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Bachelorette Party Sex Dominos Game
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So many great Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Gifts to choose from, but we have an amazing list of great supplies to pick up either as a gift for the Groom or Bride to Be, as prizes for game played and won at the Bachelorette Party, or maybe even pick up a fun one for yourself!!

This is a fun twist on a really old game, but this Sex Dominoes is not the kinda game you want to leave out for the kids to get hold of, nope, this is a fun Bridal Shower Gift to pick up making sure the Bachelorette is bound to have some bedroom fun long after the Wedding.

Make up a fun Bridal Shower or Honeymoon gift pack with some fun toys and games for the guest of honor, and the Sex Dominos game is a great one to include!!

The Sex Dominos Game is a set of sexually stimulating dominoes for lovers. Liven up theirs or your evenings with Sex Dominos.

The instructions are to "Place all the Dominoes face down on the table.  Each player picks 8 tiles and turns them over Face-Up on the table. Place the remaining tiles in a stack.  The first player selects a tile and places it up Face-Up in the middle of the Table.  The second player tries to make a 'Match' by placing one of their tiles with a similar drawing to an open end of the first domino.  If its not possible to place the tile, then a new one needs to be drawn from the Stack until a match can be made."  Player who who completes all their tiles wins, and then gets to pick out their prize by choosing from one of the matching positions!

You can even make this a Drinking game to by adding a sip or shot each match or non-match!!

The player who wins selects a path of sexual activities to act out.

Game Includes: 28 Dominos with 14 sexually stimulating rewards and game rules.

Another amazingly fun Discount Bachelorette Party Gift Supply!!

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