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Pecker Party Squirt Bottle - Liquored Up - 10oz

Pecker Party Squirt Bottle - Liquored Up - 10oz
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Another ridiculous Bachelorette Party supply to pick up for the next Girls Night Out, it's the brand new Liquored Up Pecker Party Squirt Bottle!!

Ok, so this can really be used for just about anything you want, but was designed to be used and filled with the Bride to Be's favorite drink!!  Yes, fill this Penis Shaped Bag with a Pink adjustable Spray Bottle top, and then Mist or Stream your favorite drinks right into your mouth or someone else's!! 

The Liquored Up penis spray bottle holds up to 10oz of your favorite liquid, and is just pretty darn cute.

The front of the bottle has a graphic and its shape to resemble a pecker, and at the bottom has a area in 'white' where you can write in your name and number.

Then on the Back of the Pecker Spray Bottle it has a clear line running up the back so you can see how much liquid is still left and then cute and funny icons with sayings next to a line designating the volume of alcohol still left. 

The Little tag lines on the back are " Take Me Home!" " Just Fell Over", "Exotic Dance!", "Fit-Chased!", I Love Everybody!", "Feeling Warm & Fuzzy!", and "Here We Go".

As the Liqoured Up Pecker Party Squirt Bottle states, " Shooting Shots just got a whole lot more fun with the "Liquored Up" pecker Party Squirt Bottle! Fill this party spray bottle with your favorite alcohol and point it in your friends direction and shoot streams of alcohol down their willing and ready throats! For an added smile... just twist the dial to a spray and let the alcohol fueled fun begin!)

Not only is the Penis Spray Bottle great Bachelorette Party Favor & Supply for nights on the town for drinks, but another great Bachelorette Party Ideas is you can pick these up to use poolside or on vacation or a cruise to fill with Water and use them to cool down - heck even to spray the opposite sex with!!

Sold individually - holds up to 10oz

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