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S-E-X Dice Game

S-E-X Dice Game
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Most likely not the game to be played at your next Last Night Out, but these S-E-X Dice are a perfect parting gift to pick up for your guest of honor on their sendoff to marriage. This package comes with three dice and chips. The Game of Chance to get down someone's pants!! A player rolls the dice and if the three dice come up spelling S - E - X, that player wins and then the options are printed on the chips, like: Lick Upper Thigh, Play Tonsil Hockey, Receive Oral, etc... You place the chips facedown, and mix em up. Divide them evenly to the players, then take turns rolling the dice. If you roll a double (same letter 2xs) you get to steal a chip from the other player(s), 3 of a Kind, steals 3 chips, 3 Hearts etc... A great gift to pick up for a Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower or Bachelor Party, makes a fun gift.

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