Northstar Entertainment.

Everyone loves good food. If you are also in the mood to cook for any of the wedding events, check out Recipe Legacy. They have tons of amazing recipes in making you a top chef!

After the wedding is over, of course you have the honeymoon. This site will provide you some fun Honeymoon cards to say hi to that special person in your life.

We would love to hear some of your ideas on best sites that have helped you in the process from the start of the bachelorette party planning to the end of the wedding! You can email us with your favorites so we can add them to the list and provide others excellent resources to their big events - making them the most memorable! That is what the internet is all about!