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Pecker Cup Cake Metal Mold - Pipedreams Bachelorette Party Penis Muffln Tin
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A bachelorette party will definately not be complete without some sweets, and what better way to satify that dessert sweet tooth, but to have some pecker cupcakes.

So, you ask... how do I get some delicious pecker cupcakes, well we are here to solve your problem, yes, with our handy-dandy Pecker Cupcake Pan!!

This is no flimsy pan, nope, not by any stretch, this is one sturdy metal pecker cupcake pan that will be around to satisfy your baking needs for years to come.

Each pan is made of metal and comes complete with 6 mini pecker molds that are perfect for making cupcakes, muffins or any other tasty treats you might be craving.

This makes a great way to have fun treats already prepared for the evening, whether going out or staying in, but we also know it makes a great bachelorette party game, and can help get the party started, or toss it in once things are good and heated!!

Make up enough for every one at the party to have one, but don't pre-decorate them.

Pick up all the fun fix'ins for cake decorating and be as inventive as you can, and then give one (or more) to each of the party goers, and have a decorating competition, makes for tons of fun, and the best part is you get to eat the sculpture onces its completed, Yum!!

There are lots of bachelorette party supplies to get, but the Pecker Cupcake pan is one of those not to pass up!!

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