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Bachelorette Party History

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Bachelorette Party OriginsMost definitions of the term bachelorette party include the description of a celebration for a woman and her friends who is about to be married. Another way said, it is a pre-marriage party, celebrating and recognizing the end of single hood one last time. In Europe, this celebration is called Hen's night while in Canada it is known as stagette. It is common for the bachelorette party to be thrown by the Maid of Honor or with help from the other bridesmaids. It is customary for girls to chip in and pay for some of the bachelorette party festivities as well as some fun and zany economical supplies. The term originated out of the male celebration of the groom known as bachelor party with more of the history and its origins located below.

Centuries ago, there was a traditional celebration in Europe for the groomsman (known as bridegroom) where a dinner would be given in honor of his marriage to his wife. There were many traditions around weddings for ages, with none of them based on a party for the bride and her friends. As time passed a formal event of the bride having a luncheon with tea and traditional clothing was created to honor the bridesmaid known as the bridesmaid luncheon.

It was not until the sixties did women throw what is now coined as a bachelorette party. This type of party was still more formal and sophisticated until the 1980's when there was much stronger gender equality was present and a launch of what is more known today as a traditional bachelorette party. During the last two decades, bachelorette parties have stepped up their pizzazz with weekend getaways, fancy bachelorette party supplies and lots of drinking and debauchery. The term was coined as the Last Night Out where the bachelorette and her friends could let loose one last time prior to the marriage, a behavior created by the male version - bachelor party. It is very common to see women prancing around with items they wear, racy decorations and outfits while playing bachelorette party games.

The Bachelorette - By the definition is - an unmarried young woman (virgin?). This is of course the bride-to-be who is known as the bachelorette. She is the one who will be the focus of the last night out which is important since many girls may want to throw the party their way.

Bachelorettes - The female guests invited to attend the party for the unmarried woman. Bachelorettes can be anyone invited to the Last Night Out by the bride-to-be or the host. It usually includes only those invited to the wedding but today has increased to those that are friends that may not have been invited due to limit of wedding guests. The bachelorettes usually plan the bachelorette party and pay for their cost of the festivities.

Bachelorette Party - This definition in Wikipedia states - A party given for a woman who is about to get married. The bachelorette party, as described above, is the pre-wedding party or pre-marriage party that is thrown in today's culture and also known as The Last Night Out to symbolize her last night of freedom. It is usually paid for by the girls going to the party who all chip in, however in recent times due to the economy, the bachelorette sometimes will also pay for some of the event.

Bachelorette Party DefinitionsTrends
Although the stereotype of a bachelorette party is for the bride and her bridesmaids to lose themselves in liquor and hire a male dancer, there have been a significant amount of bachelorette party planners in recent year who are changing the trend to more creative and unique parties. Having a manicure and pedicure day with martinis, learning how to exotic dance with an instructor or going to a spa are all new trends that seen and shared by customers. It is even more common now for the bride and groom to have a joint bachelor(ette) party which is called names in other countries outside of the US including "stag and doe", "Jack and Jill," and "stag and hen".

The bachelorette party is usually thrown a few weeks in advance of the wedding and planned a few months in advance if possible. This is for the reasons of making sure that party participants can attend, games and supplies can be ordered in time and reservations for the venue, entertainment and transportation are known and booked. Although it is customary for the maid and matron of honor to plan the party, it is important that the event mirror the personality of the bachelorette so there is a comfort level and relaxation without embarrassment and fear. The ultimate goal of the festivities is for some good friend bonding while enjoying the time all together with some memories built that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Party Supplies
Many companies sell products to those that organize bachelorette parties, which include packs of themed bachelorette party games, pre-printed invitations, bachelorette supplies, and other novelties. The items brought to a bachelorette party to decorate, wear, play with and enjoy during the event. Bachelorette party supplies can be from mild to wild with the focus on the bachelorette as to what should be brought. Many items are very similar to normal party supplies and include streamers, balloons, tableware, centerpieces. Favors also fit into this category with items such as candy, novelties and items that the bachelorettes can bring with them while out on the town or at a home party. You can find many of these products in our shopping cart by clicking on our Lip Stick buttons at the top left of the page.

The Venue
The location of the bachelorette party was typically at a home or restaurant but has changed during the years to include away trips to Las Vegas, and other places throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe. What originally started as a one night affair, has grown into weekend getaways, full week trips or cruises and even more. The venue is usually paid for by all the girls chipping in as well as the bride-to-be although you can get great rates at hotels, flights, etc when letting them know you need group rates.

Games & Activities
One of the most popular and traditional bachelorette party supplies are bachelorette party games. These items come from mild to wild and can be everything from drinking games to blow up doll games. Bachelorette party games should be centered around the personality of the bachelorette as well as if there are any bachelorette party themes. Games can be created by the girls or purchased at reasonable and economical prices like what you can find on our site by clicking on the lipstick navigation called "Games and Toys".