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Bachelorette Party Florida

 you are going down to the Orange state of the Gators, you are in for a bachelorette party of a lifetime. There is so much to do in Florida for your bachelorette party, no matter if you are in Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Naples, Tampa or anywhere since you will most likely have great weather during most of the year along with some of the hottest clubs, beaches and restaurants anywhere in the United States.

A little bit of history for you bachelorettes. Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida in 1513 when he landed in North East Florida, near present-day St. Augustine, to claim Florida for Spain. Oh. It is ranked as the 4th largest state in U.S. behind California. There are more than 1,200 miles of sandy beaches and 370,000 hotel rooms that Florida has to offer bachelorette parties- who cares about this trivia now let's get down to bachelorette party ideas in Florida:

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas of Florida
Florida is known for its exotic beaches, excellent night clubs and thong bikinis! Below we have some of the great attractions Florida has to offer:

Choose some of the most exquisite Latin cuisine at some of the finest restaurants you can find.

Go to a spa or resort during the day at any of the Florida resorts to get some R&R before a night of partying!

If you live in Florida, have a pot luck party which is an excellent way to save money. Just don't forget the bachelorette party blow up doll to join you.

Find a bar or nightclub with great music and dance the night away.

Take the girls to get a manicure and pedicure while having ice cold mixed drinks with umbrellas and rum.

Hit some of the hottest beaches the US has to offer.

Go to Disney World and have a great last night out with Mickey and Minnie.

Head to The Keys where you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, or just hang out on the beautiful beaches.

Miami or Sanibel Island will give you some sightseeing and great fun with your last night outers.

Rent a boat and have a chef cook for the girls on a day of pampering.

Hottest Florida Male Dancers
We have found some of the hottest bachelorette party male dancers in Florida which we have listed below for your review:

Florida Hardbodies - When in Florida and looking for an excellent and well established company (located in Florida) check out Florida Hardbodies as they have some of the best looking dancers and most experienced entertainers for the bride-to-be and your friends.

Best Florida Limos
When traveling anywhere in Florida and needing a bachelorette party limousine, check out Florida Limos which will get you the best rates and bachelorette part limo services.

We hope our Florida bachelorette party ideas help you and the girls in planning a most memorable last night out! Let us know your Florida bachelorette ideas as we will add them for others to enjoy.

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