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Bachelorette Party Safety - Rachelle

Bachelorette - Rachelle Friedman – From Tragedy to Triumph

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A bachelorette party is a joyous time for you and your friends as you play bachelorette party games, have a party and enjoy the pre-wedding festivities.

For college grad, Rachelle Friedman of Virginia Beach, what started out as a routine fun bachelorette party came to a sudden halt when Rachelle was having fun with her girlfriends and was accidentally pushed into a shallow area of a pool, fracturing her C6 Vertebrae, resulting in first having no feeling below her collarbone. She has the ability to use her upper body, but Doctors say she will never walk again.

Rachelle and her fiancé, Chris Chapman (a 7th grade school teacher), are not married yet, but are still planning on tying the knot. Presently, by getting married, Rachelle will lose some of her ability to receive outside support for medical bills. This will not stop Rachelle and Chris from getting married! Rachelle has been in intense therapy and continues the healing process. We are inspired by her in every way as she continues to strive to get better and not let any challenge slow her down. In fact, she joined a wheelchair rugby team keeps her in great shape!

We at Bachelorette Party Fun have spoken to Rachelle and some of her family members, letting them know that we are donating some of the proceeds of each order you place to help out with her medical expenses, wedding and anything else!

Just know that every time you order with us, we are making a donation in your behalf! We will be updating you all in Rachelle’s healing. What she would like you to know is the following.



March 20 - 2011 Update:

Rachelle is now on the Raleigh Sidewinders, a wheelchair rugby team. She has traveled to Philly, Charlotte and soon to Jacksonville and Alabama. She is working really hard and is getting pretty good! I am continuing outpatient rehab and slowly getting stronger and play on the Raleigh sidewinders rugby team (a wheelchair rugby team). We won 2nd place out of 10 teams in Jacksonville!

On her site at, Rachelle’s mom stated that Rachelle had her photo shoot with Cosmo Magazine. She was excited that she was able to get a spray tan and hair extensions. She looked beautiful as usual and will be in the April Cosmo issue that will be out in the stores mid March.

Check out more information about Rachelle at the following places:

A short video from The Today Show where Rachelle and Chris spoke about the bachelorette party accident and what they are doing now. 

Bachelorette Party T-Shirts - Click Here!In an update posted on Today  on Nov, 29 2014, they had a story on the journey of Rachelle and Chris, married at that time over 3 years to the man who stood by her side through and through.  Rachelle, then 28 was about to become a mother!!  The story is beyond heartwarming, that she, returning after an ultrasound appointment with a surrogate mother, a college friend who decided to give such an amazing gift, and carrying her first child.

You can find more about their amazing journey on the website link.

Although we are all about you having a great time at your bachelorette party, accidents do happen. With that said, we have created a bachelorette party safety page which is great to read prior to your last night out and to email or print out to the other girls attending the party.


Rachelle Friedman